Director of WILD-1 manager direct! "Recommended tent for camping beginners"


"WILD-1 store manager direct!" Series, this time it's about choosing a "tent" that can be said to be the protagonist of the camp! Those who are thinking about purchasing are a must-see! !

It was Morita-san of the manager who is familiar "WILD-1 Dex Tokyo Beach shop" manager who introduced the tent which is recommended this time easily. ! I will count on you! ! !


─ As soon as possible, do you have a tent recommended for camping beginners?

"Well, for beginners, the most basic type of" coleman (Coleman) "" Tough wide wide dome IV / 300 "and" snowpeak (snow peak) "" ​​Amenity dome "is recommended. "


"Tough wide wide dome IV / 300" is 3 m × 3 m, "Amenity dome" is the size expansion of 2.7 m × 2.7 m. Generally, the basic family tent can be selected from 2.7 m × 2.7 m size, 3 m × 3 m size roughly divided. "

It seems that these two big famous brands are recommended! Coleman and snow peak are probably brands that you've heard if you are considering buying tents.

─ What is the difference between 'Tough wide Dome IV / 300' and 'Amenity dome'?

"The point that the material of the pole (framework) you use is different is the point.The" amenity dome "of" snowpeak (snow peak) "has the merit that it is light and it is high in strength at the time of carrying as it is aluminum. "


"Snow Peak Amenity Dome"
WILD-1 sales price 32,184 yen including tax

"Meanwhile, Paul of" Tough wide dome "of" coleman (Coleman) "is FRP material. Even beginners are easy to assemble, and the point that excels in cost performance is the biggest point even if it says anything. Looking at a little detail, "Ventilator system (ventilator system: ventilatable system)" is attached, air in the tent is easy to circulate and ensures breathability. "


"Coleman Tough wide Dome IV / 300"
WILD-1 sales price 33,264 yen including tax

─ I see. Is that "tough wide dome" of "coleman (Coleman)" and "amenity dome" of "snowpeak (snow peak)" each have charm?

"Well, in addition, the" amenity dome "of" snowpeak (snow peak) "is dare designed to make the height low, and it is designed to be unaffected even if the wind blows strongly. On the contrary, because "tough wide dome" of "coleman (Coleman)" is made slightly higher, it can be said that emphasis is placed on the ease of being inside the tent. Parts of such design are also different from manufacturer to manufacturer. "

Everyone camping beginners! Please check with WILD - 1 by all means "tow - wide dome" of "amenity dome" and "coleman (Coleman)" of "snowpeak (snow peak)" introduced this time! Next time as well, Mr. Morita of the manager will ask "How to choose a shrub (sleeping bag)"! ! looking forward to! !

The price etc. of the product is as of November 2015.

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