West Japan Area Rafting Special Feature - RAFTING! RAFTING! RAFTING! ~

The 2017 season has finally entered the full season of rafting! "Rafting" which is also called river downstream is a mountain snow melting river flowing water, May-June is the most season of enjoying the torrents, and it is also called the royal road of outdoor leisure where popularity is uninterrupted all the way through the summer It is an activity you should! We accept reservations with family members, friends, or groups such as student travel, so please use it ◎

This time, we introduced "Kanto three major rafting special feature"Followed by the experiences tour of the popular rafting spots in the Tokai / West Japan area! There is a popular spot in the rapid rafting rafting experience in various places including Shikoku Yoshinogawa counted in "Japan's Three Major Rampage river" known as Rafting Mecca in western Japan, and there are many plans combined with BBQ (BBQ) and hot spring bathing, so travel and sightseeing Please enjoy rafting experience together with ◎

Rafting in the Tokai area

Rafting in the Tokai area

In the Tokai area Shizuoka's "Fuji River rafting", Gifu's"Nagara River rafting", Aichi's"Kiso river rafting", Mie's"Miyagawa RaftingExperience tour of "You can make a reservation. Among them, famous for Fujikawa Rafting which can enjoy line descent while looking up the world heritage Mt. Fuji and rafting at the Gifu Nagaragawa River counted in the three major great streams in Japan.


[Shizuoka Fujikawa] rafting tour (AM / PM half-day course)

7,200yen~​ ​(tax included)

Fujikawa book course full rich in minerals of Minami Alps About 5 km in length. It is a very fulfilling course that the contents are very fulfilling, such as swimming and jumping in the stadium and playing with the boat at the six places where the crew, which is said to be difficult, has won.

YHA rafting

[Aichi Inuyama] enjoy good access ♪ 1 year from Nagoya! Kiso River rafting [morning / afternoon course]

プランID:1904YHA rafting
9,000yen8,550yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

Kiso River rafting course, enjoy all year round, from the standpoint of access for close from Nagoya, feel free to go rafting point. Course down the 10Km from Gifu Prefecture Minokamo of Ota Bridge to Momotaro Port of Aichi Prefecture Inuyama City, the middle is also designated as a "Hida Kiso River National Park" and the Agency for Cultural Affairs of the scenic spot "Kiso", of one of Japan's eight scenic spots " This course of Japan line down. "


Rafting in the Kansai area

Rafting in the Kansai area

In the Kansai area, Nara's "Yoshino River rafting, "Kyoto's"Hozugawa Rafting", Wakayama's"Kitayamagawa RaftingExperience tour of "You can make a reservation. Good access is also available from the Keihanshin sightseeing spot Nara Yoshino River Rafting and Hozugawa Rafting, where you can enjoy the torrent of Kyoto, is proud of its high popularity.

Glitter rafting

[Kyoto Hozu natural roller coaster nature make! Rafting tour (afternoon 14:00 course)

プランID:12699Glitter rafting
4,300yen~​ ​(tax included)

In a beautiful nature, why not with glee full blast? Kinki, if you rafting in the Kansai area Kyoto Hozu is definitely recommended. What about a 30-minute train ride from Kyoto city, the easy and about 40 minutes by car Kinki, it is a popular spot Hozu Kyoto can enjoy the great outdoors in the Kansai area. About 2 hours of rafting tour, content lots. Eight points in only large torrent with the name, a small torrent you can also adapt and experience about even torrent 20 locations in Kyoto Hozu.

Sha La Rafting (Shara rafting)

[Nara Yoshino] Nara Yoshino-half-day rafting

プランID:9950Sha La Rafting (Shara rafting)
6,480yen~​ ​(tax included)

Why do not you down the river in the vicinity of the clear stream of the city? Nara Yoshino River is about 60 minutes by train or car from Osaka city. Rafting spot that can handy and close to rafting experience! !

Adventure Club K's

[Wakayama Kitayama] inexperienced person welcome ♪ pounding thrill! Rafting tour!

プランID:588Adventure Club K's
7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Why do not you enjoy thrilling rafting in Kitayamagawa Wakayama? Rafting inexperienced people, welcome! Of course, even experienced people! A guide from the local origin will tell you the charm of Kitayama River. ※ It is divided into two courses of morning (9:30) and afternoon (12: 45).


