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京都 / 京都駅周辺

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Man has joined ventured by Is not I also try to play the harp, that. First received a brief description of the instrument from the teacher, it is the lesson of finally Repertoire. You surprised to vertical writing-Han number of music, but when you play the chord taught how to read, enraptured in a fantastic tone. But, to get a clean sound is necessary knack, it does not go quite so well taught by the teacher. Still, when it comes to some extent play, the teacher in my melody is me with the obbligato, I was able to happily play. Is anyone know the song, but can hit each other and also experience a little special playing of the sound of the sum musical instrument unique, it was 2 hours between to say there. I interested in music, there is not that instrument touched sum, is especially recommended for such people. When you leave do not forget to buy Yatsuhashi in the neighborhood of the sweets shop.

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参加日: 2016 年 08 月
Traditional Culture Experience
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