[Aichi Shinmaiko] SUP (stand up paddle board) experience school

[Aichi Shinmaiko] SUP (stand up paddle board) experience school

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Provided by:​ ​​ ​WIND SPACE(ウインドスペース)

Price list

4,500Yen ~ (tax included)

Price per adult / dwarf
Aichi / Chita Peninsula
マリンスポーツ・レジャー / Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)
  • Pick-up available
  • Solo participant​ ​
  • Children admitted

Plan description

If there is even the water surface sea, lakes, rivers, anywhere play in the cause is a good place handy for this leisure. Most of the charm while playing in the water, it's such that the exercise effect becomes a whole body exercise is pretty. It's perfect for lack of exercise resolved, body building, stress! Let's take a ride to the board in a safe school!

2 people certified instructors of SUPA association enrolled

I am doing safety first, safe school.
Because it is a school with a calm sea, please rest assured even if you can not swim.


Minimum number of people 1 person
Number of people who can book 1 to 5 people
Schedule April 1, 2006 to November 30
Start time 9: 40
Assemble point To SHOP
Reservation deadline 2 days before

Advance preparation

Clothings and must-bring items Bath towel, swimsuit (ask to wear in the wet suit), may be wet shoes
Midsummer is swimsuit and upper body, such as a good T-shirt, even when wet (sun protection)
About rental items • If the wet not ready and good shoes also, we are preparing the 500 yen Marine boot rental.

Facility information

Changing room Restroom shower
Parking Lot Locker

Access and map



How to reach by car

※ There is a free parking lot, so feel free to come by car.

How to reach by train

※ It is a 10-minute walk from Meitetsu "Shinkaiko Station" or "Sunlight Station".
We will pick you up if you can contact us in advance.

time schedule

Set to the shop
09: 40

Set to the shop

After accepting, we will change the size of the wet suit and change in the changing room.

School start
10: 00

School start

Master the foundation with onshore training.
We also lecture on safety knowledge of the sea.

Finally to the sea

Finally to the sea

Let's sit down and balance it, let's get up and get used to it.

Cruising little by little by extending the distance!

School end

School end

After cleaning tools, change clothes.
Shower, hair dryer, fully equipped.
A little meeting, thanks for your hard work!


Basic charge

Adult and child per person 4,500yen

※Above prices include all taxes.
※ This is a basic fee.
* Prices may vary depending on the schedule, so please see the price list displayed after selecting the date.

Included in price Course fee, tools, wet suit and life jacket rental fee, hot water shower
Not included in the price Marin boots rental fee ¥ 500 including tax

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About payment / cancellation

About payment Thank you for your payment in the day cash or credit card.
Payment method The payment method specified by the operator.
About cancellation fee In case of cancellation, please contact us by phone as soon as possible.
Cancellation by operators. Weather conditions (heavy rain, strong wind, etc.) when it is likely to be canceled, the will receive a call from here to the day before.
It is basically a light rain or shine, but will consult with our customers.
Schedule may be subject to change in advance in accordance with the ebb and flow of the tide.



Everyone's experiences


SUP 体験でしたが、スタッフさんも親切に解りやすく教えてくれて、すぐに楽しむことが出来ました。

  • 5.0
参加日: 2018 年 08 月
Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)
Anyway fun ♪

I went to wkwk with (* · ω · *) first sup
Neither shop nor intra is polite and awesome

I was glad that the facility also had a feeling of cleanliness

It was full of things I did not understand for the first time
Easy to understand
Although it was an experience, I was able to ride pleasantly ✨

Even soon I want a board
It was a lesson.

Thank you very much
I will go sup soon again!

  • 5.0
Joined Sun : Mon 2018
Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)
Reply comments from operators

Thank you for the other day!
I am happy to Review .
We will be waiting for you next time. .

  • ひとりで
SUP half- Sun experience

Children were very pleased that they gently taught me. It was a lack of exercise, but it was a good schedule.

  • 5.0
Participation date: May 2018
Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)
Reply comments from operators

Thank you for yesterday!
Photo that was taken during the school has a FACEBOOK to TOP page of our shop HP, in there "5 Mon 6 Sun have been saved as a SUP school".
Please take a look.

We look forward to again of your visit.
WINDSPACE Shimomura.

  • Couple
  • family
  • with friends
I want to go again.

The atmosphere and facilities inside the shop are also good, and the staff will also tell you carefully. Kami who went with her was delighted too. I also want to participate by all means next time. I wish I could come here earlier.

  • 5.0
Joined date: August 2017
Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)
Reply comments from operators

Thank you for coming to our store the other day!
I would like you to continue as a hobby.
I will assist you with that.

We are waiting for another visit. .

  • Couple
  • family
  • with friends
  • First try
  • Step up
A couple in their 60s, SUP's first challenge

A couple in their 60s tried their first challenge to SUP.
Until I challenge I worry about riding the board and when I can not get on it
SUP thought of giving up for themselves impossible.
However, the instructor is good (teaching method is good, but the method is also good)
I can ride with guidance, I can row 2 KM, so I completely hooked.
I thought that anyone would be able to believe the instructor and do it obediently.
I will go to Hawaii in September so I will enjoy SUP in Hawaii.

  • 4.0
Joined date: August 2017
Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)
Reply comments from operators

Thank you for coming to our store the other day!
Hawaii, please come and have fun.
We are waiting for another visit. .

  • First try

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If you book this plan 41 pt will be given!

Starting time
Participating ageAge 8 ~
Time required 2-3 hours
ScheduleApril 1, 2006 to November 30
Assemble point Watch on GoogleMap