【SUP YOGA (SUP YOGAGA)】 Nationwide experience plan reservation reception & event information


A recent topic "SUP YOGA (SUP YOGAGA)" experience among women sensitive to "trend" and "beauty". 2017 is also a popular activity that has received many reservations and inquiries even in Activity Japan with full-scale summer season. This time we will introduce you from the recommended plan of SUP YOGA (SUP YOGAGA) LESSON · SCHOOL EXPERIENCE to basic knowledge! ! Those who want to know the culture of SUPYOGA deeply are also encouraged to participate in lesson events by Rappiko Tanaka, president of Japan Sappyoga Association ◎

What is SUP YOGA?

SUP Yoga is a new sense of sports leisure activity combining "Yoga" and Marine Sports "SUP = Stand Up Paddle Board". Standing on the SUP board which is more buoyant than surfing on the water such as the sea and the lake, it is said that the trunk is trained and the fitness effect is higher than being on the ground by yoga, and the topic is collected mainly about women .

In addition, it is also attractive that experience plans held by SUP shops throughout the country with yoga instructors can be easily joined by hands from the beginners. As SUP YOGA (SUP YOGA) which moves body while enjoying in nature, it is also recommended as a weekend's life work, or as a destination outdoor leisure because you can expect a relaxation effect such as stress dissipation ◎


Activity Japan is accepting reservations for the SUPYOGA (SUP YOGAGA) experience plan being held nationwide ♪ The price quotation depends on the course content, but it is possible to reserve at the lowest price between 3,000 yen and 7,000 yen. You can enjoy it safely with a lecturer of instructors familiar with both SUP (stand-up paddle board) and yoga ◎

SUPYOGA event information
第4回山中湖Superマラソン大会  ヨガ教室イベント

6/24(日)第4回山中湖SUPerマラソン大会 特別イベント リラックスヨガ教室1時間

プランID:21795第4回山中湖Superマラソン大会  ヨガ教室イベント
2,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

1時間のヨガレッスンです。 大自然の空気をたっぷりと感じながら、心地のいい呼吸と動きでリラックスした時間でレース後の 疲れた体を癒しませんか? もちろん、レースにご参加されない方、見学者の方もご参加いただけます♪

SUPYOGA Recommended Experience Plan
Tokyo · Odaiba
アウトドアヨガ Re pure BODY


プランID:20285アウトドアヨガ Re pure BODY
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

手ぶらで気軽にサクッとSUPヨガ体験。 ボードの上でバランスを取りながらヨガのポーズを楽しみます。 浅い海なので、初めてでも安心。新鮮な感覚を味わってみませんか?

アウトドアヨガ Re pure BODY

奥多摩YOGA on SUP

プランID:20359アウトドアヨガ Re pure BODY
9,000yen~​ ​(tax included)


Kanagawa · Shonan
JK.SURF (Jay Kay Surf)

【Shonan · Chikazaki】 For beginners! Mermaid Yoga (Sappyoga) Experience Course

プランID:4223JK.SURF (Jay Kay Surf)
9,5008,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Yoga lessons on the SUP (stand up paddle). Always be put yourself in a different environment Why do not you mention to your new possibilities in? Strengthening of the trunk by using a carefully body while relaxing the mind on the sea, with or discover the weak parts of your body, you can body make-up fun! SUP, person also yoga inexperienced Please come by all means because there is a lecture!



2,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

神奈川県中郡大磯町の大磯港そばにあるプール施設です。 水泳やサップヨガの教室、各種イベントなど行っております。 夏季には花火大会などの催し物もございます。

Chiba · Futtsu

[Chiba Futtsu coastal refresh ♪ SUP yoga experience in a calm sea!

プランID:13115MK SURF
7,400yen~​ ​(tax included)

Stands for SUP (Sapp) yoga and is Standup Paddle (stand up paddle), is that of Hawaii birthplace of yoga to do on a dedicated paddle board. Sappuyoga of charm can have what, sense of unity with the sea! Or meditation while being rocked by the waves, the comfort to perform the pose of a variety of yoga, and there is a yoga more relaxing to do on the ground fan even during the surge!

Yamanashi / Yamanakako
Marina Eighteen (marina eighteen)


プランID:17450Marina Eighteen (marina eighteen)
7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

☆ Would you like to do SUP yoga at Lake Yamanakaka ☆ The SUP that is rising in popularity so far has exercise effects even if you are on a ride, but by adopting yoga & pilates you can perform trunk training more effectively I will. As weather is nice, you can refresh while watching Mt. Fuji so please do not hesitate to join us. ※ Please apply as soon as possible as it will be deadline as it becomes capacity.

