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Institute Yatsugatake Outdoor activism TeesInstitute Yatsugatake Outdoor activism Tees

Yamanashi / Yatsugatake-Kobuchizawa, Kiyosato-Oizumi

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Features of Yatsugatake Outdoor Activities General Association

"Yatsugatake Outdoor activist Tees" offers always a variety of outdoor programs for each season around the Segway touring and trekking guide tour by dedicating guide. In addition, we introduce in accordance with the purpose of outdoor professional guide to activities around Yatsugatake.

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Address MAP
Village Hall of Halls before Yamanashi Prefecture Hokuto Takane-cho Kiyosato 3545 Moe tree
business hours 9:00~17:00
Regular holiday Water and Thursday (July and August days a week, 11 / 27-12 / 11 maintenance holiday)
credit card Available
home page Http://