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What is Team Building ...

"Creating an organization" in which members of a team that operates as an organization such as a company exert their individual abilities independently and enhance teamwork to achieve their goals. Or designed to achieve that goal...Read moreThe method itself such as program and training is sometimes called "Team Building". Near Year has been adopted by, industries and its effect regardless of the business project is focused leadership training and human resources development a variety of sites. In addition, team building with the purpose of deepening communication by sharing “experiences” in a variety of fields with peers, understanding each other's characteristics including strengths and weaknesses, and forming the basis of relationships as a team. Regular meetings, drinking parties, employee trips, training camps, etc. that deepen the fellowship of the team are one of the methods, and the number of companies consciously working is increasing.

Team building through activities

Activity Japan can be booked at across Japan About 250 items 10,000 plans more From Activity outdoor leisure indoor manufacturing experience Japan Culture Experience etc. 《Experience》...Read moreWe will propose a team building that you have passed through and will coordinate it according to your wishes. We believe that sharing excitement experiences that are specific to the location of travel destinations, such as employee trips and training, can be very effective for team building. Japan Culture Experience etc... You can share outdoor sports that you can challenge while working together, indoor leisure that solves given challenges with a game-like feel, learning and joy on the road, and the spectacular scenery unique to the land. Please use it to build relationships of trust and motivate yourself through "experiences" that you cannot experience.

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Past examples · Participants' feedback

Nov. 2017
Collaboration Events with HIS Omotesando store x Activity Japan New activity"Doppi" experience session

Number of participants A total of 15 participants Venue HIS Omotesando branch

The Dodge ball and Frisbee, which is carried out in the HIS Omotesando was combined New activity were conducted experience meeting over.

Implemented in March, 2018
Japan Traditional Culture Experience 'Samurai show & kimono experience'​ ​​ ​

Number of participants A total of 261 participants / VenueVenue: Tokyo

Corporate trip members from Indonesia had a 'Samurai' show with kimono dressing experience.

Team building recommendations ranking


Spring - Summer
  • 1. Rafting
  • 2. Canyoning
  • 3. SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board)
Fall - Winter
  • 1. Wakasagi fishing
  • 2. Snowshoe (snow trekking)
  • 3. Ski resort & lift tickets


  • 1. VR experience facility
  • 2. Escape Game
  • 3. Events & party space rental

Handcrafting experience

  • 1. Ceramic art experience
  • 2. Glass craft experience
  • 3. Accessory making experience

Culture experiences

  • 1. Yakata-bune
  • 2. Kimono rental
  • 3. Traditional culture experience


  • 1. Cruising
  • 2. Guided tours
  • 3. Camper vans rental

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Group activities available in Okinawa Main Island

Activities in Okinawa, a land of everlasting summer! Exciting experiences for groups!
Kai of Kaito Chatan




Okinawa Sea Ashibi



【海あしび15の対策を実施しています】 弊社、株式会社 南洋社中が運営する、海あしび・海うさぎはお客様やお取引をさせて頂いている皆様の安心と安全を一番に考え、全コンテンツにおいて徹底した新型コロナウイルス感染防止対策を行っております。また、弊社母体である株式会社エムズオールは、清掃・除菌の専門事業であり、そのノウハウを駆使し、皆様にご安心頂ける様、最善の対策をしております。ご不便をお掛けする事もあるかと存じますが、何卒ご理解とご協力をお願い申し上げます。 初めての方でも手軽に楽しめるトロピカルフィッシング! エメラルドグリーンの海で2時間のフィッシングツアー☆ 1日4便出航!お好きな時間をお選びください(^^♪ サンゴ礁に囲まれた沖縄ならではのインリーフ(浅瀬)の海なのでとっても穏やか! お子様や女性にお勧め!もちろん、お父様や男性の皆様も! 釣った魚は地元の海人(うみんちゅ)さんが営む食堂で 別途1500円でうちなー(沖縄の)料理も可能☆