Yamanashi · Lake Motosu
Motosu Activity Center (Motosuko Activity Center)

[Healing Sappuyoga experience in front of Mount Fuji] (SUP yoga, stand up paddle board yoga)

プランID:12538Motosu Activity Center (Motosuko Activity Center)
6,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

SUP Yoga experience of healing with healing in Honjo Lake boasting the highest transparency among Fuji Goko (Yamanakako, Kawaguchiko, West Lake, Lake Shimpo, Lake Motosu)! Fuji of a thousand yen bill is in front of you! Yoga on an unstable board is the biggest charm with a different sense from the ground, where you can laugh and enjoy with your friends! And it is a great location to face Mt. Fuji, a world heritage site! Let's heal with SUP yoga happily enjoying luxuriously all of Lake Motosu ~

Shizuoka · Atami

[Shizuoka Prefecture · SUP experience] of women hottest SUP and yoga of collaboration! Of the 120-minute course SUP YOGA experience

6,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

SUP (stand up paddle boat) is a feel free to enjoy marine sports even if there is no experience. This plan is a SUP YOGA (Sappuyoga) experience the course of 120 minutes plus a yoga to the SUP. The trunk is also only in the SUP you are trained, but further trunk by the addition of yoga also been trained, you expect also diet effect.


【静岡県・SUP体験】新プラン♪女性大注目のSUPとヨガのコラボ!90分コースのSUP YOGA体験

6,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

本プログラムは夏季限定(7/14〜)プログラムです。 SUP(スタンドアップパドルボート)は、経験がなくても気軽に楽しめるマリンスポーツです。当プランは、そのSUPにヨガをプラスした90分のSUP YOGA(サップヨガ)体験コースです。SUPのみでも体幹をが鍛えられますが、ヨガを加えることでさらに体幹も鍛えられ、ダイエット効果も見込めます。 ご予約受付は2名様〜になります。

Mie / Taiki
Taiki Town Area Revitalization Council

【三重県・大紀町】トロピカルガーデンでサンセットSUP YOGA!(食事・温泉入浴券付)

プランID:16931Taiki Town Area Revitalization Council
5,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

美容ツーリズム in 大紀町 ~美、健康、癒しを求める女性に大紀町がお届けする、特別な時間と空間!~ 大紀町錦にある砂浜ビーチ『トロピカルガーデン』で、日差しが優しくなった頃に、SUPヨガを体験できます。 『トロピカルガーデン』は南国情緒たっぷりの素敵な場所です。 周りを遊歩道で囲んでいるので、波も穏やかで安心して楽しんでいただけます。 日頃のストレスから心とカラダを開放し、自然を感じながらリフレッシュ&リラックスしませんか・・・。 保険料、食事、阿曽温泉無料入浴券付です。 ★SUPとは、スタンドアップパドルボードの略で、ハワイが発祥のスポーツです。 簡単に言うと、サーフボードを大きくして厚くして乗りやすくしたようなものです。 ※最少催行人数に満たない場合はご予約確定後でも、キャンセルとさせていただく場合もございます(催行日前々日に最終確定となります)。

Osaka · Sennan
AWAS (match)


プランID:12849AWAS (match)
5,400yen~​ ​(tax included)

関西空港前にあるタルイサザンビーチでSUPスクールを行う「AWASアワス」の大人気教室「SUP海上ヨガ教室」2013年からの実績のあるコースです! 専属のベテランヨガ講師を招いて初心者の方から本格的なボディーメイク派まで満足して頂いているプランです。 所要時間は約1時間半となります。 詳しくはこちらもご覧下さい。 http://www.awas.jp/school/index.php

Okayama / Bizen
MDP (Emudipi)

Sappuyoga with lunch

プランID:13138MDP (Emudipi)
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Yoga be done on top of the stand-up paddle board of the now pandemic, "Sappuyoga". Japan by the first man International Sapp yoga teacher, is different from the Sappuyoga be done in exactly the beach or pool, the program performed while stimulating the senses while feeling the wilderness. One of the recommended reasons to women, after the end of the session services and such with lunch at alliance cafe, is a bit of cruising & Cold Beverage service is popular reason in the boat

Calmly Okinawa


プランID:20061Calmly Okinawa
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)


Nature Service Mahae

【Okinawa · Onna Village】 Guide monopoly! SUP Yoga course safe shop collection! Photo shoot + SD card gift!

プランID:14651Nature Service Mahae
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Our beach yoga is about yoga to do at the beautiful beach of Onna village in Okinawa. It is very popular even in world-class resort areas such as Hawaii, and there is much feeling of release compared with yoga performed indoors. SUP Yoga is yoga done on the SUP board. I float the board in shallow waves with few waves and I will challenge various poses on that. If you can experience a unique floating feeling, you are gaining great attention in Europe and the United States. For easy experiences even in yoga inexperienced people, I will lecture from a simple pose at first. In Mahae we offer a course combined with beach yoga and SUP yoga. I feel relaxed and the exercise effect is also very high so I think that you can experience it once!

