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Standing on the waves without the same conditions as one, a unique feeling of being one with nature ─ Marine sports attracting attention as an additional event of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics"Surfing".. Not only the charm of the event itself, but also all of the "surf culture" from surfing to music and fashion is a king of marine sports that affects all fields.

This page is for all beginner surfers who are thinking of making their surfing debut. "The first surfing experience to start casually in tropical Okinawa "From the basic knowledge of surfing to the features of Okinawa surfing, popular surf experience School plans, introduction of recommended surf shops, etc., the charm is featured. New era Ordinance KazuHajime Year, it would cool surfer!


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Basic knowledge of surfing

What is surfing?

Introduction "What is surfing?" Let's briefly review from the basic knowledge. Surfing (English notation: surfing, surfin') is a water sport where you can enjoy "surfing" by using the slope created by standing waves on the board. Also, it goes without saying that people who are familiar with surfing are generally widely known as "surfers".

The shaped board that everyone will have seen at least once is made of urethane foam foam wrapped in glass cloth polyester resin. Generally, it is classified as a "longboard" of 9ft (about 274.3cm) more a "shortboard" of less length, and there are ways to enjoy surfing that make the best use of each characteristic, and competitions are also held individually. I am.

Basic tools needed to surf kites
Surfboard (long or short) / Leashed cord (stop flow) / Wax (non-slip) / Wet suit · Rash guard · Surf pants / etc.
Basic terms of kite surfing
break = Point where the wave breaks down
Offshore = Wind blowing from the land towards the sea
Swell = Swell caused by strong wind
current = Flow in the sea
soup = White wave after the wave breaks down

When you start surfing from now on, many people may wonder, "Which is better, long or short, if you are a beginner?" The bottom line is that it's not the better one, it's the same surfing, but the "style" is completely different. Next, I will briefly Explanations the features of each of the short board and long board and how to enjoy surfing.

Characteristics of long board surfing

A longboard with a large board size and buoyancy is highly stable, so even beginners can easily take off and paddling. In addition, you can ride in small waves, so you can enjoy surfing in the sea in various conditions. Its relaxed style is called the "classic" of surfing, and it is said that many people start as a hobby after their 40s.

The trick (surfing technique) is mainly mellow (loose) style as represented by cross step and nose riding, and the main purpose is to play with the waves gracefully. On the other hand, it is difficult to control the board when waiting for waves or turning, so skill is required, and because it is physically large (heavy), it is difficult to choose the carrying and storage location.

Characteristics of short board surfing

While longboards are mainly surf styles that are loose and elegant, it is better to improve your surf skills. The appeal of shortboards is that you can enjoy aggressive action is. Also, it is said that take-off and paddle are difficult in comparison, but when you hear "surfing", the first thing that comes to mind is that there are probably more shortboards in general.

In fact, this short board will be added as a competition at the Tokyo Olympics, which is about to be held in 2020 and participants will compete for their skills based on the difficulty and perfection of tricks such as cutback, off-the-lip, and tube riding. It is difficult at first, but if you want to improve your skills as a marine sport and challenge those skills, it is recommended that you start a short board.

Okinawa Susume of surfing debut

Okinawa The attraction of surfing starting with

Experience Snorkeling Diving, Canoe SUP etc ... Warm climate tropical country Okinawa can enjoy them all in Year Known as Marine Activity Heaven. Of course, surfing is no exception. There are many people who think that the hurdle is high ... Surfing is also beautiful Okinawa If it is your first experience in the sea, that hurdle will drop at once.

Okinawa The biggest attraction of surfing is that you can experience it in a casual way like other marine leisure activities. You should be captivated by surfing when you take a basic lecture at School and take off with the driving force of the waves on the board. If you are interested in surfing, it is important to start. The place Okinawa at the surfing debut is a great location.

Okinawa Characteristic of surf and cautions

Surrounded by the sea on all sides Okinawa Then main islands (Maeida, Tengan, Sandabe, Ikeijima, Suicide, etc.) and each remote island (Miyakojima Etc) have many surf points. Because all the spots are reef breaks (the bottom is coral reefs and rocks), Kyushu The way of wave rise and the setting of swell are different from the beach break of the north latitude (the seabed is sand). Therefore, you can not enjoy surfing at low tide.

