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Forward (Forward)Forward (Forward)

茨城 / 大洗・ひたちなか


In the "forward", the center of the windsurfing in Ibaraki Prefecture Hinuma Lake, canoeing and banana boat, and you can experience now to the topic of SUP (stand up paddle surfing). Hinuma Lake with a "forward" is a brackish water lake is located in the southern Ibaraki Prefecture, central, Mito. Local Ibaraki, as well Tochigi, Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, it is available to a lot of people in the Tohoku district resident. 0-minute walk from the boathouse to the lake. Rescue boat in the flat surface of the sea of ​​shallow also so equipped to ensure that it can lesson while having fun with peace of mind even for beginners.

フォワード(Forward) のギャラリー


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