Muto Submersible (MUTOSENSUI)


Blue Cave/Onna
Special Deals

☆コロナ対策店☆ 沖縄青の洞窟ビーチ体験ダイビング★五つ星の高評価レビューをぜひご覧ください♪たくさんのお客様から頂いたメッセージが僕たちの宝物です!自慢です!!水中で撮った写真動画はダイビング終了後すぐにその場でスマホに転送いたします!今最先端のGOPROの映像はすでに人間の目玉の能力を超えているといっても過言ではないほどの、綺麗さ・鮮明さ・クリアさです♪ 経験が全くない方やライセンスを持っていない方・ 海に多少恐怖心を持っている方でも気軽に水中に潜ることができるメニューです。 沖縄青の洞窟で熱帯魚への餌あげ・スタッフの一発芸・水中写真プレゼントと盛りだくさんの内容です。 コロナの影響で真栄田岬駐車場が駐車禁止になる事が決まりました。 8月29日までは唯一青の洞窟に行けるボートからの開催に変更致しました。 申し込み料金に乗船代1500円は含まれています。 一旦シャワー室やトイレも含めて使用禁止になるようです。 状況は二転三転していて、現在でもビーチから洞窟に行けるのか、ボートでしか行けないのか、ダイビング事業者も臨機応変に流れに合わせています。 それに伴い、真栄田岬とは数百メートル離れた真栄田岬周辺の漁港施設にて集合から水浴びなどのトイレの設備まで使える場所の使用が最善だと判断致しました。 ボートに5分ほど乗って、青の洞窟の前まで行きます。 船も遊覧船に乗って楽しんで頂くと考えれば良い観光になると思います^_^ 不便な点と言えば、漁港施設なので水道の水水浴び・着替えはテントかレンタカーの中で着替える事になります。 南国の漁港なので、さほど皆様気になさらずお車などで着替えていらっしゃいます。 皆様には多少のご不便をおかけ致します。 が、こんな時期だからこそマナー・モラルを守りながら笑顔になる事が大切だと思います^_^ 船の出航時間1時間前の集合になりますので、8時便の方は8時集合・10時便の方は9時半・12時便の方は11時・14時便の方は13時に添付地図の場所にお越し下さい^_^ 下に集合場所を新たにGoogle mapで添付致しますので、遅刻しないようにお越し下さい^_^ 駐車場場所 港内は最徐行でお願い致します。 https://maps.apple.com/?auid=15010663267340402703&ll=26.438927,127.763645&lsp=7618&q=%E3%83%9E%E3%83%BC%E3%82%AF%E3%81%95%E3%82%8C%E3%81%9F%E5%A0%B4%E6%89%80&_ext=EiYpGmd4WE1qOkAxssxsoXXvX

Hitomi Maru

Go with "Captain Umineyu!" Half- Sun boat fishing experience tour! [Beginners · Children too! ]

Special Deals

Special Deals! ★ The hand is OK! half-day Plenty of offshore fishing tour ★ fishing rod, bait etc. all free Rental ♪ Gurukun mainly, with various colors such as redfishes Okinawa Fish of the day can catch ♪ Oki fishing history 15 Year more, Veteran "Captain Captain Sean" guides the local sea! You can bring your caught fish to a restaurant near the harbor and cook it right away! The ship offers a simple "Sabiki fishing" experience during fishing, but we will also give lectures carefully for customers who are not used to it! As we can cope with troubles such as fishing line immediately, please participate in peace for beginners.

