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Normally, even in clothes, when it comes to adult ceremonies, Shichigosan, Hatsumode, summer festival, fireworks festival, I feel like trying to challenge kimono like yukata, kimono, visiting clothes. It is something you only need to wear such occasional dresses, rather than purchasing newly, I would like to make good use of reasonable and convenient rental kimonos. For foreigners who have visited Tokyo for sightseeing, rental kimono that can enjoy kimono at affordable prices seems to be popular. There is also a great menu that you can discount with men with pairs and friends. As for rental fee, there are times when it is necessary to bring a case corresponding to the plans included with full set of kimono accessories such as sandals and kanzashi and additional options, and towels for correction, so by all means, each plan Let's check it. Hair can leave it with peace of mind as professional stylists propose arranging according to the kimono. To rent a yukata or a kimono, it is necessary to reserve a rental store at least two days in advance. Especially, holidays such as Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, season of adult ceremonies and Shichigosan are expected to be crowded, so early reservation is recommended. Please bring the rented kimono to the store before the fixed time on the day.

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