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We run wakeboard schools in Lake Biwa, South Lake, and Ogoto. If enjoy wake is the motto and fun, everything is fine! It doesn't make sense if it's not fun! While saying that, we will guide you to improve steadily with the know-how cultivated over many years. Everyone is good if you realize that it's fun and fun! Will tell you! !! !! I am teaching for that. Enjoy the shortcut to improving! Be laughable! Get it! I think. Wakeboarding started by everyone, if you notice it, everyone wants to do it if you notice it ... If you like that, don't worry! Rough is a group of such people! One person is welcome! Rough and make friends! Instructor know-how is required for first-time users. No one is the same person. We will give you the advice that suits you with many years of statistics. It is absolutely safe and fun for families and groups. On the water, it is full of liberation and becomes a tension max. Here, the instructor needs to make a calm judgment. Ensuring the safety of everything is our top priority. I will do my best so that everyone can finish laughing while reading the air! Participants will be responsible for the good performance of 28 years of wakeboarding (Kanbayashi). By all means! By all means! Come to Rough Wake Borders! We'll be waiting for your visit sincerely!

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Participating date: May 2021
Banana boat
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息子と二人で初めてのウェイクボード  初めは立てるか心配でしたが優しく丁寧に指導いただき無事にたてましたー  琵琶湖の景色も最高でいい思い出になりました   また行かしてください  ありがとうございました

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Participating date: August 2020
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Leave it to us (Uebayashi), who has been wakeboarding for 28 years!

It has been 21 years since he started Rough Wake Borders in 2000 while working as a wakeboard professional for 9 years from 1997. I do wake surfing, wake skating, water skiing, etc. for refreshment, but the main thing is wakeboarding. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a wakeboarding line! We are doing it all season. In the summer, we do it from sunrise to sunset. It is also important to identify the points, but please leave it to us if you are familiar with Lake Biwa. I will guide you to a good point. We support beginners to advanced users. By all means! By all means! Please come! We'll be expecting you.

Experience course-advanced course-family, group course, anything is available.

For the first time, we will give a lecture on land and on the water. The price of the experience course includes rental items. There are also 3 plans for experienced people. You can choose the plan according to your level. In free towing, we will give you guidance according to your request. For families with small children, large groups, first of all, if you tell us what you want, we will make adjustments accordingly. Large groups can sail in two or three times. We will also propose planning. Please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

Abundant rental

We will prepare rental equipment that suits you. Please be assured that we have a wide variety of sizes.

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  • Katsuyuki Uebayashi(カンバヤシマサユキ) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:We are in charge of wakeboard reception, lectures, towing, etc. 28 years of wakeboarding experience

    I love wakeboarding, boating and Lake Biwa. I also love your smile. We will help you make the best memories!

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Insurance information Tokio Marine
License and Qualifications Small vessel control license Level 2, special,
Member organizations and associations JWBA, LBW
Number of staff 1persons
Number of instructors 1persons
Selling points regarding safety An instructor with 28 years of wakeboarding experience and 30 years of boat operation experience is resident. Life jackets and first aid kits are always on board for boats, and insurance is also available in the unlikely event.

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5-10-56 Ogoto, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture Marina Ogoto Co., Ltd.
Operating hours Sunrise-sunset
Regular holidays No scheduled holidays
Remarks You can use PAYPAY.

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