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The shonan area "Kamakura" where Japanese emotions of the good old ancient city and Shonan Beach culture intersect. It is a trend to enjoy sightseeing walks in kimonos and yukata crafts, such as kimonos and yukata, during the spring summer season where strolls such as going out on a date, girls' association or family members are pleasant.

There are Yuigahama beaches where you can feel the atmosphere of fashionable Shonan if you extend a little foot, as well as classic sightseeing spots such as Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine and the Great Buddha of Kamakura etc, hydrangea (hydrangeas) are in full bloom from June and fireworks in summer It is a popular area where conventions and festivals are held and many tourists gather.

So this time we will feature Kimono leisure which you can enjoy with kimono which you can rent casually in Kamakura and recommended shops of yukata as well as ♪ Kamakura leisure which can be enjoyed in kimono ♪ Increasingly more fashionable cafe and miscellaneous goods store Increasing attention and more attention Trend area Kanagawa ken Shonan Kamakura Let's enjoy walking "♪" ◎

Kamakura Yukata Rental
In the summer, the town where the Yukata looks nice "Ancient city · Kamakura"

Kimakura walk strolls are very photogenic ♪ Budgets for SNS such as instructor ◎

Kamakura Kimono rental popular shop

First pick up Kimono rental shop which can be booked in Kamakura! When planning for sightseeing in Kamakura is decided, let's choose kimono and yukata rental plans first. Especially in the spring and summer season on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays it is popular and every shop is also recommended to reserve in advance so that rental is difficult.

◎ We will introduce the Kimono rental shop and its recommendation plan within 5 minutes on foot from Kamakura Station by planning renting by choosing a great set plan with couple discount, dressing, hair set, shooting etc.Plan under discount campaignThere is also, please check it ◎

Kamakura Imakoji
〒 248 - 0011
1-1-19 Hanegaya, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa
Kimono / Yukata robe rental fee 3,240 yen (tax included) ~

Rental kimono "Kamakura Imamichi" located in the immediate vicinity of "Komachi-dori" where Kamakura specialty dishes, cafes, souvenir shops and so on are lining up. Hair set is also finished by professional hand because it is attached to hairdresser's. There is kimono rental too.

Kamakura Imakoji


プランID:15927Kamakura Imakoji
4, 320yen~​ ​(tax included)

7/24鎌倉花火大会当日限定! 鎌倉花火大会がこの夏の最高の思い出になりますように。 最高の笑顔で写した一枚は浴衣姿でね

Kamakura Imakoji

【Shonan · Kamakura · Kimono Rentals】 Summer Limited! Kamakura walking is decided by Yukata! Handbags OK! Easy Hair Arrangement Plan

プランID:15815Kamakura Imakoji
4, 320yen~​ ​(tax included)

Speaking of summer, yukata. Kamakura Sanpo wrapped in yukata with a feeling of excitement ♪

Kamakura Imakoji

【Shonan · Kamakura · Kimono rental】 Kamakura walk Basic kimono course! Standard stroll through Kamakura! Easy hair arrangement

プランID:15630Kamakura Imakoji
5,400yen3,240yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

One push course! It is! Please feel free to wear a kimono and enjoy a walk in Kamakura.

Basara kimono rental Kamakura shop
Kanagawa kamakura city Komachi 2 - chome 8 - 7 second floor
Kimono / Yukata robe rental fee 3,240 yen (tax included) ~

Rental kimono shop "Bassara Kimono rental Kamakura store" along the main shopping area "Komachi dori" just in front of Kamakura Station. A lot of kawaii kimono and yukata can be chosen from abundant patterns ◎ The original course which tastes full-fledged Kamakura French with lunch and dinner is popular ♪

Kimono rental VASARA Kamakura Komachi Street shop

【Kanagawa · Yukata Rental】 4 minutes walk from Kamakura Station! Enjoy Yukata, take a walk through the ancient capital · Kamakura

プランID:15583Kimono rental VASARA Kamakura Komachi Street shop
4,212yen3,132yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

Women's Standard Plan - Will not you go for a kimono with Kamakura in an ancient capital with a comfortable yukata till the toaster? It is a 4-minute walk from Kamakura Station, and it is a shop located along Komachi-dori. A total of over 1,000 clothes wearing carefully selected yukata are wearing! Please spend your time to color Kamakura patrol more gorgeously.

Kimono rental VASARA Kamakura Komachi Street shop

You can choose from [Kanagawa, kimono rental total number of 1,000 pieces! 4-minute walk from Kamakura Station! Trying to explore the ancient capital of Kamakura

プランID:14471Kimono rental VASARA Kamakura Komachi Street shop
4,212yen3,240yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

It is a shop of rental kimono along Komachi dori, a 4-minute walk from Kamakura Station. A total of over 1,000 clothes wearing carefully selected yukata are wearing! Please spend the time to color the ancient capital Kamakura more gorgeously.