沖縄マリンスポーツ【北谷町漁業協同組合 総合案内所】シーパーク北谷

[Okinawa-Chatan] ★ Year Inside ★ ★ \ to children adult Sea Athletic / Go to the Sea Park by Sea [Sea Park Chatan]

沖縄マリンスポーツ【北谷町漁業協同組合 総合案内所】シーパーク北谷

Maritime athletic Waterpark ・ Okinawa Because of the warm climate of Year I want you to play inside! Let alone children, adult A place where you can enjoy your childhood! Wet suits are also available in winter, so let's play without knowing the cold! ~On the day Flow at the store Reception / Clearing (10 minutes) Change of clothes (20 minutes) Move to Sea Park Chatan by boat (5 minutes) At Sea Park Chatan Waterpark Experience (50 minutes) Go to the store on board (5 minutes) Change of clothes shower(25 minutes) Dissolution (5 minutes)

Handmade experience workshop tee under

Only 10 seconds from the international street! Handmade experiences such as Seisa perfect for memories, Making accessories, nameplate painting etc. 【With 3 plan】

Handmade experience workshop tee under
1,728 yen~ (tax included)

In the shop "Handmade Experience Studio Tate ANAD", which sells handmade accessories and souvenirs, Okinawa Shisa which is perfect for memories of travel Making accessories You can enjoy handmade experiences such as nameplate painting.

Sea World (Sea World)

Marine sports, Parasailing , Chibishi snorkel tours, Whale watching top plate and so on Activity over packed! 【With 19 plan】

Sea World (Sea World)
4,000yen~ (tax included)

Naha Marine sports, based in Parasailing, Chibishi snorkel tour, Whale watching We provide services such as "Parasailing"Is Naha And Churaumi Aquarium You can choose from two nearby Sesoko Island ♪ ♪ You can also choose the time, so you can enjoy it in your spare time. If you want to play in the sea, "Chibishi · snorkel tour" is recommended! ! Naha Nature is still around the Chibisi Islands, which is about 15 km west of the island. underwater The tropical fish, of course, you can also meet terns and oysters! A variety of marine sports are also available, so it is your choice option Please enjoy at ♪

Group activities available in remote islands of Okinawa

Ishigaki-jima, Miyako-jima, etc. · · · Unforgettable memories of photogenic landscapes.


Ishigaki island
3,000yen~(tax included)

Ishigaki island Let's enjoy the great nature of the canoe ride! (^^)! CHORO canoe has a sense of stability well! Even beginners can play easily ♪ It is also possible to ride with a small child, perfect for making family memories! ! Of course it is fun for students and couples Activity! ! If you enter the mangrove, the wind is calm and you can enjoy the nature slowly. As well as observation of mangroves, etc. Ishigaki island You can have unique plants, and creatures such as tob goby and crabs! (^^)! Ishigaki island A mangrove canoe where you can enjoy the great outdoors. I would recommend it! !

Summer dreamIshigaki island


Ishigaki island
6,000yen~(tax included)

Land of phantom island over the beautiful island of the phantom island and the beautiful point of coral that everyone wants to go once Snorkeling Experience plan (half-day)is. There is a valuable experience of the miraculous uninhabited island that appears in the tide of tide. As it is experience plan of approximately three hours, along with sightseeing Ishigaki island You can fully enjoy the charm of


【沖縄・石垣島】キャー!波しぶきを感じながら南国マリンスポーツ!笑いっぱなしの3時間遊び放題 その数

Ishigaki island
9,800yen~(tax included)

