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North foot Trek Guys (NORTH FOOT TREK GUIDES)North foot Trek Guys (NORTH FOOT TREK GUIDES)

山梨 / 河口湖・西湖・富士吉田・精進湖・本栖湖


ノースフット・トレックガイズ(NORTH FOOT TREK GUIDES)の特徴

world Cultural Heritage! I felt journey Mount Fuji in the world! In the North foot Trek Guys, Fuji, and a field that Mount Fuji is visible we carry out trekking tour to the base. Including the climbing Fuji, Fuji hillside trekking, low mountain trekking with a view of Mount Fuji, such as Aokigahara Jukai trekking, offers a tour stuck to Mount Fuji.

ノースフット・トレックガイズ(NORTH FOOT TREK GUIDES) のギャラリー


Yamanashi Prefecture Minamitsuru-gun Fujikawaguchiko Odachi 3349-7
business hours 8:00-20:00
Regular holiday 7 days a week
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