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Boarded a plurality of persons in rubber boats, rafting to enjoy the torrent down from upstream while operating the boat with a paddle during the period of July to September, in other words you just upsurge in the timing of summer vacation of the event! While follow the guide's instructions to accompany each base combined breathing participants each other rode on the same raft is power and, or the severity get over it hit the rapids as much as be likened to the "natural roller coaster", if outdoors lovers absolutely River sport thrilling not be removed. After playing with family and friends in the outdoors, or into the hot spring or a barbecue in the BBQ area, you can enjoy nature. In the tourist areas, Okutama area one of the best of the Tama River flows, as well as rafting, canoeing and canyoning, river SUP, you can experience the popular outdoor leisure recommendations, such as rock climbing. From central Tokyo to the nearest Ome Station, less than an hour and the access is good by train, is the range to go to play in the day. Rafting is probably a full-fledged equipment is required activities, but because are substantial rental of the tour company, your belongings are not so many. Helmet and life jacket is, of course, because there is also a tour which is rented free of charge to all those who participate in a wet suit (wear a bathing suit underneath), please come also peace of mind for the first time of customers (basically a change of clothes is done in the dressing room of the tour meeting place). Good shoes, even when wet the towel (water shoes) are each Please prepare. Depending on the tour, and some services may be free gifts to everyone of the participants the photos taken on the day. Market price of the tour price is the price range of the most common 5,000 yen to 7,000 yen, there is no special qualification is. Rafting tour, so we can book from one person to the organization, you do not need to be one person just because worry. It should be noted that, for the rafting with a certain degree of danger, become a condition of participation that it is possible consideration to their own safety, in principle, more than junior high school students are eligible. However, depending on the tour, under the guardian of conditions, elementary school students will also be able to participate. For more information, such as activities of attention and terms of use, will vary depending on the tour, please check in advance.

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