竹富島、小浜島を眺めながら南国「石垣島」の海で思い切りマリンスポーツ! その数18種類以上!時間もたっぷり約3時間。時間を気にせず遊べちゃう! 飛び散るキラキラ波しぶき、振り落とされないかドキドキ スリリング。 石垣島にきたら絶対に遊んでほしいアクティビティ。 市街地から10分、そしてビーチエントリーなのでとアクセスしやすいのも オススメポイント。シャワーもあるので旅行初日、最終日でも楽しめます。 荷物預かりも出来るのでトランクなどお持ち頂いても大丈夫です。 バナナボート、マーブルなどトーイング映えるトーイングばかり! 2020導入の新しいアイテムばかりです。 マリンスタッフの後ろに乗ってマリンジェットにも乗れます。 もちろん疲れたらビーチで日焼けや休憩するのもあり。 <スケジュール>1日2回 午前・午後 ①ご宿泊先にお迎えにあがります(レンタカーでの現地集合も出来ます) --- 午前8:30 午後12:30 --- ②受付・支払い・着替え・ツアー説明 --- 午前8:50 午後12:50 --- ③ビーチにてマリンスポーツ開始!楽しませます♡ --- 午前9:00 午後 1:00 --- ④シャワー・お着替え --- 午前11:45 午後 2:45 --- ⑤ご送迎 or 解散 --- 午前12:00 午後 3:00 --- ※海況、天気によってはツアー内容が変更・中止する場合があります。 ※時間が多少前後する場合があります。 さらに詳しくご覧になりたい方はこちら https://www.axiz-sports.com/course/a/

Blue season


Miyakojima (Irabujima, Shimojijima, Kurimajima, Ikemajima)
13,000yen~(tax included)

Banana boat Big Marble Jet ski ・ Wakeboarding^^ In addition, with our original and photo taking service! ! Take memorable memories at the best beach in Japan! ! (On the day(All data taken will be sent)Wakeboarding Even if you are a beginner, you can ride the wave as long as you know the trick. Please rest assured that you will drive according to the experience level of the experience. Wakeboarding Please let me know if the latest towing "Band Wagon" is good. Time required Is the content and Number of participants It depends on.

Group activities available in Tokyo

PLAY +. Management Secretariat

【Tokyo · Minato Ward】 Norwegi Origins Bubble Football More ♪ Let's Play (Private Plans)

113, 400yen~(tax included)

It is a sport that is spreading as "a fun for all-you-can-eat" with or without technology, mainly in Europe and Asia. 2014 Year It was held for the first time in Japan at Eco-LOVE in February and has been featured in many media. Basically the same rules as futsal are adopted, but some Bubble soccer There are also unique unique rules, regardless of gender adult It is a game that can be enjoyed by children and children.

PLAY +. Management Secretariat


91, 800yen~(tax included)

Birika was born in France. In the field, it is called "snook ball (Snook Ball)", the rule of the game is the same as billiards. Those which made the billiard table big as it is becomes a stadium, and the ball is a pair of small soccer balls + 2 handballs, each with the same design as the billiard ball. Instead of hitting a hand ball with a cue, players use their feet and heads to hit their hands and aim for the goal.

PLAY +. Management Secretariat


135,000yen~(tax included)

Archery Hunt is a survival game using a bow and arrow, divided into two teams, where the tips meet arrows made of sponge material. This sport originating in Australia has gained popularity mainly in Europe and the United States, and landing in Japan was longing for the new activity lover. Both camps meet each other with arrows, the one who drops all the opponents, or the one who shoots out all the centrally placed features is the winner.

PLAY +. Management Secretariat


113, 400yen~(tax included)

It is a new sports born in UK (UK) which "football" and "darts" mix. The basic rule is the same as darts, but kick the ball covered with Velcro tape called "Velcro Ball" on a 4 m high vinyl huge air dartboard board and hit the target and compete for the score. Overseas, it is a new fan sports that is often adopted for events such as music festival and can be enjoyed even in indoor or outdoor.

Lesson Studio WAnocoto

【Tokyo · Omotesando】 Japanese tea ceremony class in English

3,000yen~(tax included)

We carry out a casual tea ceremony experience. Would you like to experience the tea ceremony while enjoying the atmosphere of a traditional Japanese tea room and delicious sweets & Matcha? Time required Takes about 1 hour (about 45 minutes of experience time).


[Tokyo Minato Ward] Recommended for beginners! Hand-made pottery experience with free ideas. OK on the On the day!

