Sup!Sup! のギャラリー
Sup!Sup! のギャラリー
Sup!Sup! のギャラリー
Sup!Sup! のギャラリー
Sup!Sup! のギャラリー
Sup!Sup! のギャラリー
Sup!Sup! のギャラリー
Sup!Sup! のギャラリー
Sup!Sup! のギャラリー


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[How to enjoy nature in Nikko National Park, how to enjoy Lake Chuzenji is Sup! Sup!] Experience SUP at Lake Chuzenji, the closest lake in Japan! We offer a plan where you can easily experience the wonderful nature and history of the land. We carry out a plan that both beginners and experienced people can enjoy. Beginners will feel free to give a lecture on how to enjoy SUP and Lake Chuzenji's blessed nature, and for experienced tours, local staff will take you to recommended spots along the lake.

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Insurance information Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (100,000,000 yen per accident)
License and Qualifications JSPA Basic Instructor
Number of staff 4persons
Number of instructors 4persons
Selling points regarding safety Sup! Sup! is fully aware of the unique environment of Lake Chuzenji and runs each plan and tour, and insurance is covered by liability insurance. The coverage of this liability insurance applies only when there is clearly a big negligence on our side, and it occurs due to contact between customers, injuries due to carelessness, and not following the instructions of the guide. Accidents, etc., do not apply. Customers are asked to voluntarily purchase insurance for themselves, and on this page, you can find "Domestic Travel Insurance" that can be purchased on the Internet, and "Inbound Travel Insurance" for foreign travelers. Introducing.

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242 Kujira-cho, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture
Operating hours 9: 00-17: 00
Regular holidays No scheduled holidays

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