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MPG SorachiMPG Sorachi

Hokkaido / Furano-Biei Tomamu


Trying to easily leisurely walk in the firmament of the motor paraglider of Hokkaido of navel "Furano"! Motor paraglider that soar into the sky. Experience is also a tandem flight of peace of mind without. Leave it to the wind, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Furano!

MPGそらち のギャラリー


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Furano, Hokkaido character Nishigakuden District 2 140-1
business hours <夏季> 8:00~16:00 <冬季> 9:00~16:00 ※営業時間の詳細はお問い合わせください。
Regular holiday Irregular (day off during the rainy weather during the high winds)
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