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What is Team Building ...

It is the "building of an organization" in which members of a team that operates as an organization, such as a company, independently demonstrate their individual abilities, enhance teamwork, and achieve their goals. Or designed to achieve that goal ... read more The method itself, such as a program or training, is sometimes called "Team Building". In recent years, its effects have attracted attention regardless of the type of business or business project, and it has been adopted in various fields such as leadership training and human resource development. In addition, team building aims to deepen communication by sharing "experiences" in various fields with colleagues, understand each other's characteristics including strengths and weaknesses, and lay the foundation for relationships as a team. One of the methods is regular meetings and drinking parties to deepen the friendship of the team, employee trips and training camps, and more and more companies are consciously working on it.

Team building through activities

Activity Japan offers various "experiences" such as outdoor activities, indoor leisure, manufacturing experience, Japanese culture experience, etc. from more than 10,000 plans of about 250 events that can be reserved all over Japan. ... read more We will propose a team building through and coordinate according to your wishes. I think that sharing an inspiring experience that is specific to that location on a trip such as an employee trip or training is truly effective for team building. Outdoor sports that challenge while working together, indoor leisure that solves given difficult problems like a game, learning and joy at the destination, Japanese culture experience that can share the superb view unique to the area etc ... In everyday environment Please use it to build relationships of trust and increase motivation through "experiences" that you cannot experience.

Advantages of Activity Japan

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We can customize plans for your team! Depending on your budget and preferences we can arrange plans and give an estimate. We can also help to find a venue!

Wide product lineup

From 13,000 plans available across Japan we can offer any plan that meet your request.

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We provide more information and full support throughout the scheduled day.

Past examples · Participants' feedback

Conducted in November 2017
Collaboration event with HIS Omotesando store x Activity Japan Latest activity "Dodge Bee" experience event

Experienced number of people A total of 15 people participated / Venue HIS Omotesando store

We held a hands-on experience of the latest activity that combined Dodgeball and Frisbee, which was held at HIS Omotesando store.

Implemented in March 2018
Japanese traditional culture experience "SAMURAI show & dressing" experience

Experienced number of people A total of 261 people participated / Venue Venue: Tokyo

Corporate trip members from Indonesia had a 'Samurai' show with kimono dressing experience.

Team building recommendations ranking


Spring / summer
  • 1. Rafting
  • 2. Canyoning
  • 3. SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board)
Fall / winter
  • 1. Smelt fishing
  • 2. Snowshoe (snow trekking)
  • 3. Ski resort & lift tickets


  • 1. VR experience facility
  • 2. Escape game
  • 3. Events & party space rental

Manufacturing experience

  • 1. Ceramic art experience
  • 2. Glass craft experience
  • 3. Accessory making experience

Culture experiences

  • 1. Yakata-bune
  • 2. Kimono rental
  • 3. Traditional culture experience


  • 1. Cruising
  • 2. Guided tours
  • 3. Camper vans rental

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Online booking plans available for groups and corporate trips

Group activities that can be experienced on the main island of Okinawa

Activity classic everlasting summer Okinawa! Experience it in a group for even more fun!
Handmade experience studio Tianda

Only 10 seconds from Kokusai Street! Handmade experience such as making shisa and accessories that are perfect for memories, painting nameplates [3 plans available]

Handmade experience studio Tianda
1,728 Yen ~ (tax included)

At the shop "Handmade Experience Studio Tianda", which sells handmade accessories and souvenirs, you can enjoy handmade experiences such as making shisa and accessories that are perfect for memories of your trip to Okinawa, and painting nameplates.

Sea World

Full of top plate activities such as marine sports, parasailing, Chibishi snorkel tour, whale watching and more! [19 plans available]

Sea World
4,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Based in Naha, we provide services such as marine sports, parasailing, chibishi snorkel tours, and whale watching. You can choose "parasailing" from two locations on Sesoko Island near Naha and Churaumi Aquarium ♪♪ You can also choose the time, so you can feel free to enjoy it in your spare time. For those who want to play hard in the sea, we recommend the "Chibishi Snorkel Tour"! !! Nature remains as it is around the Chibishi Islands, which is about 15km west of Naha, and you may be able to encounter not only tropical fish in the water, but also terns and coenobita! We also have various marine sports, so please enjoy with your favorite options ♪

Group activities that can be experienced on remote islands of Okinawa

Ishigaki Island, Miyako Island, etc ... Enjoy unforgettable photogenic memories while experiencing nature.

