Rafting in Kameoka/Kyotamba

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Down Hozu in Kyoto Kameoka City, travelers gather from Japan across the country, rafting is also popular. Elementary school students and women, even beginners can participate comfortable, courteous guide's many. Children is the best has become a guardian also to making memories of family. 5km such as the tour goes up also tension, cherry blossoms in April, rapids called the waterfall of small Ayu of July to September comfortable, it may be group participation with friends. Half-day course of the course in the afternoon or morning, please sign up for there hope of the plan and the 1-day course. Access method in the train, get off at the Kameoka Station to ride from Kyoto Station using the JR Sagano Line, or Sagano truck train will consist of Arashiyama in truck Kameoka Station, in the case of rafting, Umahori Station and Hozuky? Station since it becomes, please check and contact us in advance to the meeting place and the goal point to the reception. Many participants tourists from the beginning the Kansai area of ??Osaka, the application will be Hozu 遊船 company union. Held every day until the "Big Smile Hozu base" in March to the end of November, eligibility has become a better health - more than third grade of elementary school. Cancellation or insurance premiums, please check when booking for more information, such as discount rates and dissolution time. Dress in sandals and Crocs type is not allowed, you wear a wet suit on top of the rough-looking, such as T-shirts and shorts in the swimsuit. After arrival, you change of clothes in the dressing room received an explanation as a safety measure. Contact lenses will be managed firm on the day, the towels will be provided by itself, but the rental products such as helmets to goggles or glasses band is available, will be moved as soon as it is ready. During the season will be held regardless of a weekday holiday, but when the weather is rainy weather is on considering the safety, it may be the judgment of the change or discontinuation. Yunohana hot springs and tourist carriages around, there is a place to enjoy a BBQ, it is safe and free parking should also check such as whether there is nearby.

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