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The dex Tokyo beach store in that was renewed now that we visited the shop and interviewed.

Reported by Takayuki Ide


WILD - 1 was founded in 1984 and is an outdoor life store.

Based on the concept of contributing to the rich outdoor life with the theme of "human and nature" as a theme, 18 outlets nationwide have been deployed as outdoor shops that beginners can use easily without having a maniac professional shop.

Among them, the dex Tokyo beach store I visited this time is very easy to access because it is in Minato-ku Odaiba where I crossed the Rainbow Bridge in central Tokyo. There are also such location requirements, young people such as female groups and young families seem to use a lot.
Incidentally, there are also Tokyo Joypolis operated by the SEGA SAMMY group to which the activity Japan belongs at Dex Tokyo Beach.

Dex Tokyo Beach shop

This time I asked Mr. Morita manager of Dekkusu beach store about stories about the renewal and recommended items.

As a result of renewal, it seems that fashionable wears that can be used as casual wear in the middle of the floor are arranged in a staggered fashion and are devised so that more outdoor items can be taken in close to us more casually.

For ladies and things that can be used in family are enriched, too.
And camp gears centering around the tent are lined up across the street, so you can see the outdoor wear and the camping goods smoothly so that camping beginners and light outdoor factions will not get lost in the shop.

Also, because the store is in the mall, there are booths that also have demonstrations of cooking goods using firearms such as Dutch oven.

How to Choose Trekking Shoes to Help Now

It has recently become cooler in the morning and evening, or rather recently it is rather cold to say that it is rather cold recently, thanks in part to the autumnal weather, it is in the middle of the autumn leaves season in various parts of Japan.
Speaking of the autumn leaves season is one of the best seasons of trekking. Trekking in the summer is also good, but the trekking in the fall is also good, which can enjoy the beautiful Japanese seasons also known as Kinu autumn, the trees coloring red and yellow.

So, I asked Mr. Morita about how to choose trekking shoes that are useful right now.

First of all, even if trekking is said to be various, it is divided into the deep valley where you call mountaineering, from the thing which walks with the sensed feeling close to a walk like a paved road and wood chipped maintenance sidewalk, rocks such as a garage place Since there are items of levels that will cross the edge zone, choosing the best shoes according to the purpose is a trick for enjoying trekking.

Trekking shoes are made to make it easy for mountain walking with shoes for trekking as the name suggests. Most of the things are subjected to water repellency and waterproofing so that it will not soak with water even in the rain, made of excellent material that combines waterproofness and moisture permeability represented by Gore-Tex etc. It is a feature.
In terms of appearance it is classified into three types as general as how far the part of the ankle of low cut, middle cut, high cut and shoes is covered. As shown in the picture below, the height is different

Shoe select according to the altitude of the mountain

For mountains around 1000 m

First of all, when it is intended to walk on courses with sidewalks and tree paths such as low mountains around 1000 m such as Mt. Takao and Mt. Tsukuba, Nikko Senjogahara, Kamikochi area, Ozegahara neighborhood, etc., light and ordinary Middle cut hiking shoes and trekking shoes are suitable from low to suitable for walking to.

For mountains around 2000 m

Next, when the mountains of Nikko Shirane, Mt. Adachi, Mt. Kurosatori, and the surroundings of Jomon cedar are the main Yakushima and so on about 2000 m is the purpose, the feet are muddy, the root of the tree is exposed, the rocks are baked Trekking shoes that are classified as high mountain light climbing shoes from middle to ankle and ankle firmly guarded are suitable because they will walk like a climbing path like that. The sole (shoe sole) also gets firmer and thicker, so the burden on the sole of the foot is small even on a bad road.
Of course you need a solid climbing equipment as well.
By the way Fuji can also be climbed with this type of shoes.

For mountains around 3000 m

And finally, even if you are not aiming for the summit, if you aim at 3000 m high peak such as Northern Alps such as Yanagatake, Hotakatake, Hakuba-dake, Central Alps such as Kiso Komagatake, Minami Yatsugatake including Akadake, and South Alps such as Kita-dake and Phoenix Miyama etc. Because it is necessary to enter the mountain with enough climbing equipment, the shoes will also become full-scale mountaineering shoes.
It is also gussily looking and has a very high sense of security around the ankle. Because the sole is also thick, it protects your feet firmly even if you are clinging to a galley or rocky ground. And it is also designed to be able to attach an eisen for walking on a snowy river called snow in the case of snow or perennial snow.

Fitting at purchase

Regarding the size of shoes, it is important to try fitting with the socks of each thickness suitable for trekking or mountaineering purposes, it is important to fit fit for normal climbing with the somewhat thin socks If you buy shoes, when you wear heavy socks size will not fit, you will have problems such as pain hurts so be careful.

You can also check the fit on a slanted table like the one above so that you can also experiment well the feeling when actually walking on the slope.
Be sure to wear trekking shoes and recommend walking and trying to purchase after checking firmly whether they fit.
By the way, the author who climbs in private has all kinds of shoes properly. When you wear shoes that really fit with you, you get a sense of less fatigue, less burden, less comfort and so on, so you want to choose shoes well.
In WILD - 1, we deal with all types of shoes, there are also products of domestic manufacturers that match Kodaka wide Japanese foot, so let's ask the store.

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Mr. Morita, thank you very much!

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