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Kronos Ocean field (CHRONOS Ocean Field)Kronos Ocean field (CHRONOS Ocean Field)

沖縄 / 沖縄市(コザ)・北谷・宜野湾
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7th anniversary commemorative campaign in progress!

Trying to share with everyone the best of memories!

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Everyone, please

I also got to teach even beginners carefully, and now I can ride. The point to teach is good, is not it?
Both of us participated and we were both successful and enjoyable ❗️

  • 5.0
参加日: 2017 年 09 月
Wake Board
It was very kind

In Okinawa for the first time, I was anxious without land intuition, but I met with STAFF at the meeting place and we kindly contacted us, a beginner's child, with kindness, so I was relieved to enjoy the sea between Kei . It was very good.

  • 4.0
参加日: 2017 年 09 月
Although the experience was good,

I did an experience diving. The instructor of a woman carefully taught me how to breathe in the water, a sign etc, I was able to dive with confidence. I was able to meet parent and child of anemone fish, touching sea anemone, but I was sorry that I could not get the underwater photographs taken. I taught my e-mail address and waited for about a week but did not come. I wanted to ask you when I was feeling very well and came again to Okinawa, but it is regrettable.

  • 2.0
参加日: 2017 年 08 月
Diving (beginners OK)
It was awesome.

I participated with my boyfriend with my friends, but I had too much fun! If there is another opportunity, thank you very much.

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参加日: 2017 年 08 月
Wake Board
Finally I was able to diving wishing ♪

Because tell me to various kindness towards the staff was able to dive into the sea smoothly. It is in the sea was very impressed with another world, I would like many colorful fish we was lovely ♪ also diving.

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参加日: 2014 年 05 月
Diving (beginners OK)
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Thank you very much for your participation in experiential dive on the day!
I am happier than dedicated staff I can enjoy diving.