【Latest Version】 2018 Miyakojima Popular · Recommended Activity Ranking

【Latest Version】 2018 Miyakojima Popular · Recommended Activity Ranking

The average maximum temperature is never below 20 ℃ throughout the year Okinawa Miyakojima all year round water sports and outdoor Activity can enjoy paradise ♪ such adult care sights Miyakojima area of ACTIVITY JAPAN latest rankings (of'll make a reservation experience Plan 2018 Based on summer reservation data) ♪ We have many outdoor leisure Activity that can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Miyakojima and majestic nature ◎

In the rankings you can swim with Miyakojima's super popular plan "turtle SnorkelingAnd popular eventsStand Up Paddle Board (SUP),mangroveKayakAnd super classic marine sports DivingTo adult care experience tour because it is jostling 2018 of Miyakojima travel leisure looking for help please ↑ recent to the Okinawa There is also a remote island tourist popularity of influence reservation flooded the area your consideration of so reservation is as soon as possible is recommended (* ^ ^ *)

Activity Ranking

Miyakojima Popular Activity Ranking

First of all, Miyakojima Activity's popular event ranking TOP 10 is announced ♪ Miyakojima's royal road leisure "Snorkeling"First place, even beginners can participate"Diving"Is second in the spot ◎ And popularity has become established in recent years" SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board)"Ranked third, boasting a strong popularity as a marine leisure in a tropical resortSea kayaking"Ranked in fourth place ◎ Also, you can enjoy it with family and organizations in recent yearsSea fishing / fishing boat (fishing)"And leave photogenic memories" photoIt is characteristic that it is rising ♪ (based on summer season reservation data of 2018 )

Plan ranking

Continue to announce the latest popular Activity plan rankings ♪Snorkeling,SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board)YaSea kayaking / canoeing / kayakingA set plan that can be reserved in deals such as limestone cave exploration are popular ◎ Miyakojima plan still seeing sea turtles When you say that will be held throughout the year is ♪ I most of the plan is a must (part of Nov. has been such as to the end) ◎ Also the only sightseeing bus tour Miyakojima operated by HIS who ranked in the 8th place " Lea Lea busAlso recommended because it is recommended ◎ (based on the summer reservation data of 2018 )

First place

Miyakojima snorkel specialty store umi

【Okinawa · Miyakojima】 ☆ encounter rate 100% ☆ Photo tour swimming with sea turtle

Plan ID: 15824Miyakojima snorkel specialty store umi
7,000yen~(tax included)

The encounter rate with the wild sea turtle is continuing 100%! It is! Free gift of underwater picture data. Long-sleeved rush guard, Torenka, bath towel are also available for free.

Second place

GRAT! S! SUP (Gratz Sapp)

【 Okinawa · Miyakojima 】 Popularity No. 1! SUP + sea turtles Snorkeling Photo Tour (half Sun course)

Plan ID: 11493GRAT! S! SUP (Gratz Sapp)
14,500yen12,000yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

adult special menu that swim with the gas SUP and sea turtles! ! A dreamlike experience on a preeminent beach ☆ The sea turtle encounter rate is more 90%! All staff Red Cross Wed fire rescue personnel, small groups (SUP / up to 6 First name is also safe tour).

3rd place

Blue Forest Miyakojima (Blue Forest)

【Okinawa · Miyakojima】 Feel free to try! Yae Hanase (Yabithi) half day boat snorkeling tour

Plan ID: 11020Blue Forest Miyakojima (Blue Forest)
8,000yen~(tax included)

A handy half-day snorkel menu in Yabidi, the big coral reef off the coast of Miyakojima. Snorkeling is a marine sport that is easy to challenge even for beginners, and an activity to swim to the sea surface at my own pace. Since the instructor who has various licenses of maritime affairs with no accident and no accident for more than 15 years since opening, we are in charge of guides and lectures so beginners can work with peace of mind. From the Ikejima spreading Ikejima island, Yae Hanase, the dynamic rock formations made by nature, the places where large fish gather from tropical fish are many. If you have any requests, please offer.


Miyakojima diving Aqua-Tech Adventure

【 Okinawa · Miyakojima 】 Boat Experience diving (1 Dive) · Snorkeling Free in Free Time

Plan ID: 13329Miyakojima diving Aqua-Tech Adventure
13,000yen~(tax included)

Experience diving at the boat will fall around the Shimochijima and Irabujima, which we moved about 30 - 40 minutes from Hokkaido Port of Miyakojima with our own boat. From Spring to the autumn mouth, you can also experience diving at "Blue Cave" at Irabu Island. Even if you are a first-time teacher, instructors will teach kindly and carefully and will dive together so that they are safe. Even those who can not swim can also guide with instructors connecting hands, so you can participate with peace of mind. Snorkeling can be enjoyed in the vacant time (there are things that are difficult due to sea conditions etc).

5th place

green (green)

【Miyakojima · Irabejima】 Private lunch with a spectacular outdoor bath! Sea kayaking / snorkelling tour!

