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栃木 / 鬼怒川・川治・湯西川・川俣

Trying to share with everyone the best of memories!

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In the family

I used this when I came to Nasu for a family trip. My 3 year old daughter looked very happy too. Everyone of the staff is very satisfied and I am very satisfied. The wife of the first challenge soon got used to it so even beginners can suddenly enjoy it. I would like to come back to the time of autumn leaves this time.

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参加日: 2017 年 09 月
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Thank you for your participation.
I am very pleased that you receive heart-warming comments (reviews).

All the family members are satisfied

Since August was the birthday month of the first son (elementary school 3rd year), I wanted to give something memorable experience to gifts, so this time I decided to experience kayak together with all my family members.

This year, the weather was unstable and there were few days to see sunny days, so I was worried about that. It rained the last time, but managed to recover on that day.

Since my dog ​​also has small dogs, I was glad that the dogs were able to join together.
Kayak was the first time, but the explanation was polite and easy to understand, even children under the second grade of the lower grade could understand.
The river was a calm flow, even a beginner could do it immediately.
It took more than an hour to get on the kayak.
On the way, water guns were dealt and children seemed to enjoy it the best. I wrote it in the diary of the summer vacation.

A photographer was also present and took pictures, so I thought that the point was a good service.

It was the best memory. Thank you!

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参加日: 2017 年 08 月
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Thank you very much for your warm and warm impression.
Although we are worried that fine service will not be able to be delivered due to lack of personnel during the busy season, we received such words and the staff was relieved.

Lavau Valley Icefall Tour

I was touched by the ice waterfall which I saw for the first time in my life! Although it was my first participation, the guide was very kind and safe! It was just a good tour to experience without walking distance too hard ♪

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参加日: 2017 年 01 月
It was fun ♡

Towards the Kaid was also very fun kind! In addition, I want to do it!

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参加日: 2016 年 10 月
It was very fun

In the day of the fine autumn day cloudless who participated, the wind, but there was a little, not even as much as a wave to stand, was just good weather. Dog everyone kayak in the participation in the Child was the first, but the guide's also one from me brought two dogs to the dog, we were able to enjoy a kayak also calm dog out. Not too hot nor too cold, Soyosoyo wind is blowing comfortably, dog slept way to relax ((*'∀ `*)) since the guide's told me to take a photo in the service, with the camera we were able to avoid the risk of Once to failure in if wet in the water to go. For the first time but, so you tell me the way of operation of the paddle, it is safe. Thank you for great time!

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参加日: 2016 年 10 月
Unryukeikoku trekking

If you do not use the car, where it is walk endlessly snow-covered road,
Of you are able to pick up to the final gate is a very lucky tour.
That's why, looking forward to the snow mountain, and I was able to taste the ice blue ice 瀑 to fully.
Thanks to the pick-up of up to Tobu Nikko Station, access to the train also without waste, well take advantage of the time! The housewife has to ask the answering machine in the family, it was very helpful.

  • 4.5
参加日: 2016 年 01 月
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