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[Kyoto Hozugawa] I am absolutely confident in the tour content! Popular Rafting (morning) ★ Free shooting data ★

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    3~4 hours

"I really want to talk! I want to play a lot!"Rafting It was decided.
Many Rafting Among the company, especially nuts that have a strong commitment to "playing on the boat".
There is a place where we are devising play at each point of the route so that it does not go down to the end of the torrent, Rafting This is the reason why both beginners and experienced people can say "It was a very satisfying content!"

With a motto of safety and enjoyment, why don't you go wild and go down and play with our reliable guides?
I will do my best to create a tour so that I can say that it was good to choose nuts!
Let us work together to make memories of your friends, families, couples and groups!

※ Rafting It takes about 2 hours to stay in the river.
※ Primary school 1 Year Living more You can experience from Group customers are also welcome.
※ Minimum number of people If you do not meet Dates We may ask you to change it. Please note.

[Feature 1] Over 100 types! Absolute confidence in playing on the boat

It's not just about going down the torrent while enjoying the spectacular scenery! Hozugawa rafting of nuts makes rafting even more interesting with "river play using a boat". Choose the best from countless games such as wheelies, flowers, seesaws, etc. I can't stand laughing on the boat without having time to spare. We are aiming for the most enjoyable rafting that you can say "I enjoyed it more than I imagined!" And "It was the best I've ever had!"

[Feature 2] Free photo data gifts and free parking space available!

You can also download memorable tour photos for free. In addition, the facility has free parking space. It is a nice point that you can easily go by car without worrying about the parking fee during the experience. Since it is the base in front of "Torokko Kameoka Station" where the Torokko train runs, you can enjoy the four seasons of Kyoto Sagano and Hozu Gorge, so it is a good location to enjoy Arashiyama sightseeing before and after rafting. * Parking space is limited. If the car is full, we may guide you to the adjacent toll parking lot.

[Feature 3] Enjoy from 1st grade to seniors!

From the first grade of elementary school to seniors can participate in nut rafting. We will tour according to your physical strength, so you can enjoy a wide range of people from inexperienced to advanced. If you have any concerns, such as "I may not be good at diving" or "I want to play that game!", Please feel free to ask the guide. Play depends on the weather and the amount of water, but we will do our best to accommodate you!

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※The list price includes tax.
※The above price is a basic fee.
※Fees may vary depending on schedule, please check the fee displayed after selecting the date.

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    Detailed information of this plan

    Required minimum number of participants 4 Person(s)
    Possible number of bookings 1~
    About duration Rafting The time in the river is about 2 hours. Excellent tour content and service Rafting Please try to experience.
    Operating period 2021/4/29〜2021/10/31
    Assembly time AM Plan: 9:00
    Booking deadline until 16:59 the day before

    Changing room Toilet
    Shower Parking

    Dress code - Must bring items ◆ Basics: Towels, swimwear (even underwear that does not wet if OK), shoes that can not be taken off even when swimming such as sneakers and sports sandals (If you have ¥ 300 marine shoes Rental Possible. ), Health insurance card (If you get injured, you need it at the hospital. You may not have to show it at the time of the tour reception.)

    ◆ Convenient:sunscreen, (Hot day) T-shirt · shorts, glasses band glasses band, swimming goggles
    Wear on wet suit)
    About rental items ◆ Free Rental: Helmet, life jacket, wet suit top and bottom, jacket (Wed Wear on wet suits if the temperature is low)

    Matters require attention *On the day The meeting place Will be accepted. The meeting is punctual. Please come with plenty of room.

    * Elementary school students are kindly requested to participate with their parents.

    * Notes on the guide Explanations Elementary school 1 as a person who can understand Year Living more And height 110cm more Is the principle.

    * The maximum size of the wet suits available here is up to 120 cm chest and 190 cm tall. That more Please contact us at the time of booking. Life jackets can be resized and used.

    * Please come with a plan to get wet all over. Please check your belongings such as swimsuits and towels and do not forget them.

    * Although it becomes chilly when it rains, long sleeve jackets can be rented (free of course) depending on the situation. On the day If it is cold, please apply locally.

    *toilet Please complete before receiving.