Plan ID: 10357green (green)
9,600yen~(tax included)

The sea of ​​Irabe boasts high transparency. To the point with a sea kayak. . I enjoy snorkeling. The scenery which scrolls through the growing sub-tropical plant forest is just an adventure. After enjoying the brilliant underwater world, I return to the shop, soak up my body with a semi open air spa and heal my body. The shop located on the hill will enjoy a private lunch while having a drink at Higashiya, where the 180 degree panoramic view is attractive. ※ Prices will change during the summer, so please check. ※

6th place

Slow Jam Miyakojima

【 Miyakojima · SUP】 Beginner's big welcome ♪ cruising course! Anti- Wed camera free rental or photo data gift

Plan ID: 17411Slow Jam Miyakojima
7,500yen6,500yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

★ ☆ Wetsuit rental free campaign underway << 1,000 yen is free >> ☆ ★ ※ Since there are limitations in number, there are cases where preparation is impossible. Please note. Also, if you wish, please let us know to the remarks column when you make a reservation. A maritime walk while enjoying both the blue sea of ​​Miyakojima and the blue sky. Experience SUP is a recommended tour for people who are not satisfied. Cruising under the Irabu Ohashi or cruising over the majestically spread coral reefs. It is a time to forget everyday and be healed.

7th place

Blue season

Encounter Rate 100% Sea Turtle Snorkel & Power Spot Pumpkin Limestone Cave! Photo data service! Group-wide!

Plan ID: 15067Blue season
13,500yen~(tax included)

Swimming with sea turtles, going to the mysterious limestone cave and being healed, it is a superb popular NO 1 tour! With photograph data that the instructor takes pictures from various angles and sends them! ! Let's make a marvelous memorable experience of the sea game of Miyakojima! ! ※ If there are young children of 12 years old less 5 years old, if you are 70 years old more comes, we would like you to make a great deal of support, so please make a reservation with a lodging plan . Because there are many friendly turtles, we can often swim in close range and start from the beach with legs, so beginners are also easy to satisfy. The cave tour goes trekking into the cave called pumpkin hall shining on the emerald green. The mysterious places that only the things I only saw were available at First name so that they could also be picked up in the media. Because the limestone cave tour can go only at low tide time, the holding time is not decided here. After reservation confirmed e-mail, I will send details.

8th place

9th place

Miyakojima snorkel specialty store umi

【Okinawa · Miyakojima】 ★ Encounter Rate 100% ★ Tortoise and Coral Photo Tour

Plan ID: 15825Miyakojima snorkel specialty store umi
9,000yen~(tax included)

I swam with sea turtle and enjoy beautiful coral reefs. The encounter rate with the wild sea turtle is continuing 100%! It is! A memorable underwater photograph data free gift. Long-sleeved rush guard, Torenka, bath towel are also available for free.

10th place

Miyakojima Foundation

Snorkeling going with diving instructor Sea turtle watch # Tour photo Free service

Plan ID: 17398Miyakojima Foundation
4,800yen~(tax included)

An experienced diving instructor will be in charge of the tour. Snorkeling to the ultimate sea turtle point where many sea turtles are resting, it is possible to observe sea turtles by skin diving . Tour photo Free of charge! You can see the tour at Instagram # Miyakojima Foundation / facebook soraumi385.

Featured Activity 2018


【Okinawa · Miyakojima】 SUNSET SUP TOUR / Sunset Supp tour (60 minutes) * April - September time limited only

Plan ID: 19111SWELL
8,500yen~(tax included)

A touching scene at the end of the day! The setting sun setting in the ocean is exactly the scenery Because it is a beautiful view of Miyakojima, you will feel a different sunset from the others.

Ira Blue Tours

[Okinawa Irabu] cave Glass boat excursion of the Blue Cave & mystery

Plan ID: 11857Ira Blue Tours
4,800yen~(tax included)

Sea of ​​you ♪ Irabu that Ciao enjoying the blue sea and the landscape of the surrounding caves of more and more feel free to transparency preeminent! Depth of the water 20m submarine world of ~ 30m will Mitose clearly ♪ and submarine topography of the diverse and dynamic Irabu, which is said to Miyakojima No1, Let the "peep" by the glass boat the beautiful coral reef! ※ will be the plan for sightseeing around the cave of blue. It does not enter into the blue of the cave.

Blue Forest Miyakojima (Blue Forest)

[Okinawa Miyakojima] OK beginner also easy to empty-handed! Experience fishing half-day course fishing

Plan ID: 10251Blue Forest Miyakojima (Blue Forest)
8,000yen~(tax included)

Challenge is easy fishing course for beginners, it is a half-day of experience fishing course. Since the instructor with a variety of license of ocean relationship will be responsible for the guide and the lecture, woman, we tackled children, family, the activity also with confidence in the person of our elderly. Departure from one person! Fishing in the rich fishing grounds of Okinawa, is sure to be a special moment. The fish caught ...! Also it will guide you, such as cooking to me tavern and meal processing!

Blue shanti

【Okinawa · Miyakojima】 Sunset · Beach Yoga ♪ Yoga experience while taking a sunset on Miyakojima ★ Beginner's big welcome ★

Plan ID: 17255Blue shanti
3,000yen~(tax included)

We prepare the body supple in front of the crystal clear ocean of Miyakojima. The comfort of being one with nature is the best healing. It also leads to the discovery of new oneself.

SmileSunny (Smile Sunny)

[Okinawa Miyakojima] beginners OK. Let Nagameyo the sunset while SUP! [Sunset SUP]

Plan ID: 13819SmileSunny (Smile Sunny)
5,000yen~(tax included)

In "SmileSunny (Smile Sunny)", it is the experience of SUP tours and SUP yoga to enjoy even for beginners. This plan is a plan that was starting to sea, to watch the sun set while SUP from the evening.