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プランID:03106 Brought by:​ ​​ ​Birds Paraglider School (Birds Paragliding School)

[Kyoto Kameoka] There is free pick-up! Paragliding experience (challenge (90 minutes) + 470m tandem course)

Price list

15,200Yen ~ (tax included)

U25 Price per student

Birds Paraglider School (Birds Paragliding School)

Kyoto / Kameoka, Kyoto Tamba
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Description​ ​

After challenge experiences during the morning (90 minutes), very greedy course it is a tandem flight experience from the instructor and Parapaku Kyoto (altitude difference 470m). It is full of satisfaction that you enjoy the bird's eye view from the sense of fulfillment and the high altitude that was done on their own.
※ by the weather conditions and the like there are times when you want to change to Yagi tandem (Xijing Metropolitan paragliding practice field 200m or 130m).

Greedy experience!

In the morning to practice a rudimentary method of operation is actually fitted with a paraglider, you will experience the feeling of floating in the low altitude. The rest is very greedy course I am a tandem flight experience from the instructor and Parapaku Kyoto (altitude difference 470m)!

Recommended for beginners!

The most handy paragliding in the Sky Sports. The secret of success is to keep running toward the firm before! Leave the steering to the professional in tandem flight, you can enjoy a leisurely sky.


Minimum number of people 1 person
Number of people who can book 1 person~
Schedule Year-round (except for mid-July - the end of August)
Start time 7:00~9:00のなかでその日のコンディションにより調整。

※ After reservation, we will guide you on the meeting time. Please let us know at the time of reservation if you have time of your choice.
Assemble point In the case of local set Xijing Metropolitan paragliding practice field
Pick-up the case of hope Yoshitomi Station (9:00)
Reservation deadline The day before, until 5 PM

Advance preparation

Clothings and must-bring items Gloves, sports shoes (hiking shoes are best), seal, health insurance card, change of clothes, towels, etc. (especially in summer), portable ashtray (smokers)
About rental items Paragliding-related equipment, we have loan from here.

Facility information

Changing room toilet shower
Hot spring Locker Hairdryer
Parking Lot convenience store

Access and map


Kyoto Prefecture Nantan Yagi-cho, Tamanoi

How to reach by car

Kyoto city) Sendai River Inter get off.
Kawanishi Ikeda) Kameoka turn left at Route 9 Chihara intersection to enter the city. According to the sign of the Route 9 along the "paragliding practice field."
Kyoto North) Route 9 Yagi-cho, immediately above signboard on the left past the Yoshitomi Station.

How to reach by train

San'insen (Sagano Line) Chiyokawa Station and get off at 30 to 50 minutes
Sonobe 5 minutes from the train station
※ There is a free transfer. Please described in the inquiry column those who wish.


Basic charge

U25 student / person 15,200yen 15 years old -
Adult / per person 17,000yen 19 years old -

※Prices including all taxes.
※The above is the basic charge.
※Prices may vary depending on the schedule, so please see the price list displayed after selecting the schedule.

Included in price Equipment rental fee, consumption tax, entrance fee
Those not included in the price Facility usage fee (Total: 1,000 yen)

Click on your Preferred Date

Please click on the date of your choice from the calendar.

About payment / cancellation

About payment The day of participation, pay the fee at the time of your application
Payment method The payment method specified by the operator.
About cancellation fee Because it is weather conditions and your physical condition and mental state policy that I would like you enjoy paragliding in good condition, no fee will be .. do not about cancellation we received your contact o'clock the day before of 23.
Please note that you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee if it is canceled without you contact us.
Cancellation by operators. There is the case that experience by the weather conditions will be impossible. Please check on the eve of 21 o'clock.


Matters require attention By weather and availability, there is a case to change the set time. In addition, there is the case that experience by the weather conditions will be impossible. Please check on the eve of 21 o'clock.
If you more than 80kg, please be sure to consult before reservation.
Other notices Foreigners are required to be subscribing to the overseas travel insurance.

※ Insurance is a member of the Japan Paraglider Association accession school.

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Starting time
Participating age15 years old ~
Time required 2-3 hours
ScheduleYear-round (except for mid-July - the end of August)
Assemble point Look in GoogleMap