    * Those who are drinking cannot participate in the tour.
    Other notifications ◆ Nice service:

    [free photo data download】
    Commemorative photos taken by staff during the tour can be downloaded as data! Of course free!
    You can bring your own camera. (It will be at your own risk)

    [Free parking space available]
    If you come by car, you can stay in the facility space during the tour!
    * Parking space is limited. Pay when full Parking Lot You may be guided to

    Required documents and application forms

    BBQ and pick-up plans can only be booked from the official page (

    Plan attractions

    Time schedule

    Gather at the base!

    Gather at the base! The morning course will meet at 9:00 and the afternoon course will meet at 13:30! A 10-minute walk from JR Umahori Station, right in front of Torokko Kameoka Station. Immediately after the reception is over, change clothes! Is it OK to change clothes at the log house for men and women and bring a helmet and paddle to the life jacket? When it comes to rafting style, we all walk to Hozugawa.

    Let's go rafting!

    Let's go rafting! When you arrive at Hozugawa, recheck the size of your helmet and life jacket! A safety talk from the guide, such as explanations on how to row, precautions, and how to deal with danger. Please listen carefully to the guide's story so that you can enjoy Hozugawa rafting in a fun and safe way!

    Let's be healed by the nature of the Hozu River!

    Let's be healed by the nature of the Hozu River! If you get on the rafting boat immediately, a simple lecture. Maekogi ~ 1.2! 1.2! Rafting has finally started when the tension has risen!

    The relaxing place is a great point for taking a commemorative photo! And enjoy the nature of the Hozu River! Enjoy the scenery of rocks and forests and be healed!

    Let's work together to overcome the thrilling torrent!

    Let's work together to overcome the thrilling torrent! As you go down the Hozu River while enjoying the ever-increasing flow of the river, you will see the "Koayu Waterfall" with a head of 2 meters in front of you! It's the first torrent point on the Hozu River course! This is the real thrill of rafting!

    Otakase is also a torrent point of the Hozu River! Be careful not to fall because the flow is fast!

    Not just going down the river! Playing on a boat is too fun!

    Not just going down the river! Playing on a boat is too fun! The fishing ground of the palace is the place where the lord of Kameoka used to enjoy fishing. Let's have fun with various games!

    Challenge the exciting game on the boat ♪ Even if you accidentally fall ... Everyone is smiling!

    Swim and dive! I can't stop pounding!

    Swim and dive! I can't stop pounding! A gentle flow "Mebuchi" continues on the way. Take a break from rowing a boat! Let's swim in the flow of the river!

    There is a big rock in the Hozu River where you can dive. Experience a courageous jump! ?? 3.2.1, Jamp! !!

    Finally the goal! !! I wonder if I made a lot of memories! ??

    Finally the goal! !! I wonder if I made a lot of memories! ?? The goal is finally when you can see the iron bridge at Hozukyo Station! The morning course will finish at 12:00 and the afternoon course will finish at 16:00. After bathing in a beautiful tributary, walk to Hozukyo Station. I'll take the train back to the base where I changed my clothes.


    After returning to the base and changing clothes, let's all watch the pictures taken today while drinking cold tea! You can download the photos for free at a later date! The morning course will be changed at 12:30 and the afternoon course will be changed and disbanded at 16:30.

    Access - Map

    〒 621-0825 Kyoto Prefecture Kameoka City Kashiwamachi Yamamoto Kanda Toko Line Kameoka Station (south side)
    Outdoor club Nuts Hozu River Rafting base
    Assembly point

    〒 621-0825 Kyoto Prefecture Kameoka City Kashiwamachi Yamamoto Kanda Toko Line Kameoka Station (south side)
    Outdoor club Nuts Hozu River Rafting base

    If you arrive by car

    From the Meishin Expressway, Keiji Bypass, and Dainikeihan Road, take the Oyamazaki JCT / IC to the Kyoto Jukan Expressway. 15 minutes from Kyoto Jukan Expressway "Shino IC". * Please be careful about traffic jams during the Obon festival. * Parking space is limited. If the car is full, we may guide you to the adjacent toll parking lot (¥ 700 a day).

    If you arrive by train

    From JR "Kyoto Station", take the JR San-in Line (Sagano Line) (about 30 minutes), get off at JR "Umahori Station", and walk for 7 minutes. 1 minute walk from Torokko Kameoka Station. The meeting place is next to the south parking lot through the tunnel at Torokko Kameoka Station! !!

    If you arrive by other means of transportation

    * The number of trolley trains varies depending on the schedule, so please check in advance before using.

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