[Okinawa, Ishigaki Island] "Super Summer Sale 2024" with commemorative photos ☆ Relax and take it easy! Mangrove Kayaking (90-minute course)

Ishigaki Island
4,500 Yen ~ (tax included)

Enjoy the great outdoors of Ishigaki Island on a kayak! (^^)! CHORO's kayaks are very stable! Even beginners can easily enjoy it. You can also ride with small children, so it's perfect for making memories with your family! Of course, it's also a fun activity for students and couples! The wind is calm when you go into the mangroves,

★Super Summer Sale 2024★ [Last minute reservations OK] Snorkel in crystal clear waters! Landing on the phantom island & snorkeling in Sekisei Lagoon [half day] Perfect for combining with sightseeing

Summer Dream Ishigaki Island
Ishigaki Island
8,000 circle 7,000 Yen ~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

It is a phantom island landing snorkeling experience plan (half day) that goes around the beautiful points of coral and the phantom island landing that everyone wants to visit at least once. You can have a valuable experience of visiting the miraculous uninhabited island that appears in the ebb and flow of the tide. Since it is an experience plan of about 3 hours, you can fully enjoy the charm of Ishigaki Island together with sightseeing.

[Okinawa/Ishigaki Island] Kya! Enjoy tropical marine sports while feeling the splash of the waves! 3 hours of unlimited play with lots of laughter (corona countermeasure store)

Axis (AXIZ)
Ishigaki Island

This plan does not support English.

Enjoy marine sports in the tropical sea of ​​``Ishigaki Island'' while looking at Taketomi Island and Kohama Island! It takes about 3 hours, which is plenty of time. You can play without worrying about time! It's thrilling to watch the splashing glittering waves and see if you can't shake it off. This is a must-do activity when you come to Ishigaki Island. It's 10 minutes from the city center and has a beach entry point, so it's easy to access.

[Okinawa/Miyakojima] Spectacular location Marine 4 types banana + marble + band wagon + jet ski (no boat operation) Free photo data!

Blue season
Miyakojima (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
15,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

At Japan's best forehama beach, you can experience banana boat, big marble, band wagon, and jet ski (no boat operation allowed) ^^ In addition, we also provide an original photo service only available at our store! ! Let's take pictures of unforgettable memories at the best beach in Japan! ! (We will send you all the data taken on the day) The time required varies depending on the content and number of people.

Group activities that you can experience in Tokyo

The latest sports and activities that can only be done in the city center! There are many plans that you can feel free to experience!

[Request reservation: Tokyo] Business trip possible! For employee trips and inbound groups [Samurai experience swordsmanship comprehensive course]

Toyama style Bizenkai
Machida / Hachioji / Takao
20,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

This experience is also offered to American military personnel at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. [Important] This experience is a request reservation. Please let us know your preferred date and time. If the venue is arranged by our company, it will be held after the venue is secured. Please contact us early to secure the venue. Please contact us for the implementation date and implementation time (start to end).

[Minato-ku, Tokyo] Let's play more with bubble soccer originated in Norway ♪ (Charter plan)

PLAY +. Management Secretariat
Roppongi / Aoyama
132,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Currently, it is a sport that is spreading as "soccer that everyone can enjoy" with or without technology, mainly in Europe and Asia. It was held for the first time in Japan at Pasona art now (formerly Eco LOVE) in February 2014, and has been featured in many media. Basically, it uses the same rules as futsal, but some bubbles

[Minato-ku, Tokyo] Let's play more with "Billiker", which originated in France! (Charter plan)

PLAY +. Management Secretariat
Roppongi / Aoyama
88,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

French-born billiker. Locally called "Snook Ball", the rules of the game are the same as billiards. The stadium is made by enlarging the pool table as it is, and the balls are a set of 15 small soccer balls + 2 handballs, each of which has the same design as the billiard ball. The player

[Minato-ku, Tokyo] Let's play more with "Archery Hunt" that originated in Australia! (Charter plan)

PLAY +. Management Secretariat
Roppongi / Aoyama
132,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Archery Hunt is a survival game that uses bows and arrows, where the tips are divided into two teams and the tips are made of sponge material. Originating in Australia, this sport has gained popularity mainly in Europe and the United States, and new activity enthusiasts have been waiting for it to land in Japan. Both camps hit each other with arrows and drop all the opponents, or inside

[Minato-ku, Tokyo] Let's play more with "Foot Darts" that originated in England! (Charter plan)

PLAY +. Management Secretariat
Roppongi / Aoyama
120,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

A new sport born in the UK (UK) that mixes "soccer" and "darts". The basic rules are the same as for darts, but a giant air darts board made of vinyl with a height of 4 m is kicked and hit with a ball covered with magic tape called "Velcro ball" to compete for points. Adopted at events such as music festivals overseas

[Tokyo / Omotesando] You can learn the minimum method in the tea room! [Tea ceremony experience plan]

Lesson Studio WAnocoto
Roppongi / Aoyama
3,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

We carry out a casual tea ceremony experience. Why don't you experience the tea ceremony while enjoying the atmosphere of a traditional Japanese tea room and delicious sweets and matcha? It will take about 1 hour (experience time about 45 minutes).

