Harajuku Omotesando Super Yosakoi on 26th and 27th August 2017 enjoy with Yukata rental!

Enjoy Harajuku Omotesando Super Yosakoi with Yukata rental

This summer Tokyo will be held in the middle of Harajuku and Omotesando and the inevitable event will be held. "Meiji Jingu Shrine dedication Harajuku Omotesando Original Yoshida Super Yosakoi 2017" to be held in the Harajuku Omotesando and Yoyogi districts as the Meiji Jingu Shrine dedication festival while preserving the tradition of Kochi's Yosakoi festival is held in the Harajuku Omotesando former Yoshii Executive Committee / Shopping Street Promotion Association Harajuku It will be held on Saturday, August 26th and Sunday, 27th (Sunday), 2017, organized by the Omotesando Ceremony! Harajuku Omotesando / Meiji Shrine / Yoyogi Park / NHK former zelkova Namiki street others etc. It was held around public roads etc. Especially from 11:30 to 17 o'clock on August 27 (Sun), traffic control from the Jingumaee intersection of Omotesando to Aoyama street It will take.

Meiji Shrine dedication Harajuku Omotesando Original Yoshi Super Yosakoi 2017
Source:Meiji Shrine dedication Harajuku Omotesando Original Yoshi Super Yosakoi 2017

Crowds are expected only as a big event of great attention, but there is no choice but to enjoy it as it is held! So at Activity Japan we introduce shops of "Yukata rental" that can be booked cheaply, such as Harajuku and Shinjuku. Speaking of the summer festival, the yukata is mast ♪ And if it is in the middle of Harajuku, it is cute and it must be unqualified ◎

The rental plans for yukata and kimono that you can make reservations are mainly reasonable compared to purchasing yukata, which includes dressed in a set of yukata rental and basic hair set. ◎ In regular courses, when the shop closes in the evening It is safe to return it until around time, but if you use the option of returning the next day you can extend it to the town of the night as a kimono ♪

In addition to introducing here, we also deal in shops that can rent yukata in Tokyo, so please search near your home or near your workplace and select the smoother schedule ◎ In summer in Japan you can wear Yukata You look nice. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0

Yukata rental shop around Harajuku Omotesando

Yumenoyakata rental

-Kimono Tokyo Harajuku
1-19-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Harajuku Family Building 306
4, 104Yen (tax included) ~
Next day return +1,080 yen

Kimono Tokyo Harajuku Yukata Rental

-Moshi-moshi kimono salon Produced by YUMENOYA -
3-23-5 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 2F
4, 320Yen (tax included) ~
Next day return +1,000 yen

Mode Marie Yukata rental

-Mode Marie
2 - chome Nishi Gotanda Shinagawa - ku, Tokyo 10-2
4, 320Yen (tax included) ~
Next day return No additional charge!

Bathara Yukata rental

-Bathara Kimono Rental Sunshine City Prince Hotel Shop (Ikebukuro)
3 - 5 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Sunshine City Prince Hotel
3,456Yen (tax included) ~
Next day return + 980 yen

Studio EIMei Shinjuku store Yukata rental

-Studio Aye Mei Shinjuku
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku 3-24-2 second Aokibiru 2F
4,500Yen (tax included) ~
Next day return +1,000 yen

Harajuku Omotesando around Yukata rental popular plan

Studio Aye Mei Shinjuku

【Tokyo · Shinjuku · Yukata Rental】 Girls' Union Plan in Yukata!

プランID:13903Studio Aye Mei Shinjuku
4,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Why not go out in the companion and yukata that does not put the mind (rental)? In always different from the atmosphere, you should spend a good time. Dressing, 5 minutes hair set, because walking a day (return by 18:00) is in the set, let's look forward to the women's meeting everyone dressed in yukata. ※ It is your application can plan from two or more people.

