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【Tokyo · Shinjuku · Yukata Rental】 Girls' Union Plan in Yukata!

プランID:13903 提供:Studio Aye Mei Shinjuku

4,500円~​ ​(tax included)


Studio Aye Mei Shinjuku

Tokyo / 23 wards
Kimono rental
  • Empty-handed OK
  • Rain departs Allowed
  • 子供参加可

Description​ ​

気の置けない仲間と浴衣(レンタル)でお出かけしてはいかがでしょうか? いつもとは違う雰囲気で、楽しい時間を過ごせるはずです。着付け、5分ヘアセット、1日散策(18:00までに返却)がセットになっていますので、みんなで浴衣に着替えて女子会を楽しみましょう。

※ It is your application can plan from two or more people.

Yukata to choose from among the 100 pieces! It deals Women's Association plan

Since the yukata is choose what you like from among the 100 type, let's adorned with glamorous girls meeting of their liking in yukata! First-class professional dressing, you can enjoy a day in peace rather than collapse to wear because the hair and makeup.

1 night at the options, full hair set, photography, you can give the early morning premium.

Attractions of the plan

Moist stroll in yukata

Easy hair arrangement that meets the yukata


Minimum number of people 1 人
Number of people who can book 2人〜
Schedule Regularly
Assemble time Please fill in the hope of the time at the time of your application.
Assemble point "PHOTO STUDIO EIMEI (Photo Studio English name)"
Reservation deadline Before 2 days

Regarding advance preparation

About clothings and must-bring items Also it will be all your preparation here necessary.
About rental items Yukata, obi, purse, clogs, fan
※ All is included in the room rate.

Facility information

Changing room toilet shower
Hot spring Locker Hairdryer
Parking Lot コンビニ

Access and map


Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku 3-24-2 second Aokibiru 2F

How to reach by car

Parking is not. Please use your local coin parking.

How to reach by train

JR Shinjuku Station East Exit
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line B13 exit

Price list

Basic charge

Adult and children / people 4,500yen Is the same rate for both adults and children.


Full hair set / person 2,000yen
Photography / pair 4,000yen
Early morning premium / person 1,000yen 9:00~
Night / person 1,000yen

※Prices including all taxes.

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  • Unavailable
  • 予約リクエスト予約後、事業者から受付可否を連絡


About payment 当日に現金、またはクレジットカードにてお支払いください。 ※ご利用いただけるカードは以下となります。
Payment method Pre-card payment, the ways assigned by operators
About cancellation fee On the day: 50% of the fee
If you cancel your reservation, please immediately contact us by telephone.



このプランを予約すると 41 pt 貯まります!

Participating age0 才~
Time required 2-3 hours
Assemble point Look in GoogleMap