3,850 yen~(tax included)

Recommended for those who are new to ceramics. Since the shape and number of the works are free, you can add patterns to your work with a stamp! You can create as you wish. We will make it by a method called hand-kneading that feels the soil in the hand. Let's enjoy making clay dishes, such as a middle plate and a character plate for children. If you are not very confident in making things, please try it. On the day Reservation OK! Pottery classes are available in English on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.

ブルーグラスアーツ(Blue Glass Arts)

[Tokyo Suginami] Beginners welcome! Recommended for dates! Blown glass experience

ブルーグラスアーツ(Blue Glass Arts)
4,000yen~(tax included)

A lot of media coverage, CM, movies etc are filmed also locally. There is no one who does not know in the local shop "Blue Grass Arts" at the workshop, the blowing glass experience plan! Even a novice beginner will lecture with one-on-one staff. A fun talk about glasses and workshops as well ♪ One of the fun ♪ You can also add patterns and colors as well as production of tumblers, dishes, vases etc. Do not make only one "original work" in your own world! What?

Funayado Tsurishin

【Tokyo・Asakusa】House boat tour around Tokyo (Sumidagawa River cruise with Nishiki lunch set)

船宿 釣新

It is a little gorgeous houseboat plan with daytime only, snow crab and seasonal dessert. We will take a couple of hours of sightseeing in your favorite time zone from 11:30 to 14:00. Crossing the bridge over the Sumida River 14, crossing the tower of Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree, and cruising beyond the spacetime that transits between Edo and the present age is a new series of discoveries. All you can drink & sing Karaoke!


【東京・六本木】ショーレストラン バーレスクで「ヤバい!」を体験!当日予約OK・18才~

4, 320yen~(tax included)

Songs by leading creators, finest lighting, powerful LED images, glittering director. Why do not you experience the best "Dangerous!"? We will bring you to another world with dance, singing, pole dance and various productions.

Group activities available in Kanto Region

Recommended plans of Kanto region which is perfect for nature-lovers and easily accessible from central Tokyo!
Ceramic art studio doka earth fire


Atami / Hatsushima
2,600yen~(tax included)

Pick a letter or picture of your choice with indigo paint called "Kure" (goku) on Arita made unglazed dish. The size of the dish is 15 cm in diameter. The journey time is approximately 1 hour.

Winning balloon club


12,000yen~(tax included)

​初めて気球に乗ってみたい方にお勧めの熱気球体験です。組み立てから一緒に行い、仕組みや歴史の解説を聞いてから乗る熱気球は、感動がより一層大きいはず。午後も催行するので、朝に来れなくても安心。前泊オプションもあり、パイロットしか知らない贅沢な過ごし方へ案内します。 ウイニングバルーンクラブ熱気球体験コロナウイルス対策 1、パイロット、クルーはマスク着用で参加します。 2、参加者全員、手袋を着用を行います。 ​3、人が触れる部分は毎日消毒を行います。 【独自のGoToトラベルキャンペーン実施中!】 期間:5月9日~(無期限延長中!) 条件:期間中、貸切宿泊と体験をセットで予約いただいた方。10名まで。 ■SOLABASEを1棟貸切で宿泊可能!通常37000円が35%OFF! ■通常休日貸切150,000円⇒100,000円! ※宿泊予約は別途「solabase.com」からご予約。「Gotoキャンペーン希望」とお伝えください。 ※先着となりますので、予約状況などでお引き受けできない場合もございます。

Kamo river master of play

【 Chiba · Kamogawa】 Classic of marine sports! banana boat ♪ / 4 minutes to choose from / 15 minutes

遊びの達人 鴨川

Speaking of marine sports is a banana boat! Let's have fun with friends, family and everyone! 4 minutes walk from Kamogawa station! Let's enjoy the sea of ​​Kamogawa with "the master of play" ♪ 【About the Kamogawa play】 We started to enjoy marine sports at the sea of ​​Kamogawa, Minami Boso. There is a very nice playground in Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture where you can enjoy various marine sports such as fly boards of the topic and classic banana boat. In master of play, I will broadcast the latest sports mainly in Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture.