Kimono Tokyo Harajuku

【Tokyo · Harajuku】 Walk in Harajuku with a lovely yukata! Yukata basic plan ♪

プランID:18539Kimono Tokyo Harajuku
4, 104yen~​ ​(tax included)

How about going to Harajuku where various fashions will overflow with wearing a yukata? As well as basic design as well as pop design Yukata are available so you can enjoy somewhat different Harajuku sightseeing ♪ Deal deals with "Yukata, Single Zone, Drawstring, Clogs, Quick Hair Set" It is a plan. Because dressing will be completed in a short time, it is attractive to enjoy sightseeing soon ♪ Basic plan if cute KAWAII style! Recommended for those who want cheap yukata rental, cute, yukata with vivid colors!

Studio Aye Mei Shinjuku

【Tokyo · Shinjuku · Yukata Rental】 Dating plan in Yukata!

プランID:13906Studio Aye Mei Shinjuku
8,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Rental plan that the yukata for and for women men to set. Dressing, 5 minutes hair set (women only), because the stroll one day (return by 18:00) is in the set, please enjoy the dating yukata.

Kimono rental VASARA Sunshine City Prince Hotel shop (Ikebukuro)

【Tokyo · Ikebukuro】 Walking around Ikebukuro with Yukata! [Yukata rental & dressing plan]

プランID:15685Kimono rental VASARA Sunshine City Prince Hotel shop (Ikebukuro)
4,212yen3,132yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

「着物レンタルVASARA サンシャインシティプリンスホテル店(池袋) 」では、手ぶらで来店、お好きな浴衣に着替えて散策できるプランをご用意しております。 お浴衣の柄等、ご希望・ご要望のあるお客様は気軽にお問い合わせください。 お店の場所は池袋駅から徒歩8分、サンシャインプリンスホテル内にあります。

Moshi-moshi kimono salon Produced by YUMENOYA -

【Tokyo · Harajuku】 Kimono & Yukata rental in Harajuku ★ Let's wear colorful vintage kimono and stroll around the city!

プランID:18417Moshi-moshi kimono salon Produced by YUMENOYA -
4, 320yen~​ ​(tax included)

Come a colorful and unique antique kimono and go for a walk around Harajuku where Japanese and Kawaii culture blend together! It is also recommended to travel Kimono with Omotesando, Takeshita Dori, as well as the spot of sum, including Meiji Shrine and Togo Shrine, as well as the origin base of the trend. You can also go out and wear kimono to outside events such as Shibuya, Roppongi etc. Of course possible! Please enjoy your extraordinary experience by dressed in the kimono of the Hello Kimonos salon. If you wish, you can also add hair set, point makeup, photo shoot (with CD-R data) from options. 【Hello Kimono Salon Produced by Yume no Ya - YUMENOYA-】 Hell Mu Kimono Salon is a Harajuku system based on the concept of "Harajuku Romant", which combines "Taisho Romant" that built a kimono culture era and "Harajuku Kawaii Culture" Kimono transformation photo studio. It was realized through collaboration with Asobi System Co., Ltd., which is driving the Harajuku Kawaii culture, and "Japanese Culture Experience TOURS Yume no ya - YUMENOYA-", a popular tourist spot in Asakusa, a Japanese culture experience trial studio.

Mode Marie

【Tokyo · Gotanda】 ★ Ladies only ★ Let's go out chilly in the hot summer! Yukata rental ※ No additional fee is required for returning the next day!

プランID:15160Mode Marie
4, 320yen~​ ​(tax included)

暑い暑い夏。でも夏は楽しいイベントが盛りだくさん。 せっかく出かけるなら、粋に浴衣で決めてみませんか? 自分で用意するのは大変だけれど、Mode Marieなら浴衣だけではなく帯や小物もレンタルできますので気軽にご利用いただけます。 ※ヘアは含まれておりません。

Harajuku Omotesando surrounding attention plan


【KAWAII MONSTER CAFE Harajuku】Oiran Night Show! Every Tuesday only!​ ​

2,160yen~​ ​(tax included)

Enjoy our original cute interior decor, dancing Makai dance and enjoy the original food. We are preparing for events where Mr. Kanaka acts sake and "Behavior Liquor" and contents that you can experience Japanese Bon dance. 【ABOUT KAWAII MONSTER CAFE】 The café restaurant which boasts the largest area of ​​Tokyo in which elements of Japanese pop culture such as symbolic sweet go-round round, shimmering jellyfish BAR, fluffy PINK FAT CAT room, etc. were condensed, "KAWAII MONSTER CAFE "changes into a deep sexy night space at night. The audience is overwhelmed and delighted with music, dance, beautiful performance and its world view unfolded in creative space. Enjoy shopping in the day, dress beautifully in the evening, meet at BAR, watch the best show, then talk about the impressions. We propose "How to play at night" in Harajuku reminiscent of Broadway and the show restaurant in New York, and create a new culture in Tokyo. An unexperienced entertainment restaurant. It's "KMC SHOW CASE".


