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2018 Big summer too Events"Sumida River Fireworks festival Will be held on 7/28 (Sat)Year Just count the 41st event at Tokyo Summer feature ◎ ◎ Activity Japan Then every Year Sold out due to popularity Fireworks festival"The seat" and "Fireworks festival Viewing Cruising"Reservation start of plan is early reception desk start! We offer a variety of courses to enjoy fireworks in a special seat while having a plan and a meal to enjoy fireworks from the boat elegantly カ ッ プ ル With a couple dating, a family, and a good friend group 2018 Sumida River in Fireworks festival Enjoy in a special seat 避 け Avoid taking place and crowds Fireworks festival Let's enjoy viewing ♪


The 41st Sumida River Fireworks festival

The 41st Sumida River Fireworks festival

First of all east Kyoto By Heisei Culture Bureau announcement "Heisei 30 Year(The 41st) Sumida River Fireworks festival"Let's check the held summary! Other companies related to fireworks in both countries at other primary venues where ordinary fireworks are fired Japan Typical of Fireworks festival Carry out a fireworks contest by a total of 10 companies that achieved excellent results in ☆ Let's enjoy the summer night ◎

Fireworks festival name:
Heisei 30 Year(The 41st) Sumida River Fireworks festival
Date and time:
2018 July 28 (Sat) 19:00-20:30
※ In the case of stormy weather etc., we will postpone to 7/29 (Sun) the next day. Canceled if it can not be implemented on both days.
(First meeting place) Downstream of Sakurabashi-Upstream of Narumi Bridge
(Second place) Komagata bridge downstream-Kashiwa bridge upstream
Launch fireworks number:
About 20,000

Recommended fireworks viewing plan

Activity Japan"The 41st Sumida River is currently held on July 28 (Saturday)Fireworks festival Mainly "Fireworks Ferris Cruise", "Special Fireworks Viewing Seat", "Fireworks Ferris Wheel"Bus tour We accept pre-order reservation of plan ◎ It is of course that you can enjoy fireworks in a special seat within the price, of course plans with food and drinks are popular ◎ 1 Year Sumida River once Fireworks festival Would you like to enjoy the luxury a little ♪ Please consider early because there is a limit on the reservation vacancy ↑

    Fireworks watch cruise

    Special fireworks seat

    Fireworks viewing Bus tour

Yukata rental popular plan

Fireworks festival Speaking of yukata ♪ Recently in obi and sandals Rental Of course there are also plenty of reasonable plans including dressing up and hair sets, and "Yoruma is to buy rather than buying" is the trend ◎ So there are Sumida rivers such as Asakusa and Ginza Fireworks festival Kimono around the venue Rental We will introduce the shop popular plan 利用 If you use it in the fireworks view, be sure to return one night and the next day option Please check the ♪ I'm cute with a batch dress Fireworks festival Let's enjoy ☆ ☆ ☆

In this page "Heisei 30 Year(The 41st) Sumida River Fireworks festival We featured about fireworks viewing plan of ", but Activity Japan Then Japan In various places Fireworks festival We accept bookings for viewing tours. 2018 I'm looking forward to summer Fireworks festival How about enjoying 楽 し む as a luxury with a few special seats.