Snow kite in Japan

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While puppet large kite (the kite), winter sports jumping and sprinting the snow at the snowboarding and skiing use that traction is the snow kite. Although also a snow version of the kite surfing which runs a kite board and the water running in the ice, in recent years, has become increasingly popular in Europe and North America. For the wind to power, it can also be enjoyed in a natural snowy field without having to use the lift as skiing and snowboarding. For natural snowy field of the slopes, it is tend to have doubts about the safety, but received the appropriate training, such as pasture and fields that is the rest 遊地 in the winter, more secure by choosing the slopes for snow kite you can enjoy. And say slide the snow while manipulate the kite there are difficult images, but the technology can be almost master if Ukere the training half a day, you can enjoy a unique sense of speed and the feeling of floating snow kite even for beginners.

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