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The fourth round following the selection method of trekking shoes, how to choose trekking zacks, how to choose a cold weather protection & outdoor wear from Dekkusu beach shop being introduced as a collaboration project with WILD - 1 will be useful for future outdoor season Shurafu feature

Reported by Takayuki Ide

Tips for selecting outdoor life essential shruffs

Recommended outdoor item information to ask Mr. Morita, Mr. Igarashi, of WILD-1 Dex Tokyo beach store in Odaiba!

Spring is getting steadily steadily on the calendar after the beginning of spring, although cold days are still on. There are plenty of fun winter leisure such as snow camping and snowshoeing that are unique in winter, but it is time to prepare for preparing for the outdoor of the forthcoming green season.
This time it is a special feature about people who camp and who will be indispensable for trekking and climbers who do a tent night in the mountain.
Of course, because it is a super useful item with all seasons, let's introduce it firmly.

Types of shrubs and sleeping bags

Shuraf is an essential item for comfortable sleeping in the tent.
Shurafu is a so-called sleeping bag in Japanese. Sleeping bag in English (sleeping bag). Well, in general people who are called sleeping bags may be more familiar.

Shurafu is an indispensable item to get a comfortable sleep, but sleep is important in outdoor in the first place, as a result of sleep shortage without sleep well, as a result of inadvertent injury or trouble due to declining judgment etc. It is also for having a good time reducing the risk to some extent per outdoor.

Although this is a shruff, in fact there are two major types.
One is an envelope type. The other is Mommy type.
It is so called because each looks and shape resembles it.

Features of Mommy type Shruff

The reason why Mommy is Mommy is that it is because Mamy = mummy, that is, a mummy, it seems like a mummy when people are in this type of shruff.
Rather than thinking of being a mummy, I think that it resembles the shape of a coffin in the Egyptian mummy, but it may be abbreviated and called Mummy type.

Well, the characteristic of such Mommy type Shuraf is that it fits snugly from the tip of the head to the tip of the foot, so the warmth is the point with high heat retention.
Compared to the envelope type, the storage capacity is high and small, so it does not become bulky. From such features Shruff for climbing is almost Mommy type.
The disadvantage is that it may feel a bit cramped because it fits the body.

Each shruff has a level indication that indicates the adaptation temperature although its expression differs somewhat depending on the manufacturer. Those whose adaptation temperature is set to be low are different depending on the manufacturer because the number is large or small, so it can not be said unconditionally, but as for the adaptation temperature, it is confirmed in tags etc. that there is description of conform temperature and limit temperature etc. I want it.
By the way, comfort temperature, limit temperature, etc. are comfortable sleeping outside temperature and sleeping limit lowest temperature. However, relying on the minimum temperature is risky, so let's have room.
Also, some of them indicate adaptive temperature etc. for men and women.

Shruff's batting material

There are two large materials of cotton, there are down (feathers) and chemical fibers.
Down is light and comfortable to sleep, which is more expensive than chemical fiber.

Even shruffs that actually correspond to the same temperature, because there is a considerable difference in size and weight between those of down and those of synthetic fibers, it may be surprising that difference when arranged side by side.
It will be heavy and heavy to get the same adaptation temperature as down.

Naturally, the price is higher than the chemical fiber.
Benefits of easy handling, such as chemical fiber dry fast because it dries quickly when wet. Cospara is expensive, for example, when traveling by car is the main, or if luggage can be bigger such as auto camp.
By the way, down is more comfortable as the ratio of feather down and down is lower, but the price also increases accordingly.

3 recommended shruffs recommended

Shurafu recommended by Mr. Morita is Nanga's Shurafu.
It is said that features made in Japan make sewing very solid.

Montbell's Shurafu is recommended because it has excellent elasticity thanks to its own biased stretch of diagonal.

This is a stylish shruff which is dyed down with WILD - 1 and Nanga 's original collaboration products.

Envelope type Shruff

Mommy type and another type are this envelope type. It is also called rectangle, but this is also called so because it looks like a rectangle like an envelope.
The feature of the envelope type is that you can use it with high degree of freedom.
Since it is a rectangle, try to sleep on it like a mattress, feel free to hang like a comforter on the contrary, use it on a knee or a shoulder like a blanket, and join two shurafs of the same manufacturer with zipper You can also use such as double size.
Compared to the Mommy type, since the shoulder mouth is opened, the heat retention property is inferior, and it is suitable for family youth etc. because it is inferior in storage ability by all means but can be used easily.

Mountain climbing in winter season, snow camping, climbing in no snowy season, canoeing with tents loaded, bike touring, auto camping, festivals and many other scenes that require shruffs so choose a shruff that suits your needs.

Let's use a shruff cover as necessary

Now that I know how to choose Shurafu, the next is a shruff cover that can be mentioned as a necessary item for a comfortable sleep.
Even if Shurafu is a good one, if Shurafu gets wet to sleep comfortably, there are neither former nor children.
Although it is hard to understand if there is no experience, it is not necessary to assume that it will get wet due to rain etc, but it is better to assume that the inside of the tent becomes bisho-basho due to condensation especially in winter.
And when it becomes bisho-basho, people who do outdoors in winter are mostly using down Mommy type, down wearing will cause insulation to go down, and depending on the place it is a life-and-death problem. So you need to be careful not to get the shruff wet.
It is a shruff cover that protects the shruff from wetness in such a case.
There is also the merit that warmth keeps rising by covering the outside of the shruff.
Morita taught to Mr. Morita that it is an important item to the ground.

Role of air mats

Next you need sort of air mats to lay under the shrub.
Everything Air Matt plays a role of insulation between the ground and Shuraf.
And it is also to relieve the unevenness and hardness of the ground.

As long as it is not even in the summer, I would like to use Air Mat instead of Shruff alone for tents and overnights.
There are various types, there are various items with different cushioning properties and storability such as foam material type and inflatable items.

There are also types of injecting air into the foam material.
When putting in air, it is a way to inflate it with your mouth, but with manpower but it takes time and effort.
Instead, there is a merit that it can be stored more compactly than foam material type one.
Director Morita demonstrates directly the process of rolling while drawing air! Thank you very much.

In this way you prepare to prepare for sleeping and sleep well. Sleeping outside is also fun.

Fun item for camping

Here are three funny outdoor items recommended by Igarashi!

Easy lantern air lantern available for solar charging

When you take out the bag and switch it, already light ...
Send air from the mouth and let it inflate and it is finished.

A little fashionable mini table in the assembly style

Camp and grilled meat! Mini iron plate that makes something

It is fun to try these funny items. Both of them said that Igarashi is owned even by private property. As expected, I know how to enjoy the outdoors.

Even those who have stopped a little in the cold winter, those who are enjoying the all season outdoor, can not wait soon Spring you there! Let's go outdoors this year with a fun item! Of course the item search is WILD-1. Activity search is ACTIVITY JAPAN.

Find outdoor items with WILD - 1!

Activity Japan This project introduces various items useful for outdoor at WILD-1 stores. Look forward to the future!

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Mr. Morita, Mr. Igarashi, thank you very much!

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