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Okinawa / Naha

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Based in Naha, we marine sports, parasailing, Chibishi snorkel tour, a service such as whale watching. "Parasailing" is, you can choose from two places of Sesoko Island of Naha and the Churaumi Aquarium near because ♪♪ time can also be selected, you can enjoy feel free to contact the spare time. For those who want to play a whole bunch in the sea, it is recommended "Chibishi snorkel tour"! ! The Chibishi Islands floating in about 15km to the west from Naha, nature has remained intact, the water of the tropical fish, of course, be able to also meet with terns and coenobita! Since it has aligned also various marine sports, please enjoy with your favorite options ♪

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Naha, Okinawa Prefecture Wakasa 3-3-1
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