Miyakojima popular No.1 activity I tried examining the fee etc of the sea turtle snorkel plan etc!

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ACTIVITY JAPANHello everyone who viewed you! This time will be the second post This is a 30-year-old man who loves traveling in Okinawa "Mon chan" ☆ The last article "Search from the popular Miyakojima activity ranking! What will I experience in Okinawa travel in 2018?Although I still have a cold day still, I feel like I still have a coral of Miyakojima in the beautiful sea LOL Activity Japan! LOL Well well, I think I will investigate in detail the plan of the Miyakojima activity that I became interested about by looking at the ranking last time last time! ! I want to go to Miyakojima this summer! No, I will go! !

Turtle Snorkel Experience at Miyakojima

Okinawa Miyakojima Sea turtle

I chose the first candidate activity I would like to experience on Miyakojima trip, it is a snorkeling tour that is said to be "the sea turtle encounter rate 99%"! It is absolutely the best experience to swim with a sea turtle in a beautiful sea where the transparency of the south island is not Egetsu It is the absolute best experience ~ ☆ Facts, Marine sports enjoying during the Miyakojimu travel, which is also a standard tour on famous travel companies such as HIS It seems to be popular number one among the most popular ↑ In the first place I thought that "I'm going to participate in the tour by snorkeling?" "I thought I could do it with goggles and snorkel on the swimming beach!", But the sea turtle snorkel Looking at the plan variously seems to be different. . .

Snorkeling tour with Miyakojima sea playing pro

Okinawa Miyakojima Sea turtle

In order to snorkel at the point where you can swim with the sea turtle, it seems that you can not go and have to guide it by the professional staff of the sea playing who knew the surrounding area. . Naturally it is natural, but it seems not to be so easy to meet near the beach, so it seems that you have to reach the area where the sea turtle inhabits. ↓ Look at the plan contents of each shop, the best point Not to mention taking me as well as taking me to goggles and masks and a set of tools that are essential for snorkelling and depending on the season depending on the season it includes rush guards and wet suit rentals included in the price and underwater photographs during the tour Up to the plan that will give you free shooting data! (This may be surprisingly high point) Well normally thinking that it is better to have a guide if you enjoy sea play safely! Especially for families who want to experience with children, this is absolute! !

Rates and services of Miyakojima Sea turtle snorkel

Okinawa Miyakojima Sea turtle

Activity It looks at the plan which can be booked in Japan, when I looked at the bar, the general beach snorkeling plan is cheap and the price seems to be around 4,000 to 5,000 yen (tax included) per person! Also, depending on each plan, the experience time, the contents of the course, the rental item are different, there are constraints like the reservation of more than a few, shops do not have showers, change rooms, parking lots, etc. Each service seems to be different is not it. Or, it seems like it would be fun to choose from among plans with plenty of laughs LOL ○ ○ 's recommended plans! Those who seem to be gathered are more likely to be saved as a troublesome servant, but it is a bitter smile, so I did not compare them finely, but for people of character like me! We will introduce some plans which I finally felt about myself at a relatively cheap rate collectively ~

Next time I am thinking to write about the SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) experience that I can enjoy at Miyakojima for a while and I will write it. This blog was helpful! People who are lucky please come and visit again! Also, do not forget to change your swimsuit and change your mind! Well then again next time (* '∀ `) ♪

Blogger's Profile Nickname: Mon chan
Age ThirtiesGender maleProfession self employed
Ikemeponpa who is looking for play with a son of 2 years old

The plan introduced in this article

Sea melt

【Okinawa · Miyakojima】 Ocean Turtle & Coral Reef Snorkel Tour (3 hours) Tour Photos Free & Tour Videos are updated as needed!

Plan ID: 1432Sea melt
6,000yen~(tax included)

Guide to the sea turtle point! Of course coral reefs and tropical fish can also be seen ♪ Recommended tour for people who want to fully enjoy the sea of ​​Miyakojima in a short time. You can enjoy it to your satisfaction according to the return flight time. Please enjoy the unity with the sea (= sea melt)! We will definitely be updating tour photograph data free gifts & tour videos from sea melt FB page at any time!

Miyakojima snorkel specialty store umi

【Okinawa · Miyakojima】 ☆ encounter rate 100% ☆ Photo tour swimming with sea turtle

Plan ID: 15824Miyakojima snorkel specialty store umi
7,000yen~(tax included)

The encounter rate with the wild sea turtle is continuing 100%! It is! Free gift of underwater picture data. Long-sleeved rush guard, Torenka, bath towel are also available for free.

GRAT! S! SUP (Gratz Sapp)

【沖縄・宮古島】ウミガメ&クマノミと泳ぐシュノーケリング ☆写真20枚プレゼント☆

プランID:7764GRAT! S! SUP (Gratz Sapp)
5,000yen~(tax included)

高確率でウミガメ、クマノミと泳げるとっておきのプラン☆ 抜群の透明度を誇る海でシュノーケルを楽しんでくださいね☆ スタッフ全員が赤十字水難救助員で安心ガイドも魅力です。 ※海況によってはウミガメに出会えないことがあるので、ご了承下さい。

Coral Coast

【Miyakojima / Snorkel Tour】 Sea turtle exploring snorkel tour (with car rental arrangement)

プランID:20098Coral Coast
4,000yen~(tax included)

当店自慢のシュノーケルツアーをご予約の際に提携先レンタカーのご予約も一緒にできます。 提携先レンタカー利用者は500円割引になります。 レンタカー手配がお済で無い方はお得に体験できるチャンスです。 勿論提携先レンタカーを御利用中のお客様も御利用頂けます。 ※提携先レンタカー利用以外は割引対象外となりますので御予約時ご注意ください。 ご注意点 ※提携先レンタカーの利用料金は別途発生致します。 提携先レンタカー アイランドレンタカー宮古島 ℡0980-79-5222 ※提携先レンタカーのラインナップ コンパクトカー(5人乗り)・オープンカー(4人乗り) ※提携先レンタカーの利用が確認できなかったお客様 当プランは提携先レンタカーの利用による割引になりますので通常料金になります。 ※提携先レンタカー満車の場合 申し訳ございません通常料金の体験となります。

Miyakojima Foundation

ダイビングインストラクターと行くシュノーケリング ウミガメウォッチ #ツアー写真無料サービス

Plan ID: 17398Miyakojima Foundation
4,800yen~(tax included)

経験を積んだダイビングインストラクターがツアー担当致します。 沢山のウミガメが休憩している究極のウミガメポイントへシュノーケリング、スキンダイビングでウミガメを観察することが可能です。 ツアー写真無料サービス中! ツアーの様子はInstagram #宮古島ふりーふりー/facebook soraumi385でご覧いただけます。


ウミガメを探しに行こう! 【最大6名様までの少人数制】サンゴ礁ビーチシュノーケリング2時間コース

5,400yen~(tax included)

Even if you are the first time, those who are afraid of the sea are OK! Start from a place where your feet will arrive, instructors will guide you through the underwater world at your pace so please join us with confidence. You can taste the splendor of the ocean. The beach in Miyakojima is a beautiful point where coral can be seen in white sandy so you can enjoy the underwater world carefully surrounded by plenty of colorful fish. ★ ★ ★ If the sea turtle point is unable to select high waves, the calm coral reef and fish will be held at the main point. Please note that nature is the partner's activity ★ ★ ★