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Sunny Funny Days (Sunny Funny Days)Sunny Funny Days (Sunny Funny Days)

神奈川 / 横須賀・逗子・葉山・三浦

Sunny Funny Days(サニーファニーデイズ)の特徴

"Sunny Funny Days (Sunny Funny Days)" is located on Misato Coast, a small coast located between Hayama's Morito Coast and Unicolored Coast. The concept is "Ocean Relaxation Place". I aim for a place where everyone who visits can smile at the place where I can withdraw my daily stress and return to my original self.

Sunny Funny Days(サニーファニーデイズ) のギャラリー


Kanagawa prefecture Miura gun Hayama cho one color 2378-3
business hours 11: 00 ~ 17: 00 (shop)
Regular holiday 水曜 ※11月~3月は水曜・木曜
credit card 利用可
home page Https://