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How to choose a useful zack for trekking right now

The autumn leaves front also fairly south, and in Kanto, Takao mountain, Oyamadera, Tanzawa, Hakone, Nagami etc. are reaching the point of the autumnal leaves
In the Tokai area, you can see Karasumi River, Dynamic Gorge and Gero Onsen. In Kansai, Kyoto and Nara are reaching their heyday and are introduced in the news every day.

Even after autumn leaves have fallen, it will be easier to find birds after falling leaves, so the optimum season will come for bird watching and the low season trekking will also give you a better view and a good season for trekking as it is still more fun.

In addition, snowshoe trekking and low mountain camp in the snowy season, full-scale snowy mountaineering etc. The use of Zac is useful all the time except for summer - fall, so it is an item I would like to stock together.

That's why I'd like to introduce how to choose Zack for trekking / mountaineering that will be useful for trekking from late autumn to winter this year and preparing for a full-fledged climb next year !

Zac's capacity

First of all, it starts with choosing the capacity of Zach according to the purpose of trekking and climbing.


It has a capacity of 15 to 25 liters, it is suitable for low mountains and village mountain walking around 1000 m.
It is suitable for low mountain trekking / hiking such as Mt. Takao and Mt. Tsukuba, Kurama horse ~ Hiei mountain, as well as an activity bag for everyday use and traveling!

Medium sized

It is 30 to 35 liters in capacity, suitable for mountain walking, climbing and trekking around 2000 m.
This size is suitable for the mountains around Tanzawa, Yatsugatake, Okutama and so on.
If the capacity is 35 to 40 liters, you can respond up to the mountain climbing in the snow-free days Takayama, so there are many situations you can use.

Large zack

It has a capacity of 50 to 60 liters, for high mountain longitudinal running of a mountain hut.
Those with a capacity of 65 to 75 liters are suitable for climbing a tent overnight. This neighborhood size is suitable for those who are planning a full-scale mountaineering.
When capacity exceeds 80 liters it is perfect for backpacking tours such as overseas trips with the best size for climbing long-term longitudinal runs.
Sometimes a foreign tourist visits Japan's tourist spot with this size of Zach on something.

As you can see, there are many capacities by Zack and there are many people who know some sort of suitable size for each purpose.

What is the backside length?

Well, here is where I really want to remember, Zach has a backside length.
Rear length? Although it is a word that is not familiar enough, it is the so-called back length.
It is a point that the length of the back of Zach and the length of your back are just right.

It is not only whether the back part is fitted, but it is possible to create a condition that does not become like to accept the weight only by the shoulder when adjusting the hip belt, shoulder belt, chest strap and stabilizer It is important that it reduces fatigue by distributing the weights when carrying Zuck.

And did you know that Zack has multiple backs at the same capacity Zack?
Shyly, the author did not know this, he was talking to Mr. Morita's story and it was scales from the very eye.

Then, if you look at this back face length by seeing in Zach, because the place of writing is different by Zack, let us introduce a concrete place using photos.

"M" on the left shoulder belt's shoulder is the back length

Here is the back side length of "Size M" in the tag

In the case of this tag, "MED" is next to BALTORO 65 and the back side length

As described above, the description part of the back side length is separated apart by makers and others, but let's look it up with reference to this picture.

There are also some types of zacks where the position of the shoulder strap is movable and the back side length can be adjusted.

Ultimately, I actually recommend fitting at the shop and buying it after trying it with the feeling that it fits sharply whether it fits properly.
Of course it is also certain that you can ask the shop people in various ways, such as not knowing if you go to WILD - 1.

Something that will become motivated abruptly when items are arranged (laugh)
Let's make reservations for trekking, snowshoing, backcountry etc in Activity Japan by all means when tension goes up!

Dry bag

Recently, completely waterproof dry bags are also popular. For waterproof specifications, there are many scenes that are extremely useful for measures against water, such as canoes and kayaks, as well as measures against rain.

In WILD-1, in addition to Zac for trekking, we have various kinds of dry bags so let's ask people who are interested in the store

I will continue to introduce items that will help outdoor in the future so please look forward to it!

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Mr. Morita, thank you very much!

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