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GARVY June issue
Kobu Oobuchi
Representation of the activity reservation information site "Activity Japan". In order to convey the charm of my favorite outside play, I am flying around the country as my own "editor-in-chiech" and active!

It is rare in the world!
It was made by Mt. Fuji eruption
Explore the lava caves!

I experienced the activity "Caving" exploring the cave this time. There are many caves in Japan, but this time it is a cave made of rare lava worldwide in the Aokigahara Seikai spreading at the foot of Mount Fuji. This time we will develop many natural activities based in Kawaguchiko, Yamanashi PrefectureCountry Lake SystemsI asked Mr. Watashi for a guide.

GARVY June issue
1 Guide staff will pick up and drop off at the entrance to Aokigahara Jukai by a dedicated car.
2 Head towards the entrance of the cave while taking a walk along the Fuji Sea. Easy-to-understand environment using panels Explanations It will also. In a mysterious space, no big excitement definitely!
3 Wear helmets and gloves and tighten your mind! A cave stands in front of the hole seen in the back.
4 Invasion into the cave! What kind of adventure is waiting is exciting!
I don't have 5 letters (sweat)!

Aokigahara Jukai is also famous as "Fuji no Jukai"area. I think that some people have a little scary image, but it is on a cold and solidified lava flow, and there is a spread of natural sights that can only be seen here and there, even as a tourist destination adult I feel like that.

I will go on a walk through the trees of this Fuji to the cave. Jukai, who feels creepy and mysterious, is different from other forests in that "roots of trees" are exposed on the ground. This may be a factor that feels astonishing. In order to survive on the ground solidified with lava flow, the root of the tree is deformed and feel the strength of nature again. After walking for a while, we finally arrive at the entrance of the cave!

The tension rises at a stretch. As you go down the hole, you will feel that the temperature suddenly drops. The cave of Fuji is 1 Year It seems to be 0-2 ° C through. It used to be a natural freezer in the old days, and the inside is full of ice everywhere. The ground is also frozen, and it slides again. The cameraman who accompanied him soon fell (laughs). I recommend shoes that are difficult to slip. I have experienced a few caves in Japan, but the characteristics and atmosphere are different.

GARVY June issue
⑥ During the year, you can see the ice pillars around the cave!
⑦ Icicle icicles on everywhere! It's cold!
⑧ Go cautiously while sliding, on the road without road. The scene is more dark than the picture!
⑨ Everyone teaches footholds and goes forward while cooperating. Take care overhead!

Just a little further, the natural light will not reach at all, only the guidance of the headlights and guides. I can not help feeling this tension. Ku! Tension goes up!

In the cave, you can see many of the ice-hole specialties "ice bowl" and "ice column" in large and small. It's a shame you can't tell in photos, but you can come across a very mysterious sight when you use the light.

In addition, you can only experience here if you turn off all the lights and experience the "true darkness" or you can see historical objects that ice pits were used as a refrigerator during the Edo period Produces caving.

It is a caving that seems to require physical strength, but this cave is maintained in places where it is difficult to ascend and descend, and it is possible to experience it from the age of six. The guide will support you well, so it is recommended to join the family! There is no doubt that the children will be happy!

GARVY June issue
⑩ Finish exploring in the cave, survive successfully! Looking up at the top while relaxing, the forest of the forest is spreading. A very beautiful landscape was waiting. The activity of this time is very mysterious atmosphere from the beginning to the end. I was overwhelmed by the power of nature!

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After walking through the dense forest you will better understand that forests are in a constant state of change. Moreover, you will explore lava caves of Aokigahara forest created by the last major eruption of Mount Fuji. No electricity and no handrails, so you have to rely only on your five senses. Enjoy being an explorer!​ ​

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Caves and, complex course maze overlooking the distant sea to praise also explorers who have seen the world. From the optimum course to the first step in order to become a Keiba, so we guide you to the course on the expedition feeling a notch, you can be satisfied with the variety of ways!

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