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ocean garden 海の庭

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The attraction of OceanGarden is that it takes you to island beaches that can only be reached by boat! Just like a private beach on a southern island, you can spend a relaxing time in the quiet, clear and clean sea. Spending a day in an extraordinary space will give you the ultimate refreshment. We offer a special day on a special beach.

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Guest user大満足のSUP


Participating date: August 2023
Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)
Guided tour
Day trip to the hot springs
Uninhabited island tour
ocean garden 海の庭 のギャラリー
ocean garden 海の庭 のギャラリー
ocean garden 海の庭 のギャラリー
ocean garden 海の庭 のギャラリー
ocean garden 海の庭 のギャラリー
ocean garden 海の庭 のギャラリー
ocean garden 海の庭 のギャラリー
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Insurance information Sompo Japan Group Participant sup Cruising, etc. Marine sports experience 1 person Disability after death 3 million Daily hospitalization amount 3000 yen Outpatient daily amount 1500 yen Sompo Japan Ship insurance Compensation liability 100 million Passenger 5 million per person✖️ 10 people Sompo Japan Ship Insurance Compensation liability 100 million Passenger 5 million✖️ 4 people Mitsui Sumitomo Drone Insurance Compensation liability 100 million Liability insurance for unusable property 30 million Moral rights infringement guarantee 10 million per person 1 accident 10 million Initial response Guaranteed 10 million
License and Qualifications 2nd class ship, special pilot (passenger ship), over 20 years of marine sports experience, windsurfing experience, over 10 years of local guide
Member organizations and associations Starboard Japan merchants SIC TAHE dealers BLACK project paddle dealers Hot Sail Maui dealers stream Trail dealers
Number of staff 3persons
Number of instructors 5persons
Selling points regarding safety Miyazaki, the shop owner of OceanGarden, has extensive knowledge and experience of the sea, having participated in windsurfing competitions. Even when you leave the land with SUP cruising, you can rest assured that you will be supported by a ship. SUPA (Japan Stand Up Paddle Board Association) certified instructors are available.

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3-9-35 Okishioya, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Operating hours 9: 00-17: 00
Regular holidays No scheduled holidays

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