WILD-1 Collaboration Vol.3 Now how to choose wear for outdoor winter useful

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The third bullet following how to choose trekking shoes, how to choose trekking zacks from the Dekus Tokyo beach store currently being introduced as a collaboration project with WILD - 1 is a useful feature in winter activities,

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Winter outdoor, how about clothes? Underwear selection essential for countermeasures against cold weather

WILD-1 Collaboration Vol.3 Now how to choose wear for outdoor winter useful

Continue from last time, introduce recommended outdoor item information to Mr. Morita manager of WILD-1 Dex Tokyo beach store in Odaiba, Osumi Ito deputy manager!

Speaking of the outdoors in the cold winter there are various things such as snowshoeing, backcountry, cross country and snowy mountaineering and fishing fishing, drift ice walking, dog sledding, snowboarding and skiing.
This time, I taught about the equipment and dress at the time of experiencing these winter activities.

And what is indispensable for outdoor activities is underwear which is also called base layer.

As a necessary function as outdoor underwear originally, there are warmth retaining properties (temperature controllability), quick drying hygroscopicity, heating power, etc. However, there are various kinds actually underwear and what you can choose I wonder if they get lost or not.

The difference in comfort in outdoor activities in winter comes out rather underwear rather than outerwear!
Because there is a type of each suitable for each activity, let me introduce thoroughly.

Backcountry, underwear for snowy mountains in the winter season

Anyway, it is characterized by easy exercise to sweat because momentum is large. Therefore fast drying hygroscopicity is important!
When choosing underwear, it is excellent in hygroscopic hygroscopicity and it is good to choose a thick one because the coldness is severe.

For spring skiing, snowy mountaineering and trekking in the early winter and the snowy season, medium thickness things are suitable.

Snowshoe, telemark skiing on the slopes, underwear for snowboard

You will have to wait peacefully when observing wild birds, animals, starry skies and on the slopes lift, so you will start to walk towards the destination or when you are skiing or skiing on the snowboard
It is good to choose a thick one with underwear that is excellent in temperature controllability that can be adapted to various environments.

Winter fishing, Aurora watching, Midwinter landscape Underwear for shooting

Warmth is more important than anything because there are many times to wait still in the cold!
If emphasis is placed on warmth, it is good to choose one with high heat generation.
Did you know that underwear of material that generates heat using special new fibers has recently appeared?

Because it uses a material that generates heat due to moisture, it generates heat due to sweat (moisture) released slightly from human skin without any action.
It is surprising as it actually warms up the sample slightly and massages it with hands it gets quite warm. You will definitely want it if you realize that this will be warm.

Of course, if you sweat a lot, it will be saturated so there is nothing like getting hotter and hotter.
Naturally, in active activity (back country etc.), it is not suitable because it sweats further by fever. A thick thing is perfect for winter fishing and shooting which is often waited for, and in reality it is suitable for everyday use, such as walking in the winter of a usual cold day and slowly using the body .

Dry layer to wear under underwear

And this item is the dry layer which is actually backcountry ITOCHU deputy manager recommended item.

It should be said that underwear underwear is underwear underwear because it is wearing underneath above underwear so it is expressed as underwear underwear.
The great thing about this item is high water repellency

Despite the fact that this hole is open on the surface of the fabric, even when spraying water in the form of mist, it gets splendidly repelled and becomes water droplets. However, if another cloth with hygroscopic property is placed under this fabric (dry layer) and pressure is applied from above, water droplets go through the gap of the dry layer and are sucked by the hygroscopic fabric underneath .

To my surprise, no matter how much pressure is applied to the dry layer under this condition, moisture will never come back from the underlying fabric from the dry layer. So I can not feel a cool feeling coming from moisture even if I hit the wind.

That means that if the side that is applying pressure is your skin, after sweating it is passed through the dry layer and it is sucked by hygroscopic underwear on the outside, that sense by cold sweat It will disappear!

How much moisture absorbing and quick drying, even after hiking in backcountry, climbing winter mountain, etc. After a hard campaign, if it sweats like that, it will not quite dry. The coldness due to the moisture of the sweat that sucked it is cold, and the body temperature is also lowered, but if there is a dry layer, there will be no worry and insulation will be preserved with smoothness.

That's why it's suitable for all winter activities! Furthermore it is an excellent thing that can be used in most seasons such as mountain climbing.
So from autumn to spring it may be said that it is essential.

Depending on the height and thickness of water repellency, if it is high in water repellency it seems to be able to cope with activities wet with water such as canoes and kayaks.
I understand Mr. Ito's explanation! I would like to recommend it for all outdoor lovers!
It is also a mast item for people who do landscape shooting like the author.

Recommended mid-layer for backcountry

In the back country, the hood seems to be easy to use as it covers firmly because it does not get in the way even when the one-piece type removes than the detachable one.

Layering is important for cold weather protection

In winter activities, I sweat when I move because I am dressed, but it will cool down in a situation of wait at once.
It is important how temperature can be adjusted frequently according to the situation, layering (layering) is essential for keeping warmth and temperature.

Although I explained about how to select underwear and dry layer as a tackle of layering, in the layering earlier from there, it is generally better to think as follows.

Base layer (underwear and dry layer)
Mid layer (fleece etc.)
Outer layer (down jacket etc.)

Among them, as mentioned earlier, by incorporating the base layer as an under under, it becomes to make two layers, or layering is devised by overlapping the mid layer and making it two.

Representative of the mid layer is fleece.

Speaking of representative outerwear is a down jacket. You may wear outerwear on the outside that shuts out the wind with a thin down as a mid layer.
Those for outdoor are surprisingly lighter, the storage is preeminently good, or the water repellent and waterproof performance is equipped, so the reason is properly higher than the thin down down which is generally sold There is.
How to reduce the weight and bulk of equipments as mountain climbing becomes the key, so there is something that comes with high performance for these outdoor items.

Warm your feet

Sometimes coldness is said to be from the feet, there are also various items to warm your feet as well.

Such shoes are actually handy when used in cold indoor environments and it is very convenient even in winter camping.
There are various kinds of cold weather boots that are useful for walking on snow while securing the warmth of your feet.
Because the sole is hard to slip, it is convenient even in unexpectedly slippery places such as the slopes parking lots.

There are also ways of wearing anti-slip spikes on shoes when walking on icy places.

It is a convenient item that demonstrates outstanding effect even at frozen places around the slopes, at the snow festival site, even after commuting after heavy snowfall.

Why do not you align these items before you do fun activities in winter?
Of course, WILD - 1 has all kinds of items, so you can tell the store in detail so let's visit before you leave.

Find outdoor items with WILD - 1!

We will continue to introduce various items useful for outdoor from WILD-1 this year so please look forward to it!

Coverage of coverage: WILD-1 Dex Tokyo Beach shop
Mr. Morita, deputy manager of Ito, thank you very much!

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