Also, Japan As with any surf spot, at each point the local surfer enjoys riding and there are rules specific to surfing. For the first time, including the risk of being a reef break and the relationship with a local surfer Okinawa When surfing, be sure to have a surf shop familiar with the local sea School Let's enjoy through.

<<Okinawa Surfing Reference data of "
Lowest price adult 1 person 5,000 yen(tax included) ~
Duration Whole year
Experience Ageo/Okegawa 3 years old
Popular customer base Beginner / girl trip / family / etc

Okinawa Surf School Popularity plan

Well then Activity Japan Based on all reservation data 'Okinawa Surfing experience School We announce plan popularity ranking TOP10 '. Near Year Popular points for surfing beginners and beginners Miyakojima The plan at the top has won the popular first place. Other, Professional surfers and instructors who belong to the World Surfing Federation School Is popular.

Of course, each experience fee includes surfing lesson fee, board (short or long), leash cord, basic surf goods such as wax, wet suit Rental Fee is included. (Excludes some) We offer an experience tour that you can feel free to take part in your destination leisure activities, so there are people who are not interested in surfing as well. Okinawa Please put it in your travel schedule.

There are many reservations for each plan during long holidays such as Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, summer holidays, and Bon holidays. Contact us Is expected. Of schedule Availability We recommend that you make an early booking arrangement upon confirmation.

Okinawa Recommended surf shop list

Current Activity Japan To Okinawa Enjoy in the prefecture Surfing The surf shop on which the experience plan is posted area We introduce every ♪ shop Address And stores such as business hours and regular holidays Information Handling including Activity Please check the list of events and tour tours from here. ⇒ Okinawa Surfing List of experience tour plans from here

"please note"
All outdoor Activity There is also the danger of accidents and injuries. Please make sure to have a licensed instructor guide you at the time of the experience and enjoy the safety and attention through the shop.

Moth Zanpamisaki/Yomitan/Chatan

Surfside service Highsai
business hours
Regular holiday
Okinawa Highbie Surf School
Address沖縄県中頭郡北谷町浜川158 s276
business hours
Regular holiday
North Ocean Blue
business hours
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays
Island Break Okinawa (Island Break)
business hours11: 00 ~ 19: 00 Rental School have high tides so high tide time is available.
Regular holidaynothing special

Moth Itoman/Nanjo/Tomigusuku

Padopado Okinawa
Address沖縄県糸満市潮崎町3-15-6 1-B
business hours11: 00-20: 00
Regular holiday Thursday
Okinawa Surf Monkey
business hoursSummer 10:00 to 19:00 Winter 10:00 to 18:00
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays
Shimuchichu Guesthouse "Kyuben" YUIEN
business hours8:00 to 20:00
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays

Moth Blue Cave/Onna

business hours
Regular holiday
Sina Surf (SeanaSurf)
business hours 8:00 to 20:00
Regular holiday 7 days a week

Moth Okinawa City/Uruma

Natural Factory
business hours
Regular holiday

Moth Kourijima/Yanbaru/Kunigami

North Ocean Blue
business hours
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays
Island Journey
business hours10: 00-19: 00 (telephone reception hours)
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays

Moth Miyakojima

business hours 9:00 to 18:00
Regular holiday

Japan Surfing lesson plan

Of this time"Okinawa Surf life that begins on a trip! Recommended surf shop, beginner experience School How was the plan feature? Near Year Although its popularity is rising, in fact still ""Okinawa There are many people who do not have the idea of leisure = surfing. This page is Okinawa We hope that it will be an opportunity for a surfing life to begin with.

Finally, Activity Japan Based on the number of reservations across Japan Surfing We announce experience plan ranking TOP10 ". Kanto Region of Shonan area Or Ibaraki area, Kyushu Region of Miyazaki And so on, north Hokkaido From the south was featured this time Okinawa Japan, which is an island country, is a country with many surf points in the world. Please check the plan near you.

At Activity Japan, leisure, Activity, cultural experience, craftsmanship, Sightseeing tour, etc. Hokkaido in the north, Okinawa in the south, across Japan We are accepting reservations for simple experience plans. Sale You can make a great deal of reservations such as plans and point grants, so please use it when you are looking for "play" near your destination or your home.

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