[Imperial Palace-viewing tour] Ryowamoto Year Special! Special tour of the “Imperial Palace Tour” including special tours of the Imperial Palace and Daigogu!

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The Imperial Palace in the first place? Basic knowledge of the Imperial Palace!

Before introducing the tour plan, here is the residence of the Emperor, Imperial palace The basic knowledge about "" is briefly explained. Currently in Chiyoda Ward Imperial palace "Is the Meiji Restoration until the previous Kyoto city that was in the 1868 was transferred to Edo Year its history starts from Emperor Meiji era, it to" Edo Castle "and was the location as it is the Meiji original Tokugawa shogunate Year later " Imperial palace It has become.

In the vast site, which covers about 1.15 million square meters (about 25 Tokyo Domes), the area under the jurisdiction of the Imperial Household Agency, including the Imperial Palace, the residence of the emperors of the Emperor, the Imperial Palace, Toyoakeden, Renren It is divided into various area such as a palace comprised of 7 buildings of Japanese temple, Chigusa / Chidori no Ma, the government office related to the Imperial Household Agency, Fukiage Omiya Imperial Palace, Imperial Palace East Gyoen, Momijiyama Gyoen. The

In addition, `` Obori '' dug around the site, and Kikyomon, Sakashita Gate, Imperial Gate (Double Bridge), Sakuradamon, Hanzomon, Inui Gate, Hokutobashi Gate Nine Hirakawa Gates are also known as station names and place names, so their names are generally well known, and the surrounding area has developed to the present day as the center of all fields such as economy and business in the capital Tokyo. I continue.

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Recommended Imperial Palace Tour Tour Introduction

less is currently accepting advance internet reservations at Activity Japan "Imperial Palace Tour" Will be introduced in a list. Nov. 10th (Sunday) limited celebration celebration parade viewing tour And it became the stage for the REIWA Immediate Rite Special tour of the Imperial Palace And various tour plans such as Tokyo sightseeing course tour cycling tour.

Due to the limited date plan, there is a limited number of Reservation reception. Many reservations and inquiries are expected, so it is recommended that you make early arrangements after confirming the Availability schedule!

Imperial Palace and Okuma Shrine limited-time public viewing tour plan

Special tour plan for Imperial Palace and Inui-dori

Other recommended Imperial Palace tour plans

Nov. 10 (Sun) limited parade viewing plan

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Lastly, we will show you the shop information for each tour plan introduced on this page. Tokyo Sightseeing tour for each Partner, cultural experience-based leisure, outdoor Activity, etc. " Imperial Palace Tour Not only offers a wide range of Tokyo play. Please check the link below for details on Other handling plans along with Information stores such as business hours and regular holidays.

Address東京都中央区日本橋小網町16-1 タナベビル2F
business hours 09:00 to 18:00
Regular holiday Year-end and New Year holidays
otomo Inc.
Address東京都文京区本郷3-13-3 三富ビル3F
business hours10: 00-19: 00
Regular holiday Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Cycling Holiday Tokyo
Address東京都千代田区千代田区内神田3-8-6 神田外語学院8号館
business hours 9:00 to 17:00

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