Rafting in the Shikoku area

Rafting in the Shikoku area

In Shikoku area Tokushima and Kochi revolve "Yoshino River rafting"Kochi"Shimanto River RaftingYou can make a reservation. Rafting (river descent) in the Kochi Yoshinogawa River, famous also as scenic spots Oboke Koboke, is famous throughout the country and is a popular spot where many tourists visit for rafting and river play.

Water play! Galvanzo Co., Ltd. Riverland Plus

[Shikoku Yoshino] exhilarating! Half-day rafting

プランID:190Water play! Galvanzo Co., Ltd. Riverland Plus
5,500yen~​ ​(tax included)


HappyRaft (Happy raft)

[Shikoku Kochi] children and adults enjoy the family! Yoshino River family rafting tour (half day course)

プランID:3662HappyRaft (Happy raft)
5,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

3歳以上のお子様から小学生、シニア世代も参加可能のツアーです! 3歳以上(体重15kg以上)のお子様は、小さい瀬が4つある区間を家族で力を合わせて下っていきます。水が怖いお子様はパパママに抱っこされててもOK!夏休みの思い出にもぴったり!この日が泳げる記念日になるかも!? 小学校1年生以上のお子様は 大小合わせて10個の瀬がある大人でも楽しめる区間を下ります。ラフティングデビューにぴったり! どちらのコースもジャンプあり、遊びもあり!なコースなのでご家族皆さまで楽しんでいただけます! ! ★7~9月の土日祝(お盆含む)は、小学生未満のお子様が参加できるツアーは催行しておりません。ご注意ください。

Forest Canyon

[Shimantogawa] Great Adventure in Japan last clear stream! Leisurely rafting tour

プランID:12952Forest Canyon
7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Or passing under the under the Low Water Crossing over the last clear stream, leisurely two hours at the 8-seater boat Shimanto River, and down the river while watching the vast scenery.


Rafting in the Kyushu area

Rafting in the Kyushu area

In the Kyushu area Kumamoto's "Rumbo RiverWe are accepting reservations for ". The Kumamoto Rumikawa River, which is counted as one of Japan's greatest rapids along with Mogami River and Fuji River, is known as a popular spot for rafting and line descent (river descent). If you play in Kumamoto Ramen Miyako Rafting is outdoor leisure that can not be removed.

Adventure Create Shop Compass (Compass)

[Kumamoto Kuma River] Japan's three large torrent! Rafting experience (course morning)

プランID:1395Adventure Create Shop Compass (Compass)
5,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Japan's three major rapids one, rafting in the Kuma River Kumamoto Prefecture! ! Please enjoy the exhilaration down the torrent.


[Kumamoto Kuma River] Family for beginners! Rafting experience (short course)

5,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

It has become a family-friendly, for beginners course. Wave will be happy to experience a gentle upstream course. Recommended for those who want to feel free to challenge a short time! Lunch BBQ is put in the yen +1500.

SunTrust rafting club (SUN TRUST Rafting club)

[Kumamoto Kuma River] rafting half-day course [with natural hot spring bathing] to enjoy in the rich natural attractions

プランID:8424SunTrust rafting club (SUN TRUST Rafting club)
5,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

You will enjoy the rafting on the Kuma River pouring in to flow through the Hitoyoshi Basin Yatsushiro. There is also a place where you can comfortably leave the gentle flow, also there, it will be able to enjoy the nature of the Kuma River without getting tired fast rough rocks and flow location. Because there is a different AM course and PM course of implementation time, you can join the convenient time. ※ When I apply for a special BBQ set in the PM course, please keep in mind that it becomes [11:00] set.


We enjoyed west more than Tokai area at this "Tokai / West Japan Area Rafting Feature - RAFTING! RAFTING! RAFTING! ~", Introduced the popular rafting popular spot available for activities Japan.

Rafting is a premium outdoor leisure that you can only experience in a short period from spring to summer. Basically the equipment required for rafting is a lot of plans including rental, so you can participate in handbags so please come and experience it when traveling and driving near the popular run - by - foot spot.