[Akabanebashi, Tokyo] Recommended for beginners! Experience hand-kneading ceramics with free ideas. Same-day reservation is OK!

Uzumako Ceramic Art Class (UZUMAKO CERAMIC ART SCHOOL)
Roppongi / Aoyama

This plan does not support English.

Recommended plan for those who are new to ceramic art. The shape and number of works are free, so you can add patterns to your works with stamps! You can create as you like. We will make it by a technique called hand-kneading that feels the soil in the hands. Let's enjoy making medium plates and character plates for children in the same way as playing with clay. I don't have much confidence in making things

[Tokyo / Suginami] Beginners are welcome! Recommended for dates! Blown glass experience

Blue Glass Arts
Suginami / Nakano

This plan does not support English.

It is a blown glass experience plan at the popular shop "Blue Glass Arts" studio where there are many media coverage, commercials, movies, etc. that are not known locally! Even if you are a complete beginner, the staff will give a one-on-one lecture. One of the pleasures is a fun talk about glass and the workshop ♪ Of course, making tumblers, plates, vases, etc.

[Tokyo/Asakusa] Travel around Tokyo on a houseboat! [[Private] Sumida River Lunch Cruise “Nishiki” (daytime only plan)]

Funajuku fishing new
Asakusa / Ueno
10,900 Yen ~ (tax included)

It is a slightly luxurious houseboat charter plan with daytime only, snow crab and seasonal dessert. From a minimum of 20 adults, we will have a sightseeing tour of about 2 hours at your favorite time from 11:30 to 14:00. A new discovery is the cross-time cruising that goes back and forth between Edo and the present age, such as the Sumida River 14 bridge tour, the Tokyo Tower / Tokyo Sky Tree tower tour, and so on.

[Roppongi, Tokyo] Experience "Dangerous!" At the show restaurant Burlesque! Same-day reservation OK, 18 years old ~

Roppongi / Aoyama
5,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Music by top creators, finest lighting, powerful LED images, glittering production. Would you like to experience the best "Dangerous!" We will take you to another world with various productions such as dance, singing, and pole dancing.

Group activities that you can experience in Kanto

A recommended plan in the very popular Kanto area that is easily accessible from the city center and you can fully experience nature!

Super Summer Sale 2024 Draw your memories! Anime characters are welcome! [Shizuoka/Atami] After taking a bath in the hot springs, enjoy the "Picture Plate Course" just a 5-minute walk from Atami Station!

Ceramic art studio doka earth fire
Atami / Hatsushima
2,800 Yen ~ (tax included)

Let's enjoy the recommended cherry blossom pattern painting during the cherry blossom season! On the unglazed plate made by Arita, you can draw your favorite characters and pictures with indigo paint called Gosu. The size of the plate is 15 cm in diameter. It will take about 1 hour.

[Saitama Kazo] Pets allowed! English available! A mooring experience and a balloon workshop where you can learn about hot air balloons and have a photogenic experience!

Winning Balloon Club
Kasukabe / Kuki
15,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Pets allowed! English available! This is a hot air balloon experience that can be enjoyed by everyone from children to adults, people from overseas, people who are afraid of heights, people in wheelchairs, medical buggies, and even pets. We will work with you from assembly to create many photogenic scenes. Listening to an explanation of its mechanism and history before riding a hot air balloon is sure to be even more impressive. October to 4

[Kamogawa River, Chiba] A classic marine sport! Choose from 4 types of banana boats and towing tubes ♪ /

Kamo river master of play
Katsuura / Kamogawa

This plan does not support English.

Banana boats are a staple of marine sports! Let's have fun with friends, family and everyone! 4 minutes walk from Kamogawa station! Let's enjoy the sea of Kamogawa with "master of play" ♪ [About master of play Kamogawa] Minamiboso, I started to enjoy marine sports in the sea of Kamogawa. If you can enjoy various marine sports such as the popular fly board and the classic banana boat

[Kanagawa / Kamakura] Experience zazen at a temple that is a 2-minute walk from Kamakura Station! Would you like to maintain your mind and body?