[Hokkaido/Sapporo] Snow forest snow trekking where you can meet squirrels and owls in the early morning! Child participation OK

Service out of period

Sapporo15 minutes by car from the center. The probability of meeting animals in the early morning is highly recommended. Moreover, you can use valuable time for sightseeing early in the morning. You can also take photos of Insta! ※ As there is promenade,SnowshoesI will not wear snow trekking. ☆ What you can experience on this tour Walk in the snow! From the summitSapporoView the views of the! Squirrel, woodpeckers and birds might be seen up close! Little birds may ride in the palm of your hand! Because you can return to the hotel in the morningSunYou can still do sightseeing! ☆ Check other plans!SapporoWith the night view ofSnowshoesEnjoy! https://activityjapan.com/publish/plan/20763 Looking through the forest while looking for animalsSnowshoesWalk by! https://activityjapan.com/publish/plan/1926 While climbing and running down a snowy mountainSapporoAim at the observation deck where you can overlook the view of https://activityjapan.com/publish/plan/1927




鎌倉は日本人や外国人に人気の観光地です。自然と共に多くの日本文化が残る土地です。そして、侍の政権である鎌倉幕府の発祥の地です。JR北鎌倉駅を降りてすぐにある、普段一般の方が立ち入ることのできないお寺 帰源院で日本文化を体験できる SAMURAI Project(サムライプロジェクト) を行っています。 【体験の流れ】 1 資料配布とイベントについて解説 2 禅アートを筆で描く 3 住職より坐禅(座禅)の指導 4 坐禅体験一回目 5 坐禅体験二回目 6 ご住職より禅の絵物語の説明 7 坐禅体験三回目 8 禅アートをユネスコ無形文化遺産石州半紙の上に描く 9 禅アートの解説と体験感想のシェア 10 イベント終了 ※当日の状況によって流れが変更になる場合がありますので、あらかじめご了承ください。 【所要時間】 3-3.5時間 ※お寺の拝観料300円とイベント実施の会場でお賽銭が必要です。

隠れ家漆工房 青樹庵


隠れ家漆工房 青樹庵
2,700yen~(tax included)


Reserved Cruise

[Kanagawa/Yokohama] 45 minutes to become a cruise girl! Red Brick Café Cruise Former:Yokohama Cruise Rainy Day!

1,500yen~(tax included)

"Red Brick Café cruise" is a resort full of sense of the ship and the deck, drinks slowly from the sea in one hand the Yokohama enjoy the cruise further, know that the resulting Yokohama of history and introduce two types, such as knowledge of the harbor, ship We are preparing a cruise. “Well done! Course to Gantry Crane ”10:30, 11:30“ Relax! Bay Bridge Minato Mirai Course ”13:00, 14:00, 15:00 In addition, you can take pictures of the unique scenery from the sea named # PUSH7. Let me introduce you!

Minnano barbecue

【Chiba · Makuhari · BBQ】 Enjoy to the full extent! Everything will be provided, just bring yourself! Plan 45

4,500yen~(tax included)

This special course includes BBQ equipment and bench sheets, ingredients with additional fried vegetables. No preparation is necessary, just come empty-handed and enjoy BBQ to the full extent.​ ​

Group activities available in Kansai Region

Ocean and Japanese (Umi and Nomuru)

【Kansai · Hyogo Prefecture · Awaji Island】 Feel free to experience sea kayaking · canoeing! Sunset course (75 minutes)

Awaji Island
4,500yen~(tax included)

It is a new marine leisure where you can enjoy the whole nature while feeling the sea, wind and mountain scenery, Sea kayak It is a plan that can be enjoyed. Everyone can easily experience, so family members, friends, and pets option You can enjoy it with). * You can feel free to wear the same clothes. (With waterproofing measures)

ALEX JAPAN Outdoor sports school

[Hyogo Kannabe Kogen] Feel free to experience! Aerial walk ``Paragliding half-day experience course ''

ALEX JAPAN アウトドアースポーツスクール
Kinosaki/Sanin Kaigan

After about an hour of ground practice, you can experience an aerial walk with wireless guidance from the instructor. It is a half-day course that even those who do not have time can feel free to experience. Morning course and afternoon course are available.

