Hot Air Balloon Trips in Japan: The Ultimate Guide of The Best Spots & Activities

Birds have long been privy to the breathtaking views the heavens have to offer, but it’s now your turn to soar like an eagle and take your spot among the clouds with hot air balloon trips in Japan! Availing 360-degree views so high up, and nothing but the wind for company, these tours make for perfect romantic outings with your special someone or a unique adventure that the whole family can try out!

The country is home to vast grasslands like the Kanto plains, and hot air balloon trips in Japan are the perfect way to see so much in so little time. Get up close with calderas and sunrises from volcanoes such as Aso, enjoy a bird’s eye view of iconic water bodies such as Lake Biwa, and drift from one feat of nature, like the Furano lavender fields, to another. The sky is no longer the limit; it is only the beginning of the adventure of a lifetime!

If you’re searching for something exciting and new, be sure to look through our compilation of the best hot air balloon trips in Japan!

1. Mesmerizing fields of lavender from the Hokkaido sky

Enjoy the morning sunshine that glimmers from Mt Yotei in the sky! A hot air balloon Furano tour promises just as impressive views, most notably the colorful fields of lavender that decorate spring and summer!

Relish the Beautiful Nature of Niseko on an Exciting Hot Air Balloon Ride
Niseko, Hokkaido
Early Morning Hot Air Balloon Flight with the Magnificent View of Hidaka Mountains
Otofuke, Hokkaido
レジャーガイド 遊び屋 富良野
Enjoy the Majestic Scenery of Tokachidake Mountain Range Flying on a Hot Air Balloon During Early Morning or Sunset
Furano, Hokkaido
北海道ライオンアドベンチャー(Hokkaido Lion Adventure)
Niseko Hot Air Ballooning Flight Experience
Niseko, Hokkaido

2. Hot air balloon tour of one of Japan’s most scenic views

Matsushima bay is officially counted among the country’s top-three scenic views! Hot air balloon tours here entail sights of pine-clad islets, an enchantingly blue seascape, and a sunrise beyond words! The Matsushima twilight is undoubtedly the highlight of the experience!

Ride Hot Air Balloon and Relax in the Superb View of Matsushima
Matsushima, Miyagi

3. Float in style and above Japan’s largest reservoir

Colorful designer balloons ensure the best hot air balloon experiences from an adventurous Tochigi sky! Drift above the Watarase reservoir and get panoramic views of the blankets of green below that spread out beyond eyesight!

Experience the Extraordinary Feeling of Floating in the Sky with Hot Air Balloon Free Flight Course in Tochigi
Fujiokamachi Fujioka, Tochigi
Make Unforgettable Memories with Your Friends and Family on a Hot Air Balloon Free Flight in Tochigi (The Price Includes One Group of Three People)
Fujiokamachi Fujioka, Tochigi

4. With love from Saitama: A romantic outing in the clouds

A Saitama hot air balloon date is the perfect way to celebrate special days and your love for each other. Renew your commitment with the rising sun on a hot air balloon ride for two that you and your loved one will remember for eternity!

Night Glamping Experience and an Exciting Hot Air Balloon Flight During Sunrise in Saitama
Kazo, Saitama
Relish The Superb Nature Views at an Altitude of 1000m with Free-Flight Hot Air Balloon Experience!
Kazo, Saitama

5. Watch over the Nagano wonderland from the heavens

When the noise and activity on earth proves a bother, escape into the Nagano heavens on a hot air balloon ride in Japan, ranked among the highest! Weather permitting, you may sail up to 1000 meters above the ground!

Take a Breathtaking Hot Air Balloon Free Flight in the Stunning Landscapes and Views of Nagano
Matsukawa, Nagano
Feel the Winds and Fresh Air in a Unique Hot Air Balloon Free Flight Course
Saku, Nagano

6. Picture-perfect Gifu Hot Air balloon tours

In the outskirts of Ogaki, a combination of meandering rivers and enormous grasslands ensure plenty of hot air balloon delight. The valley of Gujo Hachiman is also up on the list of Gifu’s highlights!

ヒートバルーン物語 ArgoLand
Enjoy the Majestic View of the Nature-Rich Scenery in Gifu
Gujo, Gifu
Enjoy the Gifu Aerial and Nature Scenery from a Bird's Eye View (Hot Air Balloon Free Flight Experience)
Ampachi, Gifu

7. The wondrous peaks of Fuji from Miho no Matsubara

Miho no Matsubara features pine groves in the World Heritage List, and it’s revered as one of the country’s most scenic spots! A hot air balloon adventure here means views of Suruga Bay on one side and Fuji’s highest peak on the other!

8. A pretty balloon to go with perfect Mie backgrounds

Home to a famous formula 1 circuit, lush amusement parks, and alluring pink forests, Suzuka city offers one-of-a-kind hot air balloon rides in Mie! The enchanting patterns of the balloons match the beauty of the natural scenery!

Take a Hot Air Balloon Experience and Float Over the Sky of Suzuka!
Suzuka, Mie
Hot Air Balloon Free Flight Experiences Recommended for Anniversaries and Special Events for Couples and Groups in Mie! (The Price Includes One Group of Three People)
Suzuka, Mie

9. Hyogo Balloons: A sea of clouds in your grasp

If you crave an experience to get your heart racing, Hyogo hot air balloon tours over Toyooka city and Harima pack a potent dose of adrenaline! Take a walk in a sea of clouds and enjoy a new dimension of fresh air!

Hot Air Ballooning Flight Experience Over the Kannabe Highlands
Toyooka, Hyogo
Hot Air Balloon Free Flight Adventure in Hyogo
Kasai, Hyogo

10. Fly above Japan’s largest freshwater lake in Shiga

Famous for its floating torii and the colorful shoreline that is littered with seasonal vegetation and migratory birds, Lake Biwa makes an excellent idea for a hot air balloon ride in Japan! The endless blue is especially striking from an aerial vantage point!

Enjoy Shiga's Lake Biwa from Above the Sky with a Hot Air Balloon Free Flight Ride
Omihachiman, Shiga
Go on a Hot Air Balloon Experience with Your Friends and Family for a Lifetime Unique Adventure
Omihachiman, Shiga

11. A Kumamoto hot air balloon with Mt. Aso views

Holding the title of the country’s largest active volcano, Mt Aso is responsible for a range of beautiful scenery, including sprawling forestry and vast plains. You can take in the impressive geology from above on hot air balloon tours in one of Japan’s most pristine destinations!

Enjoy the Fresh Early Morning Air and the Breathtaking View of Mt. Aso from the Sky
Aso, Kumamoto