9,500 Yen ~ (tax included)

Kamakura is a popular tourist destination for Japanese and foreigners. It is a land where many Japanese cultures remain along with nature. And it is the birthplace of the Kamakura Shogunate, the government of the samurai. We are holding a SAMURAI Project where you can experience Japanese culture at Kigenin, a temple that is normally inaccessible to the general public, right after getting off JR Kita-Kamakura Station.

[Shonan / Kamakura] Challenge traditional crafts! "Sculpture experience" beginners OK! If you want to concentrate on making things, go to the Kamakura-bori experience class!

Hideaway Lacquer Studio Aoki-an
3,100 Yen ~ (tax included)

You can experience Kamakura-bori derived from Buddhist utensils and tea utensils from the Kamakura period to the Muromachi period. In the sculpture class of the hideaway lacquer workshop "Aokian", you can receive guidance that suits your level at your own pace with a small number of people. Under the guidance of a Kamakura-bori traditional craftsman, you will forget the time and concentrate when facing the chisel.

[Kanagawa / Yokohama] Cruise to enjoy Yokohama from the sea! Red brick Café Cruise rainy weather!

Reserved Cruise
2,500 Yen ~ (tax included)

The "Red Brick Cafe Cruise" is a cruise where you can enjoy Yokohama from the sea. In addition, we will introduce you to some useful information about Yokohama's history, ports, and ships. We will also set up seven shutter opportunities named #PUSH7, where you can take pictures of scenery that can only be taken from the sea, and introduce you to some beautiful spots in advance!

Group activities that you can experience in Kansai

[Hyogo / Kaminabe Kogen] Feel free to take a walk in the air "Paragliding half-day experience course" Beginners and children are welcome (morning and afternoon)

ALEX JAPAN Outdoor Sports School
Kinosaki / Sanin Kaigan
6,100 Yen ~ (tax included)

After about an hour of ground practice, you can experience an aerial walk with the instructor's wireless guidance. It is a half-day course that even those who do not have time can feel free to experience it. You can choose the morning course or the afternoon course.

[Nara / Yoshinokawa] Rafting (half-day course)

Heart outdoor tour
Yoshino / Gojo

This plan does not support English.

In the Nara Yoshino River rafting tour, you can jump into the river from a boat or rocky place, float on the surface of the water and flow leisurely, and go down to the goal point while playing various rivers.

[Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture] Hand-kneading experience-My tea bowl as you please! One person or a group of up to 50 people is OK! Beginners welcome!

SawaYoshi happiness Innovation Center
Koka / Shigaraki

This plan does not support English.

It feels good! What should I make now? Keep your heart moving, keep your hands moving! It is a plan to experience ceramics by hand without using an electric potter's wheel. Feel free to play with clay for children, even for the first time! Please enjoy a moment when you can be innocent.

[Wakayama / Tanabe] Fishing for first-timers and veterans! Boat fishing "fishing" equipped with rental tools Empty-handed OK

Marine World Tanabe (MARINE WORLD TANABE)
Shirahama / Tanabe / Ryujin

This plan does not support English.

From those who are new to fishing on board to skilled masters who enjoy fishing on a daily basis, why not experience marine world Tanabe fishing? For those who do not have any fishing equipment, we offer rental items from fishing rods with reels to life jackets and boots for safety measures. Also, I will teach you how to fish, so even the first person can fish

[Wakayama / Kitayama River] Inexperienced people are welcome ♪ Exciting! Rafting tour!

Adventure Club Kaze
Wakayama / Kinokawa
7,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Why don't you enjoy thrilling rafting in the Kitayama River in Wakayama? Those who have no experience in rafting are welcome! Of course, experienced people too! A local guide will tell you about the charm of Kitayama River. * The course is divided into two courses, the morning section (9:30) and the afternoon section (12:45).

[Tottori Sand Dunes] A flight several tens of meters high! Paragliding experience (half-day school)

Zero Paraglider School
Tottori / Uradome Coast
8,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

At Zero Paragliding School, even complete beginners can fly from a height of several 10 meters as long as there is no strong wind! The instructor will support you until you fly properly, so you can fly with confidence! The experience will be tailored to your physical strength, so even if you're a bit of an exercise freak, leave it to us! *However, as a general rule, the equipment is

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries regarding experiences not listed.

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