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Even in clothes always, coming-of-age ceremony and seven hundred fifty-three, New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine, summer festival, at the time, such as fireworks, I will feel that I would like to challenge the kimono yukata or kimono, such as visiting dress. Precisely because it kimono that does not wear only in such a once in a while, a new than to buy, is what reasonable in you want to take advantage of convenient rental kimono. Also foreign people who visited Tokyo in tourism, I rental kimono to enjoy the kimono at an affordable price seems high popularity. In conjunction with the men and pairs and friends There are also deals menu to become a discount. The rental fee, and cases in which the plan has been included in the kimono accessories complete a full set, such as sandals and hairpin is compatible with additional options, so there may be a need to bring such as correction for the towel, by all means, each plan at the beginning Let's take a look at the. Hair can leave it with confidence because a professional stylist us to propose the arrangement in accordance with the kimono. To dressing rental of yukata or kimono, a reservation must be made to the rental shop to up to 2 days before at a minimum. In particular, holidays and such as weekends and holidays, because the season of coming-of-age ceremony and seven hundred fifty-three is expected to congestion, I recommend early booking. Return of the kimono rented, please bring to the shop until the day determined time.

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