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Addictive people are rapidly increasing! The world of Food sample making

What is a food sample in the first place?

A “food sample” is a cooking model made using materials such as wax or synthetic resin. From ramen, pasta, curry rice, sushi, etc. to desserts such as soft serve and chocolate parfait, those works that were made so carefully as to be mistaken for the real thing were displayed as store displays in restaurants, cafes, etc. I think there are many opportunities to see them.

It began in Japan from the Taisho era to the Showa era. Unlike actual dishes, it will not rot, and it will be adopted by many restaurants as it recognizes the merit of being able to show many menus in one place with a high degree of completeness that is faithfully reproduced to the details of the ingredients. . The display with colorful and delicious food samples lined up menu selection.

Food sample making experience?

As mentioned above, “food samples”, which were generally sold for traders and businesses at the beginning, attracted attention because of their high degree of perfection and the beauty of their shapes. It will be sold to the general public. The demand is not only limited to the Japan but also widely known overseas as “fake food” and “food samples”.

And near Year in, make them the "food sample" in own hands Food sample making experience The number of shops has increased, and it is rapidly gaining popularity as a hobby and tourism leisure. In addition to the fun as a creative activity, many of the works decorated in a realistic and colorful way are also the reason for this increase in popularity because of the SNS appearance such as Instagram.

Reference data for Japan Food sample making experience

Lowest price one person 1,000 yen(tax included) ~
Duration Whole year
Participating age 3 years old ~
Popular customers Family / couple / one person

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less in the current Activity Japan has accepted the Internet reservation in Japan of Food sample making experience Will be introduced in each Region where classrooms and workshops are located. There are many plans that can be participated by beginners as well as small children, so it is recommended that you enjoy your family! Look for a plan around your home or where you want to go first and let's actually experience it first ♪

Many reservations and inquiries are expected during weekends and holidays and long holiday seasons, so we recommend that you make early arrangements after checking the Availability schedule! Use the Review and reviews in the plan details to help you choose a plan ◎

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