Otomi Base(オトミベース) のギャラリー
Otomi Base(オトミベース) のギャラリー
Otomi Base(オトミベース) のギャラリー

Otomi Base(オトミベース)

Otomi Base(オトミベース) features

Fukui Prefecture of Otone seaweed Diving Welcome to the service Otomi Base. Showa 47 Year Since the establishment of the company in Diving I have a shop, but now in Wakasa Takahama Otoumi Diving Service 〝Otomi Base 設 け established, May-Oct. In the Sea of Japan, if the conditions are good, the transparency is over 30 meters in the Sea of Japan, and it is Diving We will guide you. Targeted to beginners Diving School, Experience Diving Reception is also held at any time! Let's sail from the handmade sea hut Otomi Base to unexplored areas of the Sea of Japan!

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Otomi Base(オトミベース) staff introduction

  • CI Instructor Examiner Kitadai Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:Diver qualification (No. 870141) No. 622221305472 / Secondhand dealer license (Please feel free to contact us if you have any equipment that you have trouble disposing of.) SSI (React Right, other instructors) BSAC (RESCUE, other instructors) SEA (MASTER, CPR / RESCUE instructor) CMAS (2 / Star instructor) France card emergency recompression training completed Small vessel second class, fishing boat business chief qualification, guard boat business qualification

    If you like, please come and visit us! From buddy safety diving to buddies, guides, instructions, support and help for divers. We will support anything you can do ... Come and see me, "Otomi's" Uncle ".

  • CI Assistant Instructor Kanae Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:Diver qualification (No. 28007303661)

    Hobbies: Going to concerts. I love beer! !! !! I like to dive slowly. We are looking forward to meeting many customers. Please feel free to join us on weekend (Saturday and Sunday) tours, even if you are a female customer. I'm waiting for you.

Otomi Base(オトミベース) access - operating hours

2-11-25 Mikuriyasakae-cho, Higashi-Osaka-shi, Osaka Unity Kosaka 103
Operating hours 10:00 to 22:00
Regular holidays No scheduled holidays
Remarks ※ After booking, please transfer the tour price to the designated account. We will show you the transfer destination after applying. Your reservation will be confirmed after payment.

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