【Weekday AJ Limited · Shinjuku Kabukicho】 Team to challenge the mission! (3 times package) Spy experience / escape game ★

3,040yen1,980yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

"InSPYre (Inspire)" is the mission accomplishment time attack attraction that enables you to experience Japan's first full-scale spy experience. Participants form a group of 1 to 5 people and up to 8 groups play simultaneously under different missions. Various gimmicks are set in the facility, depending on instructions and hints issued one after another to the terminal to be rented, challenge toward mission clear while making full use of brains and physical strength, as well as luck You can enjoy. Also, as the attraction, we introduce the industry's first "face recognition system" to record not only the group but also the results of individual players. (Confirmed by application) There are multiple missions, various strategies are used. Also, even though exactly the same course, the correct answer of each gimmick changes at random, so you can enjoy it as many times as you want! ▼ Attraction Summary Waste warehouse suddenly appeared in the middle of the city. There is a hideout of the villainous organization BLACK-MAX who plans to conquer the world. In order to stop their wrongs, you challenge missions as a agent dispatched from the intelligence agency inSPYre!

Hotel Keio Garden Tokyo

【Tokyo · Meguro · Gajyoen】 Yukata and cultural property "One hundred stairs" ♪ Tour with dinner

プランID:18376Hotel Keio Garden Tokyo
14,850yen~​ ​(tax included)

新柄からお選びいただいた浴衣は、帯、下駄などとともにそのままお持ち帰りいただける人気プラン。 スタッフによる着付+レストランでのお食事+百段階段見学をお楽しみいただけるスペシャルプランをご体験下さい!

Meiji Shrine dedication Harajuku Omotesando Original Yoshi Super Yosakoi 2017 Summary

From 2001, the local shopping street "Shopping district promotion association Harajuku Omotesando meeting" was sponsored and held at the last weekend of August every year in the Harajuku Omotesando and Yoyogi districts as the Meiji Jingu dedication festival, keeping the tradition of Kochi's Yosakoi festival It is Yosakoi Festival.

The Yosakoi festival means Tosa dialect "Please come at night." When "Yosakoi" is made into Kanji, it will be "Night Come", "Night Outbreak", "Evening Together".
About 20 teams from all over the country gathered in Omotesando in 2016, and we showed out the distinctive, hot and warm "Yosakoi Naruko Dance". "Super Yosakoi" which was born in 2001 has reached the 14th time this year, and now has established itself as the largest Yosakoi festival in the metropolitan area.

  • [Venue]
    Harajuku Omotesando / Meiji Jingu Shrine / Yoyogi Park / NHK Precision Zeki Namiki Street and others
  • [Event period]
    Saturday, August 26, 2017 10: 00 ~ 20: 00
    Sunday, August 27, 2017 10: 00 ~ 17: 30
  • [Organizer]
    Harajuku Omotesando Ex-Pilgrimage Executive Committee / Shopping district promotion association Harajuku Omotesando meeting
  • [Co-host]
    Kochi City
  • [Special cooperation]
    Meiji Jingu
  • [Traffic regulation]
    The scrambled intersection west side road, Culture Village street, Dogenzaka in front of Shibuya station becomes a pedestrian road.
    · Jingu-bashi / Meiji Jingu Shrine inside the precincts of the traffic regulation date:
    Saturday, August 26 (Sat) 10: 30-20: 00, Sunday August 27 9: 30-18: 00
    · Jingumae Intersection - Aoyama Street Traffic regulation date and time:
    Sunday August 27 (Sunday) 11: 30 ~ 17: 00

Venue surrounding map