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Aqua Mate Diving Club (AQUA MATE DIVING CLUB)Aqua Mate Diving Club (AQUA MATE DIVING CLUB)

東京 / 伊豆諸島・小笠原

アクアメイトダイビングクラブ(AQUA MATE DIVING CLUB)の特徴

Aqua Mate diving club was opened in Tokyo Kōzushima in 1989, it is a long-established shop of 25 years over. We are doing a dive shop all of Kozushima such as the sea, nature, people and corporate culture in such a thought that will Itadako to know as many people through scuba diving.

アクアメイトダイビングクラブ(AQUA MATE DIVING CLUB) のギャラリー


Tokyo Kōzushima address 1646
business hours 9:00~18:00
Regular holiday 7 days a week
credit card 利用可
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