2016-2017 Season Winter Activity Popularity Ranking

Activity popularity ranking

Activity We announce the activity ranking of winter based on reservation data of Japan! In the outdoor division, "Taiwanese fishing" boasting immovable popularity from autumn to winter is ranked first, and in the indoor division, the popular "kimono rental" in tourist spots such as Asakusa and Kyoto has won first place. Activity of high attention which is popular not only for domestic but also for foreign visitors to Japan is ranked high.

Outdoor division

Flying fish reservation

1 place Wagasa fishingWakasagi fishing boasting popularity immovable as autumn / winter outdoor activities is mainly classified as "ice fishing" and "dome ship fishing". Access from the central area of ​​Tokyo is also popular and high, it is "Dome ship fishing" that can be enjoyed in Yamanakako in Yamanashi Prefecture. Dome ship is a ship with a roof dedicated to fishing fishing, it is not affected by the weather, there are boats with heating and toilet, so you can enjoy fishing fish comfortably from children to elderly people. ⇒See plans across the country

Paraglider reservation

2nd place paraglidingIn the winter season when the temperature drops and the air is clear, a paraglider experience where you can enjoy a superb view is popular. Broadly speaking, there are "floating experience" challenging flight of about 2m ~ 3m alone, and "tandem flight" of experiencing flight with the instructor and two people, "Tandem Flight" which even beginners can fly the sky is It is popular. ⇒See plans across the country

SUP reservation

3rd place SUPSUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) which is popular throughout the year in Okinawa and Shonan etc. It is a popular activity in winter as it is less likely to get wet by water because it stands on a board that is more buoyant than surfing and rows using paddles. Also, SUP YOGA combined with yoga is prevalent centering on women. ⇒See plans across the country

Whale watching reservation

4th whale watchingVery powerful whale watching that you can enjoy in Okinawa and Kagoshima remote islands from January to March. It is a seasonal activity that you can only experience in winter during the year. Especially in Okinawa there are many visitors in winter for the purpose of whale watching. ⇒See plans across the country

Snowshoe reservation

5th place snowshoeSnow mountain trekking wearing snowshoes called western version Kanjiki. It is "Ultimate Snow Ball" that you enjoy enjoying powder snow with one body and experienced guide that knows the snowy mountain and enjoy. In addition, it is attractive that it is operated nationwide if it is a rich area of ​​snow cover. ⇒See plans across the country

Indoor · Cultural experience department

Crochet making

1st place Kimono rentalToday's kimono rental which is popular regardless of age and sex. It is increasingly used for parties like sightseeing and dating in Tokyo asakusa and Kyoto, as well as worshipers such as Hatsumodei and wedding ceremonies. It is attractive to enjoy full-fledged kimono at reasonable prices. ⇒See plans across the country

Braid Shimane

2nd place Ceramics Experience · ClassroomCeramic art experience boasting immovable popularity in the indoor division. It is attractive that you can experience only "the potter's experience" or "kneading" which is said to be the basic of pottery without using the potter's attitude, "painting", etc., making only one work in the world. It is a popular activity as a souvenir for plans and traveling destinations that you will learn in earnest at home. ⇒See plans across the country

Braid Shimane

3rd place Glassworker · StudioExperience making glassware including glasses, accessories and dragonfly balls. The technique also includes "blown glass", "glass art" to sculpt the surface of the glass to create a pattern, "fusing" combining multiple pieces, etc. to make a full-fledged glasswork. ⇒See plans across the country

Braid Shimane

4th place making accessoriesMaking accessories such as authentic ring and earrings and silver accessories and traditional Japanese crafts with modern pendant. Especially original accessories made with couples and couple pairs are popular. What you can experience throughout the country is also a secret of popularity. ⇒See plans across the country

Braid Shimane

5th place making shisaIn Okinawa where tourists are constantly in constant use all year, the experience of shisa making is popular. Especially when traveling for the first time in Okinawa it is one of the activities many tourists experience alongside Ryukyu glass. Marine activities are attracting attention in Okinawa, but manufacturing experience has also been drawing attention. ⇒See plans across the country