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GRAT! S! SUP (Gratz Sapp)GRAT! S! SUP (Gratz Sapp)

Okinawa / Miyakojima

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Features of GRAT! S! SUP (Glazzap)

In GRAT! S! SUP, offers a tour to ride the SUP to everyone. Wide large SUP board in the excellent stability of the width, you can stand to be easy to board a person of absolute beginner. There is also a shape-up effect, even among the super models and celebrities of overseas SUP in the big break, let's experience in fully on top of the enchanting sea of ​​Miyakojima!

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Address MAP
〒 9060007
Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture Hirara Higashinakasone 679-1C
business hours 8:00~22:00
Regular holiday
credit card out of service
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