【Okinawa · Onna Village】 【Store rental boat】 Blue cave with snorkel shooting & underwater picture present
Holding a blue cave WEB split going by high-side charter boat

【Okinawa · Onna Village】 【Store rental boat】 Blue cave with snorkel shooting & underwater picture present

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Price list

4,500Yen ~ (tax included)

3,500 yen~ sale

Fee per participant
Okinawa / Blue Cave/Onna
マリンスポーツ・レジャー / Snorkeling
  • Solo participant​ ​
  • Charter Allowed
  • Available - rain or shine
  • Children admitted

Plan description

Participating age 4 to 65 years old

High side reserved boat to the blue cave! In the blue cave course you can experience feeding for tropical fish for free! Furthermore, since the instructor possesses a high-quality camera, we will shoot your underwater photographs indefinitely! Photographed data is gifts for the whole day during the day! Let's aim at the blue cave where the glow of the emerald green is beautiful while taking a boat-like island style! To make yourself enjoyable without difficulty, the exclusive instructor possesses a floating tool and supports it according to the customer's pace. You can also enjoy feeding and memorial photographs for colorful, talented tropical fish.
In the high side store, the hot water shower changing room in the parking lot and necessary facilities after the sea play are all set. No extra cost will be incurred. All free use OK! There is also a powder room with air conditioning that women are happy about. Please prepare thoroughly preparations without returning to the hotel and enjoy the continuation of Okinawa travel ♪ We are waiting for your participation.

High side reserved boat to the blue cave

There is a staircase of about 100 steps at the cape of Meiwada, sometimes it becomes a starter before and after swimming when walking. On the high side we are chartered a wider boat every time. With boat flights you can participate with confidence in people who are not confident in physical fitness and beginners. Let's aim for an exhilarating blue cave while taking a comfortable island style!

To friends and tropical fish! Feeding experience is also included in the plan

Before the blue cave there are lots of large and small tropical fish. Let 's bring food to such fish! Pleasant contact time is a great memory shutter opportunity. The staff will shoot with a high performance waterproof camera and present it.

High performance camera with blue cave course shooting! Whole image gift

Underwater photographs of memories of the Okinawa blue cave are photographed with an instructor-owned high-performance camera with unlimited number of photographs and underwater images are gifts! Let's leave the photos and enjoy the sea 100%!

Attractions of the plan


Minimum number of people 2 people
Number of people who can book 2 people~
Schedule Regularly
Start time Please fill in the remarks column the desired course time at the time of reservation.
※ Please come to the shop one hour before each course opening time
Assemble point ハイサイド裏「真栄田共同売店」
After gathering the store, the staff will guide you to the high-side parking lot.
※ If you are coming by car, please be sure to register the following address in the car navigation system
(沖縄県 国頭郡 恩納村 真栄田 668)
Reservation deadline The day before until 16:59

Advance preparation

Clothings and must-bring items Swimsuit, beach sandal, bath towel
About rental items A set of equipment to be used at the time of the experience will be offered at the shop.
There are also wet suits and equipment for children.

Facility information

Changing room Restroom shower
Parking Lot Locker

Access and map



How to reach by car

【In case of expressway use】
Go north on the Okinawa Expressway and get off at Ishikawa IC.
Turn right at the Yamada intersection and go straight ahead. Please call us at "Honjyoda shop" on the right side. The staff will pick you up.


【When using bus route】
About 1 hour 20 minutes by bus of Naha bus terminal 20 and 120. Get off at "Bus stop" bus stop. Please call me when you arrive at the bus stop. I will pick you up.

About price

Basic charge

Participants 4,500yen 3,500yen 6 years old -
※ If you are under 6 years old, over 60 years old please inform us by email or phone

※Above prices include all taxes.
※ This is a basic fee.
* Prices may vary depending on the schedule, so please see the price list displayed after selecting the date.

Included in price A boat ride fee, a set of equipment to use at the time of the experience, shooting / data fee with underwater camera, tropical fish feeding fee, high side facility use fee are included in the price.
There is no additional fee other than the course fee.
Not included in the price Swimsuit, beach sandal, bath towel

マリンレジャー ハイサイドの取扱いプラン一覧

About payment / cancellation

About payment 当日店舗にて現金支払いもしくはアクティビティジャパンのサイトから事前カード決済にてお願いします。
Payment method 事前カード決済、事業者指定のお支払い方法
特定商取引法に関する表示 特定商取引法に関する表示
About cancellation fee Cancellation day: tour fee 50%
Course holding day: 100% tour fee

* There is a limit on boat boarding capacity of the day, so a cancellation fee will be charged on the day. Please note
* Cancellation fee will not be charged if cancellation of tour is canceled due to flight cancellation, typhoon, deterioration of ocean condition
Cancellation by operators. Due to bad weather on the day, the tour holding point contents may be changed and canceled. Please note.
If we decide to cancel or change, we will call you from the shop the day before or the same day.


Matters require attention ※ There is a possibility of refusing the doctor's certificate of examination or refusing course participation on the safety of the customer if it applies even a little to the contents of the following. Please consult with the shop in advance

· People who have experiences of heart, brain diseases, epilepsy (symptoms suddenly losing consciousness)
· People who have experiences of lung or respiratory illness such as asthma and lung pneumothorax
· High blood pressure · diabetes · arrhythmia who are currently being treated or taking medicine
· Experience of major diseases in the past, such as nose and ears, or people currently being recuperated
· Currently pregnant or who may have it

※ We refuse to drink alcohol on that day strictly. Please note that we may refuse participation in the case of hangover etc. due to alcohol on the previous day

* If you do not participate in the course of the day due to drinking alcohol, confirmation, etc., please note that due to the capacity of the boat, it will be treated as cancellation on the day.



Everyone's experiences

The first diving became the best memories!

We asked several friends of diving experience, inexperienced persons!
Although I thought that I wanted to do it originally, I was inexperienced, so I was honestly concerned, but thanks to the personality of the instructors and the polite and intuitive explanation tailored to the amount of knowledge, I was blowing away somewhere such as anxiety (lol)
You can take a lot of pictures at the beautiful sea, and with a polite instruction and an atmosphere at home, it became the first diving of great satisfaction ♪
See you again!

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Joined date: August 2017
Diving (beginners OK)
Reply comments from operators

Thank you for coming!
Even the first diving person as well as the experienced people
Was good! !
Okinawa's beautiful sea, colorful fish were healed ♪ ♪
For the second time I think that the field of vision spreads and it will become the best diving!
We are looking forward to seeing you again from all the staff. .

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参加日: 2018 年 10 月
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Thank you for coming!

  • カップル
Blue cave snorkel I was glad I could believe it

The blue cave that I gave up once with the wind. There is also a recommendation of the staff, change to the return home (I am weak to push). With praying thought, when we celebrated the last day, we encountered 2 pairs of charter status. I am thankful to all the gentle staff (especially my staff best). I got impressed scenery, plenty of swimming & a lot of photos, and I got the best marriage 30th trip.

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Joined date: March, 2018
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Congratulations ♪ It was a marriage 30th anniversary trip! !
Although diving was disappointing, I guess the blue cave in snorkeling was also the most beautiful! ! My mother seemed uneasy at first, but I was swimming very well as I gradually got used to it! Two people were so good friends and I envied with love love ♡ (lol)
If you have the opportunity to come to Okinawa again please come to the high side to diving ♪ I will be waiting for you from all the staff! ! .

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