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Gran index Okutama baseGran index Okutama base

東京 / 奥多摩

Trying to share with everyone the best of memories!

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I did rafting for the first time, but ,,

It was fun Supermarket! !

Everyone of the staff was kind, it gave a lot of excitement and we enjoyed being united with everyone! !

You ought to be so cheap with this! What? It was contents that was fulfilling enough to think! !

I will definitely do it again! !

Thank you ^ ^

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参加日: 2017 年 10 月
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Thank you for participating in the rafting today.
The rain was a bit scanty, but it was a super bright and fun tour with everyone's tension!
In addition, please come and visit ☆

Nature pencil

It was warm and comfortable in October, so I was able to have a very meaningful time.

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参加日: 2017 年 10 月
canyon rafting
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It was fun - overwhelming TDL feeling and memories are the best ♪

I participated one year ago.
I was able to participate without problems with a round trip by train.
The guide was also fun and overwhelming TDL's parenting activity was as expected.
Guidance wash! How are you?

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参加日: 2016 年 06 月
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I enjoyed huge amount! Contrary to the feeling, but there was also a scene of while pounding, it was fun!

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参加日: 2016 年 09 月
canyon rafting
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The other day Thank you for participating in the Gran index of Okutama canyoning!
And glad comment Thank you too!
Moreover, since there are also activities such as rafting or SUP, please to come to this After also certainly play there your opportunity.
We look forward to the staff concentric!


First canyoning

Felt the nature of Okutama, it was so much fun!

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参加日: 2016 年 08 月
canyon rafting
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It was good seemed to enjoy for the first time of the canyoning.
Other rafting also, spring, climbing in the fall, so it will be held as well, such as SUP tour

I have last year to participate in canyoning, it is your support of your staff at that time
Since I was allowed very spend pleasant moments in fun and friendly,
This time we were allowed to participate in rafting.
As usual excitement of your staff, wonderful, etc. attention to safety,
We were able to spend a very enjoyable day.
Although the amount of water of the river was slightly fewer, to hot also cold without any blessed with weather, to enjoy nature
Things could be.
Next time, I think that if you can participate in the barbecue and set.

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参加日: 2016 年 05 月
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This time, Thank you for your visit of the second time!
I'm glad I can enjoy!
It such your words, will be very encouraging.
Next time also so enjoy the customer, we will strive every day to be able to offer a better service.

It was very fun.

It was the first challenge.
Vacant is also the time that, I really enjoyed blessed with the weather.
The nature and frolic of a nice refresh in the extraordinary feeling of freedom
In addition, I would like to go by all means next year.
I wonder if the next is good BBQ pack.

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参加日: 2015 年 09 月
canyon rafting
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Reply is we rude becomes very slow.
In that case, it was good to enjoy.
Climbing tour from the autumn of this year, we plan to also held SUP tour.
Since the good nature also very feeling of Okutama of autumn in the refresh

Okutama canyoning

Even the car to the point in a large climax, also It was fun to really if there is a thrill for the river, was a good first experience ♪

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参加日: 2015 年 08 月
canyon rafting
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thank you for your comment.
This is also nice to enjoy both guide of the talk and the river and.

It is recommended for those who are for the first time challenge

I interested in some high place is scary to the roller coaster is also weak, but, but joined the anxiety half while I would like to try, was satisfied with the course you can join with confidence even for beginners! I think that it is all right even in children. Although I thought I regret I enjoyed very We also enliven well gave us guide san taught that it is recommended to reverse the day of rain in the rain.

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参加日: 2015 年 08 月
canyon rafting
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Thank you for your participation and comments to the tour.
But it is what canyoning of rain is also good is also fantastic and thrill.
Tour content is also nice to enjoy.

Natural slider

He was challenged for the first time of the canyoning.
The descend slip from waterfall plunged into the violent flow was the best when there is a thrill.
Can feel the wilderness to the skin, was very precious time.
Thank you very much.

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参加日: 2014 年 08 月
canyon rafting
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thank you for your comment! In addition, this time is attended, Thank you very much.
We are also glad as who enjoy!
Since playing in the water is we have been approached miss the season, you should by all means also come to play.

Thank you very much

Participation on a rainy day
I was depressed by the unfortunate rain, but was blown off in an instant is such anxiety and try to join!
Rain forest is also good in mysterious! It is soaked if put into a river (laughs
- That we have with glee Gyagya back to the children. I recommend! !

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参加日: 2014 年 07 月
canyon rafting
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Thank you for Review.
But was that unfortunate rainy day, Thank you for your participation.
Once wet once systemic seems everyone anxiety would blown off.
Green was wet with rain also is also the best part of the course.

Diving is thrilling ☆

Starts from the slider, in a thrilling course to get off like a dive and Tarzan (?), The moment the jump off but was pounding, it was surprisingly okay when I jumped ^^
Guide's also everyone Omoshiroku', I enjoyed at a much high tension!
Because it was cold Cho Innovation - in September, this time I want to go to the midsummer ♪
Thank you very much! !

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参加日: 2014 年 09 月
canyon rafting
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Thank you for Review.
It is above all seem to have gotten enjoy even more of the tour.