Kimono rental VASARA Kamakura Komachi Street shop

A 4-minute walk from [Kanagawa, kimono rental] Kamakura Station! Enjoy kimono Kamakura stroll × French Dinner set plan!

プランID:14476Kimono rental VASARA Kamakura Komachi Street shop
6,980yen5,900yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

Plan to rent a kimono and enjoy the ancient city · Kamakura tour. You can take advantage of French dinner at affiliated store "roomlax Cafe" with great advantage.

Kamakura Kimono rental capital
〒 248 - 0011
Kanagawa Prefecture Kamakura City Fan Gagoya 1-8-1-3F
Kimono / Yukata robe rental fee 3,240 yen (tax included) ~

Here is also a rental kimono of a good location that entered a single alley from "Komachi-dori" "Kamakura Kimono Rental City." You can rent a full-fledged Kimono and Yukata which is dressed in Japanese styles at reasonable prices. The adult's kimono that looks like the scenery of the ancient capital Kamakura along the temples is left here ◎

Kamakura Kimono rental capital


プランID:16149Kamakura Kimono rental capital
3,132yen~​ ​(tax included)

【WEB予約限定2,900円】 女性着物フルセットレンタル+着付け 鎌倉駅徒歩2分、踏切り隣の着物のレンタル店です。 鶴岡八幡宮や北鎌倉など、古都鎌倉を散策いただけます。 今なら、どの柄選んでも均一料金2900円! 可愛い、粋、シックな大人柄まで幅広い品揃えで、 年代を問わず、カップル、グループ、ファミリーでお楽しみいただけます。 手ぶらでOK!バッグから足袋までトータルレンタルセット。 手荷物は貴重品を除き旅行かばんのような大きな物でも、お帰りまでお預かりいたします。 憧れの和装で鎌倉の一日をお楽しみくださいませ。 着付けに必要なものはすべて当店でご用意しております。 熟練スタッフが着付けさせていただきますので、安心してご来店くださいませ! ★ヘアセット(ご希望の方はヘアセットのオプションをご選択ください。) ヘアセットをご予約のお客様にはスタッフが着物に似合うヘアスタイルを相談しながらお好きな髪型にさせていただきます。(髪飾り付)

Kimono and yukata rental course contents vary depending on the shop. Please check the details of each open time, lending / return time, what is included in the price and select your favorite plan ◎ →View all Kimono rental kimono rental plans

Enjoying with Kimono Kamakura Tourism

Let's go to Kamakura sightseeing as soon as you change to your favorite kimono or yukata ♪ Let's go to Kamakura sightseeing ♪ The rental plan can generally be borrowed from the store's opening to the evening and you can also return it the next day as an option, so you can enjoy it all day ◎

Turning around temples such as Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine in the classic sights and the Great Buddha of Kamakura, Kotobukiji Temple, Jodensa Temple, Jiyoji Temple and Kaenji Temple. Take a Enomo Electric Temple or take a leisurely stroll along Shonan's sea, a lunch time with a stylish cafe Also recommended. Moreover, it is a nice Shonan · Kamakura sightseeing course that you can ride a rickshaw ride unique to the ancient capital or ride a little boat in Yokohama with a rickshaw driver

Kamakura Kimono Lunch
Popular kimono rental and French lunch

Kamakura rickshaw
A rickshaw ride around the popular course of ancient capital · Kamakura

Kamakura houseboat
Houseboat boarding from Yokohama

When enjoying until the night do not forget the option of returning the next day!

Limited time Kamakura plan

In the Kamakura area, there are also limited events that only the day can be enjoyed, including fireworks display. Especially on the day of fireworks festival such as Zushi, Hayama, Enoshima around Shonan, rental of yukata is also popular, so it is recommended to book early. Also, the latest information on the fireworks displayThis directionPlease check from.

Kamakura Mononoke

【Shonan · Kamakura】 6/11 held! Kamakura Stationary Tour

プランID:15887Kamakura Mononoke
7,452yen~​ ​(tax included)

Kamakura, popular as a tourist destination, is a city with an important value in history. Kamakura filled with charm enough to know more deeply can not be fully enjoyed by sightseeing with a guide book alone. Please use our service full of charm of Kamakura that you know because it is a local people. You can know while experiencing history and culture as a city of samurai, you can enjoy the scenery, buildings and gourmet from a different perspective from usual! Will not you walk in Kamakura together as a samurai in the Kamakura period? ◆ Kamakura Monofufu Experience · Shooting Session ◆ Monofofu Guide Tour ◆ Monofofushi Messe ~ It is a profitable and fun tour where you can experience three events together!

This time I spotted on Kamakura sightseeing in 2017 enjoying with kimono and yukata. Information such as events that have not yet been released are added to this page from time to time ◎ Please check this Kanagawa Shonan area with Kamakura etcOutdoor ActivitiesAs well as pottery experience and making accessoriesManufacturing experienceIt is also a recommended area. Please reserve · inquiries for each plan to Activity Japan ◎