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Crusoe rafting (CRUSOE RAFTING)Crusoe rafting (CRUSOE RAFTING)

東京 / 奥多摩

Trying to share with everyone the best of memories!

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It was my first time to rafting, but it was so much fun and it made me memorable memories in my life!
Both rafting and BBQ were gentle, fun and the best!

  • 5.0
参加日: 2017 年 08 月
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Thank you very much for using Crusoe Rafting this time.
At the review, I received a word of compliment, I am very happy with all of the staff.
We will continue to advance even more so that we will not forget the customer's words next season and we can carry out fun and interesting tours.
We also have a chance, we will be waiting for you.

It was a very fun time!

  • 3.0
参加日: 2017 年 07 月
It was fun ~

Everyone of the staff is very friendly and helpful, friendly (^ O ^) /

The children seemed to have had a lot of fun and I was able to make a good memories of summer vacation (^ O ^) /

Thank you very much.

  • 5.0
参加日: 2016 年 07 月