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In the Kinki (Kansai) region, you can experience rafting at the Hozu River (Kyoto City), Kitayamagawa (Wakayama Prefecture), Yoshino River (Nara Prefecture), Seta River (Shiga Prefecture) and others. Especially recommended is rafting on the Kyoto Hozugawa! It is a popular spot where you can enjoy nature easily from Kyoto city by train by approximately 30 minutes and by car in about 40 minutes, it is attractive to enjoy the valley beauty from Kameoka to Arashiyama and the most important point of Kansai one of the most at the same time. Jump into the river from the boat or the rocky field, float on the surface of the water floating, leisurely and go down to the goal point while playing various rivers. Lunch to eat in Kawahara is exceptional. A day / half day tour is held every day that you can enjoy both sightseeing and activities. Normally, veteran guides accompany the tour, so beginners can participate with peace of mind. Please make a reservation by choosing the course and time zone according to your plan. In addition, you can choose from course contents and price system you wish.