[Aichi Minamichita-Ise Bay mouth] sea fishing experience plan

[Aichi Minamichita-Ise Bay mouth] sea fishing experience plan

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Provided by:​ ​​ ​崎っぽ料理・大型乗合釣船・お泊り「松新」

Price list

7,000Yen ~ (tax included)

Fee per adult
Aichi / Chita Peninsula
Marine sports and leisure / sea fishing
  • Empty-handed OK
  • Time required
    2-3 hours
  • Target age
    Age 5 ~
  • Number of people who can book
    1 to 50 people
Everyone's experiences 1

Elementary school children was the first time in the boat fishing, but the kiss was enjoyed in the good catch.

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  • Experience date: 2016/08/14More
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Description of plan

The first time Even okay. Rod, reel, bait, tackle one set, until the ice, because it comes with everything you need, please empty-handed.
※ additional gimmick will be another charge.

Adults and children, enjoy the sea fishing with everyone ♪

Feels good on the sea of ​​the weather is nice.
Under the sun, it is blowing in the wind, dripping fishing line.
Let's look forward to sea fishing with everyone ♪

The first time Even okay.

Because the guide will carefully lecture, the first time Even okay.
I'm sure you catch. While leisurely chat, let's slowly looking forward sea fishing ♪

Sign up than 2 persons

You sign up, thank you in adults, a total of two or more people, regardless of children.
The same day of your application number ※ is, if less than five people is the departs discontinued.


Minimum number of people 5 people
Number of people who can book 1 to 50 people
Schedule Regularly
Start time Sailing time: am flight 8, pm flights 14

Please 30 minutes before departure time and please board and board. There is a lecture from the captain prior to departure. Please let me know if you have any questions.
※ is 20 minutes before I need your help so that it can be on board.
Reservation deadline The day before until 16:59 local time

Access and map



Assemble point

Please accept at the entrance of Ryokan Matsuzu and get one ice and move to the platform.

How to reach by car

Turn left at the third signal from the Chita Peninsula road "Toyooka IC", turn right at the end of the street, about 100m turn left immediately.

How to reach by train

From Nagoya (Kowasen Meitetsu) ⇒ Kōwa Station (Chita bus) ⇒ new Morozaki (1 minute walk)

Everyone's experiencesOne story

I enjoyed

Elementary school children was the first time in the boat fishing, but the kiss was enjoyed in the good catch.

  • 4.0
Joined date: August 2016
sea fishing
  • family

About price

Basic charge

Adult per person 7,000yen Age 13 and over
Child per person 6,500yen 5-year-old up to 12 years old

Option fee

[Boarding only] adult / person 3,500yen 13-year-old -
[Boarding only] dwarf / person 2,000yen To 12 years old

* Above prices include all taxes.
* This is a basic fee.
* Prices may vary depending on the schedule, so please see the price list displayed after selecting the date.

Included in price Boarding fee, fishing rod / reel rental fee, 1 set of tricks, food, ice, live gear rental, fishing insurance fee.
Not included in the price • Adding a gimmick (inboard selling price: weight 150 yen, and by 300 yen ※ type gimmick different price.)
- Caught fish meal: At 1,575 yen ※ 忙繁 might refuse

About payment / cancellation

About payment Please pay at the day of cash.
Payment method The payment method specified by the operator.
About cancellation fee Not cancellation fee is received by, but that case please contact us by phone in advance.
Cancellation by operators. If you can not depart due to weather, there are times when you want to change time.

Advance preparation

Clothings and must-bring items It is pretty empty-handed, but, wet or, we recommend clothes that may be or dirty.

Footwears should be slippery such as boots or zooks. Summer hat long-sleeved shirt or as Bosho measures Sun , such as sunscreen cream, is recommended. Please refresh enough drinks.
For winter and so on, we recommend warmers and gloves with warm clothes on the inside as measures against cold weather. Since it will be leaving even if it rains, please have rain gear when you are worried.
Please bring a cooler box or styrene in case you bring the fish home.
Drinks Bringing in food is free, but please take garbage home.

※ there and good things
Hat, sunglasses, towel, drink, the winter Cairo
About rental items Fishing, bait, tackle, such as what you need is included in the plan.
Life jacket: Free.

Facility information

Changing room Restroom shower
Parking Lot Locker


Matters require attention · Reception is done at the entrance of the "bed and breakfast inn Matsushin".
- Parking is "Katana is a fishing port (Matsushin round of the pier in front of the wide space)" ※ Please be careful in trouble parking.
Since there are times when it is dangerous on the ship, please act in accordance with the advice of the captain.
• When your on board for the purpose of fishing of the boat, passing the boarding bill and loan rod tickets to people of the ship, please receive a loan rod.
※ The location is free, but you ask that spend comfortably Yuzuria' with other guests.
Other notices When it is rainy or summer, you can change clothes at a bathroom in a ryokan's bathroom if you bring a change of clothes.
You can do the fish you caught at the shop at 1,650 yen with a fee for under treatment or "fish set meal".
There is also a bath or shower (charged) at the inn.

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崎っぽ料理・大型乗合釣船・お泊り「松新」Other plans

  • Time required
    2-3 hours
  • Target age
    Age 5 ~
  • Number of people who can book
    1 to 50 people

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