Wakeboarding in Kansai

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The wake board, while being towed to a motorboat that was with a rope handle with, is a marine sports gliding on the water standing on the board as water skiing. In the Kanto region, and the like Shonan and Ogasawara Islands, in the Kansai Shin-yodogawa, Lake Biwa, Eba, you can enjoy in such Tatsuno. Age from 10 to 12 years or more, has also been held experience course can participate from the age of 7 in the adult attendant guardian. Figure of the female participants also seen many. In the rental price inclusive experience plan, you can join in bringing only bathing suit. Upon well experienced staff is firm guidance to the people of beginner, it will support so that it can stand up on the board. Together with a good companion to our relationship, to experience school of wakeboard to enjoy the refreshing sea breeze try to be an application for participation reservation Why not. From handy plan of the required time of 10 minutes and costs also vary up to tourism and leisure plan to enjoy play full day at the hot springs and meals included.

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