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Winter to spring season
Let's pick up sweet strawberries


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Producing area / variety of strawberries

Producing area / variety of strawberries



"Main prefecture with a large amount of production and yield"
Tochigi Prefecture (approximately 27t) /Fukuoka Prefecture (approximately 18t) /Shizuoka Prefecture (about 10t) /Nagasaki Prefecture (approximately 11t) /Kumamoto Prefecture (about 12t) / etc
主 Major varieties and brands ブ ラ ン ド
Amaou / Tochiotome / Toyonooka / Honghope / Momochi / Koinoka / Akihime / etc

Attractive Strawberry picking experience

Attractive Strawberry picking experience

Every year in winter, on TV trip programs and travel information magazines / sites also popular tourist spots bus tour schedule and drive courses are frequently introduced as "Strawberry picking"The charm of anything from small children to elderly people, regardless of female male young and old and woman is to be able to enjoy everyone's willingly ◎ even among fruits of many kinds surely like" strawberries the best There are also a lot of people who are not? There are plans for all-you-can-eat, so I'm not stingy with strawberries ♪ ♪

Pick strawberries cultivated carefully inside the vinyl house from branches as they are, eat luxuriously with fresh hand-made luxuries, dipped in condensed milk etc. to eat, depending on the content of the plan jam or cake using strawberries processing cooking to you to Suites, such as Sat is there is also a course popular that you can take home as a production ↑ in addition, adult there are a variety of services recommended ◎ each course as well as a beginning organization leisure for your family because it can accept the number of farms is large Let's check it ♪

"Experience fee"
One person 756 yen(tax included) ~
<<Ageo/Okegawa Restrictions
0 years old (children have free plans)
"Experience time"
1 hour ~half-day About
Popular customer base
Family / group group / couple / etc

Data varies according to plan

Recommended Strawberry picking experience plan

We will introduce "Recommended Strawberry picking experience plan" that you can book at ACTIVITY JAPAN ♪ Japan We introduce various courses from the strawberry plantation in Northeast to Kyushu ◎ The farmers raised them by hand salt Enjoy delicious and safe strawberries "Strawberry picking◎ Please use it as a drive or a leisure while traveling as there are plans for saving tourist spots around you ♫ →Strawberry picking experience plan list is here

We are planning to open plans for which Reservation reception currently suspended.

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Fukushima Prefecture / Tochigi Prefecture / Gunma Prefecture
Shizuoka Prefecture / Shiga Prefecture / Hiroshima / Fukuoka Prefecture

Strawberry picking experience shop list

Activity Japan The plan is posted on Strawberry picking We introduce "list of experience shop" ♪ Depending on shop, farm Orange picking Or Cherry picking And other plans for other fruit hunting experience, "With a guide Sightseeing tour Leisure activities that take advantage of local culture and nature, such as Activity As there is store handling item, let's check → → Strawberry picking List of experience plans is here

"Search from area "
Fukushima Prefecture / Tochigi Prefecture / Gunma Prefecture
Shizuoka Prefecture / Shiga Prefecture / Hiroshima / Fukuoka Prefecture

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Tochigi Prefecture
所在地(集合場所)栃木県宇都宮市川向町3-22 JR宇都宮駅東口ロータリー北駐輪場前
business hours 9:00 to 18:00
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Gunma Prefecture
果実の里 原田農園
business hours
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Shizuoka Prefecture
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Regular holiday Rainy weather closed
Shiga Prefecture
business hours 10: 00 ~ 16: 00
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays
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