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Rich "forest" nurtured in a warm and rainy climate "River" originating from abundant forest "Coast / sea" nurtured by the Kuroshio Kii Peninsula Kumano region where you can experience all of them. This Kumano Kodo is not only surrounded by abundant nature, but its cultural background is recognized, and there are three types: Shugendo "Yoshino", Shinbutsu Shugo "Kumano", and Shingon Esoteric Buddhism "Mt. Koya". The Kumano Kodo (Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range) that connects the mountain sacred sites was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in June 2006. Why don't you touch the culture while touching the nature of Kumano? Japan Mountain Guide Association Mountaineering Guide II A guide with 30 years of qualification / guide history and 15 years of Shugendo pioneer / training experience will guide you.

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Number of staff 2persons
Number of instructors 1persons
Selling points regarding safety All of our instructors / guides have domestic and international instructor / guide qualifications, and we hold events based on the operating rules of the association that has jurisdiction over each activity.

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159-1 Hongu, Hongu-cho, Tanabe-shi, Wakayama
Operating hours 09: 00-17: 00
Regular holidays No scheduled holidays

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