Tiger Beach Resort Club

【Okinawa · Onna Village】 Twilight / Night SUP Yoga

プランID:16475Tiger Beach Resort Club
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

SUP yoga is growing rapidly in popularity. SUP Yoga done in infinity pool while wrapped in twilight makes the resort feeling even more exciting! It is! Performing while feeling the sway of water SUP Yoga exercises inner muscle by balancing using the whole body and finishes it in a beautiful body line. Because there are also many people who use the first time, try experiencing while having fun! It is!

Calmly Okinawa


プランID:20062Calmly Okinawa
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

大人気のSUP(スタンドアップパドルボード)の上で、沖縄の大自然、海、空、太陽を全身で感じながら、自然と一体となり心身ともにリフレッシュ☆ プールで行うので、泳ぎの不安な方でも安心してご参加いただけます。 日焼けの気になる方は、海水の温水プール(室内プール)でのご案内も出来ます。 お気軽にお問合せ下さいませ。

Excitement! Nagura Neco Tourism

[Okinawa southern] around Chinenmisaki SUP & yoga experience! SUP stretch yoga or beginner yoga course

プランID:10338Excitement! Nagura Neco Tourism
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Recommend to the first one, is the experience plan of SUP and yoga.

ネイチャーサービス マハエ 糸満店


プランID:20001ネイチャーサービス マハエ 糸満店
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

マハエ糸満店のSUPヨガ&ビーチヨガ体験プランです ♪ 糸満の美しいビーチでヨガを体験してリフレッシュしませんか? ビーチヨガは、ハワイなどの世界的なリゾート地でも大人気! 屋内で行うヨガと比べて格段に解放感があります。 SUPヨガはSUPボードの上で行うヨガのことです。 波の少ない浅瀬にボードを浮かべて、その上で様々なポーズに挑戦しましょう。 「独特の浮遊感が体験できる」と、欧米で大きな注目を集めています。 ヨガ未経験の方でも気軽にお楽しみいただけるように、最初は簡単なポーズからレクチャーします。 解放感に溢れるヨガは、エクササイズ効果も非常に高く、とってもオススメ ♪ ぜひ一度ご体験いただければと思います! 那覇から10分の好立地! ぜひお越しください。

Captain Resort (CAPTAIN RESORT)

While taking a sunrise Sunrise SUP yoga experience at the beach!

プランID:13411Captain Resort (CAPTAIN RESORT)
8,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

While soaking up the sunrise, early morning of beach that no one, why not experience the Sappuyoga while enjoying an open mood? While enjoying on the SUP do the yoga poses and balance pose. Balance power and concentration UP! ! The trunk is trained, you can also expect Shape up effect. After enjoying, please taste the best of relaxation rocked in the waves. Sunrise was condensed charm that can not only enjoy the East Coast Sapp yoga, I recommend!

Okinawa · Miyakojima
Blue shanti

【Okinawa · Miyakojima】 Sunrise · SUP yoga ♪ Sea and wind of Miyakojima and SUP yoga ★ Beginner's big welcome ★

プランID:17251Blue shanti
7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

We prepare the body supple in front of the crystal clear ocean of Miyakojima. The comfort of being one with nature is the best healing. It also leads to the discovery of new oneself.

Blue shanti

【Okinawa · Miyakojima】 Sunset · SUP Yoga ♪ Sunset in the sea of ​​Miyakojima and SUP Yoga ★ Beginner's big welcome ★

プランID:17252Blue shanti
7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

We prepare the body supple in front of the crystal clear ocean of Miyakojima. The comfort of being one with nature is the best healing. It also leads to the discovery of new oneself.

Okinawa · Ishigakijima
Ishigaki Island snorkel tour

[Okinawa Ishigaki Island] while watching the sunset and stars SUP yoga experience! Fitness in nature -

プランID:14518Ishigaki Island snorkel tour
11,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

SUP Yoga experience while watching sunset and stars! Fitness among the great nature! By balancing on the board, there is also a fitness effect, yoga compatibility while feeling nature is preeminent. As it works for inner muscles of the legs, hips and body trunk, soaring popularity as a physical exercise! By doing SUP in the magnificent wilderness, you will get a sense of fulfillment, fulfillment of moving your body! Couples and friends as well as one person are welcome! Let 's experience SUP Yoga together with magnificent views! Good transportation ♪ ※ City town free transfer provided (Northern Kawahira area consulted)

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