Heart outdoor tour

[Nara Yoshino] rafting (half day course)

ココロ アウトドアツアー

Nara Yoshinogawa Rafting In the tour, you can dive into the river from a boat or rocky place, or try to float on the surface of the water in a leisurely flow, and go down to the goal point while playing various rivers.

SawaYoshi happiness Innovation Center

[Shiga, Shigaraki] Hand-rolling experience-My bowl as it is! OK for groups of up to 50 people per person! Beginners welcome!


It feels good! What should we make now? Keep your hands moving with your heart! It is a plan to experience pottery by hand without using an electric potter's wheel. For those who are new to clay play for children, please feel free! Please enjoy the moment you can be mindless.

Marine World Tanabe (MARINE WORLD TANABE)

[Wakayama/ Tanabe] Both first-time challengers and veterans can fish! Fishing fishing with fishing equipment equipped with Rental equipment Empty-handed

6,000yen~(tax included)

Whether you're new to fishing on board, or a skilled master who enjoys fishing on a daily basis, why not experience boating fishing at Marine World Tanabe? For those who do not have fishing equipment at all, from a fishing rod with a reel to a safety life jacket or boots Rental We prepare the goods. In addition, it teaches how to fish, so even the first person can enjoy fishing.

Adventure Club K's

[Wakayama Kitayama] inexperienced person welcome ♪ pounding thrill! Rafting tour!

アドベンチャークラブ ケイズ

Why do not you enjoy thrilling rafting in Kitayamagawa Wakayama? Rafting inexperienced people, welcome! Of course, even experienced people! A guide from the local origin will tell you the charm of Kitayama River. ※ It is divided into two courses of morning (9:30) and afternoon (12: 45).

Zero Paragliding School

[Tottori dune] of the height number 10 m flight! Paragliding experience (half-day School) with postcard!

Tottori/Uradome Kaigan

In the zero paraglider school, even a novice beginner can fly from a height of several tens of meters unless it is a strong wind! Even those who say "do it for the time being" can also change to a one-day school just by paying the difference amount within that day. Please leave your children and elderly girls and daughters too! ※ However, in principle, the equipment will be brought to the person or guardian who is to be taken.


[Kyoto-Higashiyama] We all dare! Ninja experience + culture experience tour in VR ★ group plan (10 people ...) secretary must see ♪

Gion/Higashiyama/ Kitashirakawa Area

☆ At the world's largest travel review site, Kyoto We acquired entertainment facility No. 1 in the city! ☆ 10 people more We will show you a special plan for groups of people ♪ Not only VR ninja experience! Experience craftsmanship, workshops and sight-seeing sightseeing in a set. The ninja experience is popular VR experience("SHURIKEN" or "KATANA") and the practice ninja experience (Shuriken & blowgun). As we can cooperate with each other while watching the screen projected screen, VR can compete by using a scoreboard, so all participants can enjoy and enjoy it ♪ If you also want to enjoy sightseeing, Shirakawa is a staple even in wedding photos area Let's enjoy the "place finding game" and "guided tour" that walk around the retro Furukawacho shopping street! You can also choose a workshop where you can create your own original “Bar Shirikken” or “Katari experience, visit” by local cutlery craftsmen. You can also take a memorial photo at the end, so it's perfect for creating memories! ... plan contents ... VR experience ・ Shuriken toss ・ Dwarf ・ Guided tour or craftsmanship experience or handmade workshop or place search game ・ memorial photo

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